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This was a very easy trail, but there were a lot of tree roots to be aware of. I was able to easily carry my 3 month old in a sling. We did not start at the official trailhead, we picked up the trail in the campground, but it was still very well marked the whole way and from where we started, it took us about an hour and a half. We will defiantly be doing this trail again.

This is a mountain biking trail so hikers make sure to be aware of your surroundings so you can hear the bikers coming. There were about 3 spots with severe flood damage so be careful to follow the new paths. Great trail overall!

It was wet while we were there so I can’t really give a good one but it was enjoyable

Nice little loop, great for pets aswell.

It was a decent trail, nothing to write home about though. My only complaint about the trail was the number of ppl letting there dogs off leash. I’m actually all for it but not when a trail is popular and populated. Not everyone is a dog fan. I had my dog with me. He’s great with ppl and some dogs but on leash, he’s not so great with dogs. So when these ppl had there 3 dogs off leash, they said “it’s ok, they are nice”, I had to say “that’s nice, my dog isn’t”. Just follow the rules ppl.

Just Fyi if the trail is done the way its supposed to be done (no short cuts) it is 8.7 miles not 6 miles.

Such a cool hike! The cave is not well marked; but once you find it, make sure to go though! It’s a short cave and pretty cool inside. Also, on the other side of the cave is a beautiful overlook.

Great easy trail for young kids! Caves are very easy to miss, but so glad we found them! They definitely made this trail worth it.

Great family friendly hike! The cave is not marked but awesome to come up on.

Loved it!

Had a great time hiking with the wife here. Good trails that are well maintained.

great trail. lots of neat things to see

Nice easy hike.

Standard walk in the woods

It is a nice walk, but the trails are not maintained very well.

horseback riding
4 months ago

Nice easy trail for a quick ride

DO NOT leave anything in your car while you are hiking! We came back to the parking lot to find 2 cars broken into and one was ours. Luckily I read some other reviews of this trail stating cars had been vandalized and we took our belongings with us but windows were still shattered. HIKERS BEWARE! The trails were beautiful so sad that others had to ruin our day!

Nice casual trail. With fall the trail gets hidden in places from the leaves but not impossible to follow. Some muddy places but you can get around them

4 months ago

Trail looks nice but the other hikers are so rude and loud we weren't able to enjoy the hike. People stand in the middle of the trail to get on their phone so they can record being in nature. Huh? We come to the woods for peace and quiet and this was not it.

Went with my five year old and it was good for an interesting hike in the woods. Lots of plant life to spot, overlooks, a cave made it fun for him. Ended up meeting a lot more people on the trail than I would've expected. We got a little confused on the end of the loop by the edge, could've used an extra trail marker there, but otherwise very well marked.

just an ok short day hike with a few good views of the duck river! trail head was not advertised so it was harder to locate....

5 months ago

4.1 miles using MotionX-GPS. Good out & back on a hardwood ridge that was part of a logging operation back in the day. A 6 ft. Rat Snake had parked itself perpendicular across the trail. Always nice to see interesting fauna along the way.

Great for a day hike, alone.

A little boring at times as you stare ahead at a mile of straight flat pavement but the views on the sides of the trail are very nice, really like looking up at the high cliffs. Once you run out of pavement and cross a street the trail continues onto a gravel trail that follows a lake in a nature preservation area. I saw some turkeys on this part. If you enjoyed the first half the second half is more of the same, with more views of the water than the first half but suffers from the same long straight boringish sections.

All in all, the trail was well maintained and quite enjoyable. Traffic was light, I passed 2 or 3 people on my weekday walk. I'm not sure why but my walk was 14.8 miles which is a little longer than the 13.3 listed here

Simple hike, perfect for bringing children.

certainly easy, but it is worth the hike.

We did not finish this trail since it was not baby stroller friendly. Baby stroller on this trail was a BIG MISTAKE. It was hilly, bumpy, with big rocks to walk over... We ran into another couple with a baby stroller who were struggling as well. It was a pretty trail, though. We might go back when our child is older and can walk it himself.

Decent hike. Lots of good inclines. Narrow rocky trails. It was harder for us bc we had our old lady dog with us

Overall very good trail and relatively well marked. Definitely rocky..so bring your walking stick, esp if it's rained recently as it isn't super steep but it is very slippery in spots. Also..agree with reviews on the caves...never saw any! Wish they were marked.

Great trial for all levels of hikers.

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