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Nice add on if you hike the Perimeter Trail but want to do a little more.

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14 days ago

Well maintained, marking needs upgrade. If you lost a red bontrager glove yesterday out there call me, I have it. 6152022557

Beautiful trail. I loved it and will be definitely be back again.

Easy, quiet hike. Trails aren’t marked very well. Good for sometime outside. Nice woodland area along the Trace with wildlife. I came across a large buck and various bird species during my hike.

Definitely missed the cave but like another review said it’s right before the loop starts closer to the river. Wasn’t too thrilled with the trail being so muddy but just make sure you bring proper shoes. Two river crossings and a whole lot of fun rocks to jump on :)

Had such a blast! Beautiful scenery, river views, found the caves. Quiet and breathtaking! Enjoy!

I agree with what others have said about the drive in and the trailhead itself. There’s not really a parking lot area so I’m glad that the trail signs were visible and clear from the road. I hiked this trail with my dog early on Saturday morning in December, and though we had the trail to ourselves, we had a rough go of it due to heavy rains a few days before. The trail had not dried out as much as I’d hoped so it definitely made the footing a bit uneasy. I slipped many times and fell once, and my dog even had a little trouble keeping her footing in spots. There was a lot of running water flowing along the trail from the recent rains, too. We used the waypoints overlay on the trail map in the AllTrails app to locate the cave entrances while on our hike. We easily found the cave in the woods but had to muster up some courage and get creative to reach the two cave entrances below the bluffs due to the slick mud and steep gorges. Once there though, the caves were simply amazing and completely worth the extra effort needed to get to them. The fence is still at the entrance to the larger cave, but it has an opening that’s easy to go through. We didn’t encounter any critters in the caves on this hike. The trails were well marked throughout and easy to follow. I’ll definitely be back when the ground is a bit drier to explore some more. This place is beautiful and so serene.

Nice easy relaxing hike. We hiked it just after a good snow and had the trail all to ourselves.

Nice trail along the Duck River. Trail was a little slippery because it had rained the day before. We saw 10+ deer on the ridge trail.
AllTrails app Directions to the trail head were good however signage for the trailhead parking could be improved. There are two trail heads and the sign only stated the mill trail so I thought I was at the wrong trailhead. Another hiker told me where both trails started.
We here there in December and will definitely go back in the summer. There is also a very nice picnic area across the river in the main area of Henry Horton State Park.

Easy to moderate hike. Beautiful overlook spot.

We had a great time. Didn’t know about the caves until after, guess we will look for them next time. But it’s a fun trail to hike!

Peaceful, easy ride. There are some sandy, rocky areas if continue after the paved area ends. Not as ideal for road bikes, but totally doable.

Really good easy/moderate trail with large rock formations, a beautiful view of the river and lots of small paths to explore. Will definitely be back. My husband, four year old and I did 2.5 miles exploring it today. Parts of the trail were muddy but overall it was in great shape.

Great area, nice overlook, trail meanders through old growth timber, just a great hike.

Nice hike that follows a creek quite a ways. More pleasant than I expected.

Great views!!

We did Ridgetop and Henry Hollow. The trails were beautiful and well marked but it turns out the area isn't safe at all! I didn't see the reviews about this but we saw what we thought was car window glass near 2 parking spaces when we first got there. The suspension was confirmed when we got back and saw that another couple's car had been broken into. That means at least 3 cars have been broken into recently. We're just blessed it wasn't ours. If you go to Beaman don't leave anything of value in your car! A broken window is bad enough without having something stolen.

Great hike for a Cub Scout Pack. 5-8 year olds did well. Little bit of horse pooh, but otherwise a very nice hike!

SUCH a pretty terrain. I’d never take a small child to this one because of all of the bluffs but I’d definitely go back

Moderately easy hiking with beautiful scenery. Make sure to give right of way to the bikes.

Very nice trail. Well maintained. Loved the tree house about midway through. Will hike this one again.

Great views and very quiet on a mid-fall afternoon.

3 months ago

I went on a sunset hike on the Wild Turkey trail not knowing what to expect. I had high hopes because this trail is apart of Henry Horton State Park, and all my experiences there so far have been good ones. Another commentor said that this hike is really flat, but my fitness tracker said I climbed the equivalent of 16 flights of stairs, so I got my heart rate up a bit. While I didn't see any wild turkeys, I did spot deer nearby as well as some very interesting mushrooms unlike any I've ever encountered before. I finished this trail in 42 minutes just before I lost the day's light, but I would like to go again at a more leisurely pace. While there was a bit of noise closer to the trailhead due to the proximity to the roads, I think some of the loud sounds can be attributed to the nearby trap and skeet range. Still, I found it easy to get lost in nature here, and that is what counts.

I was skeptical of Bowie Nature Park after a so-so experience on the Horseshoe trail, but I am so glad I gave this trail a try! I started out on the Lake Van trail which is very scenic but the terrain is quite uneven with a lot of tree roots to step over. I then connected to the Loblolly trail- very wide and even with some of the biggest loblolly pines I've ever seen. The Twin Lakes Loop trail took me to Lake Byrd and Lake Anna, small but very peaceful bodies of water with picnic shelters near by. I was struck by the contrast between the more wooded Lake Byrd and the openshore of Lake Anna. I took the Sycamore Springs trail which took me past its namesake spring with a tiny waterfall, the sound of which is louder than you might expect from such a small creek running parallel to the trail for a bit. I linked up with the Perimeter trail to return to the parking lot, and that last hill is quite steep to finish strong! I got a great overview of what Bowie Nature Park has to offer, and I will definitely return again for more. I also noted that this park felt exceptionally safe despite being rather isolated for stretches, and I, like other women I saw along the way, was comfortable being on my own here.

Driving up to this trail, I must say, I was a bit worried. Some of the roadsigns on the way out are graffitied with the word "SKIN" over it and/or shot through with bullet holes, and the dogs from the canoe place chased my car a good way before I got to the gravel road. By the time I reached the trailhead, I felt so isolated that I was sure no one had been out here in forever and it was going to be Vesta Glade all over again. Forthunately, all my fears were relieved by this wonderful trail. The first half mile of the trail is over mostly loose rocks, so hikiing shoes or boots are highly recommended. This trail may also be the best marked that I have ever been on with bright blue blazes to follow frequently. There had been rain recently, so parts of the trail were like a shallow, trickling stream, and there are two points that will require you to cross over the stream. The bluffs and their views of the Duck River are simply awesome to behold. Another reviewer mentioned there was a fence on the cave entrance, but this was not present on the day I visited. Be careful as you descend into the cave as the entrance is steep, and I slipped on the mud going in, busting my wrist up a little in the process. My courage was rewarded with great cave views as well as the overlook at the end, about 30 feet above the river banks. I can't wait to visit again and bring friends.

Beaman Park may really be the crown jewel of Nashville's park system as the scenery is just as beautiful as Edwin Warner Park but without all the people and road noise. The creek on the left at the beginning affords many stunning views. The series of switchbacks up the steep hill are easy to navigate as a single-track footpath, and when you get to the top, there are lovely views of the deep ravines below. The last half of the trail descending down the steep hills actually took me slightly longer than climbing them!

3 months ago

My biggest frustration was locating the trailhead which is in the back of the parking lot next to the nature center. While there are signs along the trail that indicate which direction to go, there are many points that paths intersect and the signs don't tell you which trail is which. There are great ravines to cross through under the tall canopy of the forest. Unfortunately, this trail comes within sight of the Super Walmart toward the second half of the trail which really detracts from the hiking experience. The walk was pleasant overall, but it falls short of being an immersive nature trail.

3 months ago

This short but sweet hike is a great introduction to Henry Horton State Park, incorporating history with the lovely scenery. I was not prepared for the great views along the limestone bluffs of the Duck River. As you turn away from the river, you shortly come upon the Haunted Spring, known for a woman who lost her baby while washing laundry here in the 1800s, and it is unusually quiet here. As you go deeper along the trail, there are many short paths leading down to the ravines and rock formations, certainly worth exploring. Time seems to stand still while you are on this trail, and before you know it, you are back in the parking area. Luckily, there appears to be some work to extend the trails to make the best use for enjoying these woods.

3 months ago

Nice ridge! Take the shortcut on the way back.

Trail is nice. Love the incline at the beginning, but the last time I went was a few years ago and my car was broken into, window shattered, purse was taken (it was hidden), and everything they didn't want to keep was strewn across the road near the park

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