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15 days ago

Great neighborhood trails!!! Very well maintained. Several miles of trails to explore.

2 months ago

This is now simply called the Paradise Trail which meets up with other trails along the way. we hiked it with our dog and encountered many bikers and only one other hiker. I'm reluctant to call this anything but a biking trail given that we had to constantly yield which detracted from the enjoyment. all wooded, no views. I'll come back on my mountain bike next time. great hard clay for biking.

2 months ago

Did this trail with my two year old son. Had to pick him up twice for some tricky parts. (Rocky hills and some tree root steps), but for the most part it’s easy to navigate. Loved walking close to the lake. Towards the end you can branch off onto other trails to make a longer hike. Five dollars a person or 49 a year for individual and 100 for families fee. Beautiful place with much to offer.

Great local trail. Mostly shaded and love seeing the deer

My neighborhood track. Lots of traffic.

love it. paved. in a shade most of it. beautiful forest. its shared with bikes so be careful. easy, freesby golf,tiny lake with pier and fishing, cute playground. poor parking

I have enjoyed these hiking trails a lot so far. I think the map is off as regards the number of trails and the full distance of you connected, and walked through several of the trails. lately the has been excess debre, but nothing terrible. only issue with the app is would like the map more up to date. as the are other trails available, not just the high road and primaries.

trail running
4 months ago

Great for a run - especially in fall!

great place for a family experience

5 months ago

There is NO biking allowed on this trail at all. Please remove that. Other than that it is a very nice trail.

This is a greenway and not a trail. It's paved or gravel--no dirt. For this reason it can get really hot in the summer compared to a wooded trail because the vast majority of the trail is not shaded. It's an okay trail for getting a feel for your mountain bike if you've never ridden before, but even beginners will be board to death on this trail in my opinion. This is a take your kid on their training wheel bike trail. So for that sort of thing it’s perfect. Or maybe not, given that there is an unbelievable amount of dog poop and duck poop on the trail. Magnitudes more poop than on any other greenway or trail we've ridden in the Charlotte MSA. Never seen a more poopy trail in my life.

The swinging bridge is closed as well as the blue star trail where it intersects north sugar creek

mountain biking
6 months ago

this is one of our favorite bike trails here in Charlotte. love the feeling it gives off.

this is our second favorite trail just nudging out 4 mile (Squirrel Lake Park). only because it's a lot longer trail.

Good park for being close to a dense urban area.
The track starts with pavement and then becomes a mostly shaded path through woods around a small lake. The track is scenic.

trail running
7 months ago

Nice loop trail with plenty of shade even during the midday. A pretty good thunderstorm 2 days before a ran this trail left a few muddy sections, but nothing you couldn't work around. This loop has some decent little elevation changes throughout to make a trip worth it, oh and the hanging bridge was neat too.

$5 admission

Great paced trail most of the way. Some crushed gravel trails. Along a creek. Lots of birds and other nature. Nice pond about half way.

The fav so far. Saw 3 baby deers.

smaller trails around the park off of Monroe. They run crosscountry events there. Good trail for a city.

Pretty and very well-maintained. It can get somewhat crowded on pretty days.

9 months ago

Usually a bit too crowded.

Perfect for a pretty and easy walk near the bustle of the city. Pretty much all paved and civilized. Kids loved being able to play on the playground after our walk. Saw lots of dogs, kids on and off bikes and joggers.

mountain biking
9 months ago

Nice physical trail

mountain biking
10 months ago

Good track to ride only during light traffic times. Sunday’s have heavy walking traffic.

good for a morning walk with the dog and coffee

11 months ago

Lovely hiking trail. Quiet, wooded forest, rocky parts (wear your hiking boots). Not busy at all.
Tip: $5 fee per person.

nice short easy walk

11 months ago

Nice local walk with a decent pond.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Walked the Haigler Lake Loop yesterday with my family. We all loved it, especially our two kids (ages 9 & 11). The path was mostly wide and flat, made of sand and dirt. It’s a beautiful walk even in winter. We saw only a handful of people.

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