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Stunning, constant views, mostly of the coast. May not really be a moderate for most, more of a moderate-hard.

mountain biking
12 days ago

Great views! Plan to go when it’s nice and green out(During winter and spring).

Great hike with a little bit of everything — flat trail, inclines, rocks and streaming water! The pathway is very narrow. Enjoyed seeing all the greenery and a few small critters!

Definitely watch out for rattle snakes. 20 minutes into our hike I almost stepped on a baby one. Also the juvenile bulls were a little intimidating. Nice peaceful hike. No shade so go in spring or winter.

Gorgeous trail, Tennessee Beach is a must-see along the way. Nothing beats the view from the coast or the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks. This trail can be a thigh-burner in some areas where the elevation varies, but nothing too bad if you’re moderately in shape.

Hiked clockwise this time and counterclockwise last time. Both ways are enjoyable and worth repeating. Good hike, very scenic and a decent workout. Clockwise has more uphill climbing - going clockwise Bootjack to Mountain Theater is the steepest part of the loop. Clockwise time: 3 hrs.

2 months ago

Busy on the trail, especially the out and back to the beach.

Beautiful coastal views. Enough up and down to/from the ridge to make it feel like a “workout”.

Agree with others, it’s definitely a moderate and not a hard. Still beautiful, and love the rest stops at the inn and the amphitheater, but tack on one of the peaks to add a bit more exercise to your miles.

Easy to get to. Free parking. Get there early (before 8am) parking can get crowded after 8:30 / 9. Popular among runners. great views overall.

This was such a gorgeous hike! You are surrounded by ferns, trees, and moss for most of the hike. Gets a little strenuous at times but should be a fairly easy for the avid hiker. I did come home with a tick stuck to my back so take precaution.

3 months ago

Parking was challenging but worth it. Easy walk to the top and the view was breath taking.

Beautiful views the whole way through.

On arrival you come to American River Canyon Overlook park. Dont bother with doing the first loop or heading to the very end of the black trail marker. The area is fenced off so it forces you to go around.
Look at my return tracks.
The start of the trail is across the parking lot from the out building behind a big metal Flag pole in a chained off area. Drop down behind the flag pole and head left at the gate.
First impressions of the place was "what a dump"!
Things got better after the first mile and the views are nice. Typical river views.
Wear your muck boots as its obvious the people using their horses over feed them.

I'll return to the area to use some of the other trails but will consider parking at another location.
Lots of runners on the trail.

Hiked the train in the winter, and the mix of trail time under tree-cover and out in the open was perfect. Barely anyone was on the trail. The amphitheater was amazing to visit, and it offers an awesome view.

Great hill by the dam. best done as a fall or winter hike.... It gets plenty hot in the summer. Near where Los Vaqueros trail intersects 10 years ago there were several nested pairs of Golden Eagles. Not sure if they're still around but it was awesome watching them fly around when I fished that corner of the lake.

4 months ago

Did this one a few times...

This was fun.
My friend and I started at 6:30 from the WS trailhead. We saw a chewed up deer leg right near the beginning. Then we saw 3 or 4 live male deer and a couple females along our way.
We are training for a backpacking trip, so this trail was nice because we could wander around on many different trails.
There are some steep areas, depending on the trail you take.
You continually run into people. The only reason that is a bad thing is because there are not many flat areas where you can wander off to pee, so I was usually right off trail with my friend having to warn any oncomers. :P

Beautiful hike with nice stops at the West Point Inn and crossing through the Mountain Amphitheater. Very steep at the beginning but moderate the remainder. Took us 3.5 hours with a slight detour that put us at 7 miles total. Free parking on Panorama Highway near the trailhead.

Cool trail--well maintained. Today was a lovely fall day. We saw a dozen or so trail runners, one other hiking party, and a bunch of turkey buzzards. We'd do it again.

Great, short trail: easy to get to after work, a nice workout with epic views of sunset and the fog banks and potential to pit-stop at 3 beaches along the way- or pop in to The Pelican Inn at the half way mark if you drop down to Muir Beach.

So I accidentally ended my beginning of the hike at robie point and then had to restart my track lol but this hike was AMAZING! Did the entire 8.8 miles starting at American canyon overlook park. Plennnnty of places to park there. The hike was definitely a challenge, especially on the way back up. Bring lots of water! There were really nice views of the river and it was cool to cross "no hands" bridge! Interesting to read about the history on the plaques. There was also a nice little waterfall and small bridge to check out :] Definitely planning on returning to this hike in a few weeks! I really enjoyed the variety of sights to see along this hike and there were a few spots that were prime to sit and take breaks (bench/picnic table). That uphill really gets your heart pumping!

7 months ago

Not really a trail, but cool views from the top.

Really nice hike with views on the city!

Returned to this trail to take it All the way to the Calcutta Falls and it was great. Easy 2.3 mile in and out hike. Definitely start early morning this time of year (August).

It's a moderate hike, definitely not hard. Nice views.

Mediocre hike. Not much interesting to see for the 1st hour, but then the view opens up. Seems there is a trailhead at the end of the hike, and therefore may be a better starting point.

I took the Western states trail on the way back and this was much more interesting. GPS is a must for this hike as there are a lot of trails.

Would be nice for trail running, but I would not hike this again

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