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On March 10, hiked up Ski Hut / Baldy Bowl and down Devil’s Backbone to the Notch, about 7.5 miles total. Took the chairlift down the rest of the way. The hike itself took 4 hours and 3min, but I set a very aggressive pace for myself due to time constraints. The first three miles up to just beyond the ski hut took 1h20min, the next 1.5 miles up to the summit took 1h20min (this segment abolutely kicked my butt) and the summit down to the Notch took 1h25min. I set out from Manker Flats at 5:22am (with a headlamp as it was not yet twilight) and got to the Notch at 9:26am. The trail was mostly clear of snow and ice for the first three miles. Microspikes were necessary for most of the upper section to the summit due to ice and snow particularly in the steep section beginning about 1/2 mile after the hut. I had downloaded a route into my Garmin watch, which was very helpful (read: necessary) because there are sections between the hut and the summit where it would be very easy to lose the trail. Hiking down Devil’s Backbone was a little scary in parts due to ice and snow along the precipitous drop-offs, however there was enough ground exposed so that I could easily identify and avoid the snow cornices. It is a little hairy right at the western entrance to the Backbone section as there is a lot of snow wedged in the corner next to a fairly steep dropoff. Overall it is a very fun and pretty challenging hike, with amazing views and spectacular scenery along the whole route. Well worth it, but this time of year use caution and tread carefully along precipitous sections of the Devil’s Backbone trail; and be prepared - I would recommend microspikes and trekking poles for the hairy parts, and also bring some layers because there can be very significant changes in temperature at the different elevations and much wind chill at the summit.

Great time. Snow on the ground made it that much more enjoyable. Did the whole loop and Needed crampons for sure to help with the sliding around.

Not a bad hike. Good weather and nice views. Can be a bit hazy at the Zion vista. The portion from the falls through the flats is fairly crowded. The rest of the train was only moderately trafficked. The trail markings are fairly poor and it is easy to make a wrong turn in the areas near the falls at 2 junctures.

Gets busy in the chantry flats - leave early for the hike

This loop is actually 9.5 miles!

Beautiful trail, great workout. The waypoint for Sturtevant Camp on the map in this trail description is incorrect. Sturtevant camp in en route to Mt Zion peak located between Spruce Grove campground and the turn Mt Zion/Mt Wilson Trail junction. The location marked as Sturtevant is more likely to be Hoegee's Trail Camp

So many trails within trails ❤❤

If I could give it another star I would. Challenging mentally and physically but great fun.

This is another of the premiere hikes to be done in these mountains. Starting out around 7 am, there was a biting cold wind that was avoided after getting past the falls. We kept a good pace along the service road to the lodge. I was glad to get some hot coffee there before moving on. The climb got a little tough initially, from getting used to the elevation, and then I found most of Devil's Backbone to be a steady climb. I diverted over to the summit of Mt. Harwood and then came back down to the main trail. My favorite part of this stretch was seeing into the Mojave to Victorville and other areas to the east, The wind was cold a fierce along the Harwood part of the trail, and finally it was blocked on the last stretch to the summit. A break there was nice, and so was the geocache. We came down the Ski Hut trail and it was fairly easy going most of the way. We hit the service road at sunset, and it was a short time back to the parking lot.

A great hike! It took us about 5 hrs. with a couple stops. Good workout and plenty of great views! Cold beer at store in parking lot was a plus too!

1 month ago

This is a very beautiful trial that is pretty easy, and I highly recommend it for a nice day hike with some friends. This trial is not too heavily trafficked, beautiful views almost the whole entire trail. Make sure you take the short detour to visit the peak of Mt. Islip!

Up, up and up! If you are looking for a relaxing hike look elsewhere. This is strenuous. Really enjoyed the views. Gorgeous! A bunch of hikers on a Saturday but it was still a whole lot of fun. On our way down we stopped at the ski lodge and had a celebratory beer. I recommend bringing a small lunch. This hike takes it out of you and you will be starving! Slept like a baby after this summit!

On January 31,2018. My husband and I woke up to a spectacular, super, blood, blue lunar eclipse. Then we drove to Chantry flats and hiked up. For the first of our Sixpack Challenge. The little cabins on the way up are so enchanting and the waterfall is well worth the mini detour. The bugs were out but weren’t too bothersome. The views from the top are amazing as well. The hike down was steep and we somehow missed a turn hiked a little longer then planed but lucky we made it back to the parking lot.

Great elevated climb. Beautiful scenery. Lunch at the campsite and great detour to Mt Zion.

Beautiful river and falls after a nice hike up to Mt Zion. Excellent loop trail, the cold water at Sturtevant falls pool was nice to cool the feet and head with! We also saw a ton of lady bugs at the Sturtevant Camp, very cool.

Very very very windy at the top. Sunset was sublime. We kinda got lost on our way down. Rewarding and refreshing hike.

Took the ski-lift and then got onto the Devil's Backbone. On the return we used the Baldy Bowl trail.

Completed Dec 30, 2017.

My first time hiked alone for the year! Starting the new year off right. One day hike. Completed (at the peak) Mt. San Antonio in 6 1/2hrs, at 10,064ft with coordinate at 34° 17′ 20.02″ N, 117° 38′ 48.2″ W. January 2018. It was below 34 degree. Hands and feet were frozen: too cold! Couldn’t feel my blood circulating. Drinking tube was frozen. Very thin air. Met some amazing hikers too. Wow, that was so awesome!! Man, I’m tired.... NOT FOR KIDS!


Did Baldy via backbone on Sunday (1/15/18). Made it to summit via backbone without crampons but highly recommend them. Still plenty of snow above 8,000 feet. Came down ski hut and more snow on that side. Bring crampons or spikes. Wish I had brought my dog. He would’ve been fine. Be safe.

Love the trail because there are a lot of shady areas and water. Cute to see the little cabins all the way up. The bugs are annoying sometimes.

Great hike. Trail is mostly clear for now, but the last 700 feet or so of elevation have a couple inches of frozen over snow. Doable for now with boots still, but definitely recommend at least microspikes, especially if they get more snow.

Decent easy hike, but I would rate it moderate considering the distance. The trail has lots of shades and water running, which is nice on a hot day. Overall, a nice trail, but nothing amazing.

Beautiful weather, lovely scenery. This was a great hike!

This is great if you're looking for a hike in the LA area with a lot of green forest and shade. Once you get to the waterfall, it's a little tricky to find the trail to continue on to Mt. Zion. If I did it correct, you have to cross the creek, and make a steep ascent to the left of the waterfall. It may seem misleading, but it connects to a more obvious trail. Be sure to study the map well as the signs can be very misleading, and the written directions may be incorrect at times.

One of the most fun and challenging hikes Ive been able to do. Took way longer than i expected but the view from the top is definitely worth the trek up. Devils backbone was more exciting than it was nerve wracking. If I could change anything about the hike, I would come down Devils backbone instead of baldy notch. The steep slope destroyed my knees coming down. All in all, an amazing hike.

I've only done this hike via Bear Canyon trail. I have horrible asthma and at around 6500ft the elevation starts to play with my mentality. I've completed it twice but each time I ask myself why I am doing it again.lol Going this way is roughly 14 miles from the trail head across from the village in Mt. Baldy to San Antonio falls road. I think everyone should do this hike at least once. It's a quite, less traveled route with breathtaking views but definitely for the more experienced hikers. Make sure you have at least 3 litres of water and snacks for fuel. The first 7 miles are about 18 to 23% incline steady! After that the next 4 or so miles are a traverse incline to the summit. After leaving the summit, coming down Devils Backbone was a blast. I ran most of the way until just before the lodge. Its very steep and rocky just before the lifts. Once you get to the lodge its about another 4 miles down the fire road to the San Antonio falls rd entrance/exit. Best time to go is between May and November depending on when winter season starts and ends. HAPPY HIKING!!!

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