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Fairly easy hike. Went there with my dog and it was a good distance and level of difficulty to make her tired. We came across a few families with children who all seemed to be doing alright. There terrain is not flat so keep that in mind. The scenery is beautiful.

this trail is overly easy. a 5 year old girl scout troop could enjoy doing this. so if you complain about this trail or its condition, just know there's a girl scout somewhere laughing at you. if you want nicely groomed/paved trails, go to a city park and enjoy being a Nancy.

Love it.

Great trails and mostly shaded which is great in TN heat! Plan ahead - no bathrooms.

Probably a better hike in the winter time...summer hiking proved to be very difficult with overgrowth and the accompanying tick infestation. Hiked from the 1812 monument to Garrison Creek and decided to walk the road back rather than pick more ticks off of me and my dog.

Found some very upset buzzards in the cave.

great elevation. it is winding. it is narrow so can't walk side by side with a friend. saw some frogs. leads to a circle of wooden benches.

My home trail. It’s a nice, quiet trail with several connecting trails you can use to cut the hike short or make it longer.

Definitely a cool trail with beautiful scenery. We found 2 caves but one was not very accessible. We couldn’t find them at first but the advice someone else had posted about staying on the river side (to the left) at the split after you have walked along the river for a while. Then start looking on your right for a trail shortly after the split. It leads you into the woods away from the cliff and to the first cave. Totally worth it but we ran out of time and had to stop exploring.

28 days ago

One of my favorite hikes in Nashville because it is one of the few here up on a ridge above the river valley. I don’t agree with reviews that are expecting some view grander than you would find in most local parks. It is what it is, and views from any trail are limited to the character of the land. There are some nice views along the trail down hallows and thru tree breaks. It has its own rewards if you don’t go looking for a Glacier Point experience.

29 days ago

Perfect trail for a long meandering in the woods. A few portions of the trail follow a clearing under power lines. Only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. Other trails connect to keep you busy for a while.

1 month ago

It was a nice walk through the woods but the end was fairly anti-climatic without any grand view. I’d do it again because it’s so close and lightly trafficked but it’s not overly interesting.

Nice easy hike. My friend picked up a lot of ticks so make sure you check for them.

Good variety of trail. Some incline for challenge. A few bridges. No cool overlook at the end though.

2 months ago

love this app. I travel often just to visit trails and this app makes it easy.

2 months ago

Great day hike on Father’s Day! Hiked with our 8, 10 and 12 year old. There is a place to rent canoes on the road in. We may try that another time. Takes about 1.5 hour and we explored the cave.

2 months ago

Quiet loop.

What a beautiful hike in Nashville’s backyard!! Took my kids out there today (11 and 8) and they were able to do the Henry Hollow Loop and the Sedge Hill trail. There are some pretty good inclines, the trails are well kept, and are well marked with blazes and signs. Will do this one again.

I enjoyed all the shade trees and taking pictures of undisturbed foliage. I agree, it is advisable to pay attention to footing.

This does not go down to the river, but there is a little overlook. The trail is only well-maintained for the first half mile.

2 months ago

This was a beautiful trail. It was wide and clear. It was a bit muddy, but we have had lots of rain in the last few days. Not simply a flat trail there are slight elevations, but it is not overly difficult. I would absolutely do this one again.

Do not do the Garrison loop trail that passes back over the Trace. It is an absolute nightmare as it is overgrown and not maintained at all. Be prepared to wade thru the creek thigh deep to get out of there. Best to back track on the horse trail back to the parking lot. More of a place for cyclists to park to begin their ride.

Beautiful place for a walk/run/bike. Super family friendly. Well Paved.

Easy hike with nice river lookouts. Found the cave, it took a while.But you'll find it if you look to the other side from the river.

I wish there was easy river access, but the caves are amazing. There are a few where a head lamp would be helpful. On the way in there are a series of small waterfalls that are nice to cool off in, but the river is down a steep embankment.

2 months ago

Nice trial with a bit of an incline; runs alongside a pretty creek. The image on AllTrails of the small waterfall that appears as the image for this trail isn’t actually on this hike. It appears to be across the road from the trail head, marked as private property-no trespassing.

Very easy, great for strollers or kids new to outdoor walks. I wouldn't call it a 'hike'. The scenery is subpar, the mosquitos were out in hoards. Not a lot of flora or fawna but was not overcrowded with people.

Loop? Not really. Tangled up with a horse trail that leaves you 2kil from your car. Ankle breaking loose stones the size of softballs. Muddy track very very poorly marked.

We had a great time on this trail. we actually did find the cave. You can see the river but do not get close enough to get in. We had teenagers with us and even they were in love with it.

3 months ago

Very nice place.

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