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Very nice, relaxing hike with absolutely FABULOUS views for no more difficult than it is. Can’t wait to do it with my family so they can experience amazing Colorado scenery without hiking into the back country. Really, really enjoyed it!

Nice trail. Watch the signs

1 day ago

I did this trail right before sunset and it was beautiful! I left a little bit before the sky became extremely colorful so now I want to go tomorrow and stay later! I definitely recommend doing some nearby trails first, then ending with this trail. Only passed two people the entire time I was on this trail and there’s multiple lookout points for scenic views and fabulous pictures.

It’s a very nice trail !!

Lovely little walk with beautiful views. We were greeted by six wild turkeys grazing along side the path seemingly careless of our presence.

10 days ago

Beware of rattlesnakes in the summer!
It's an easy and fairly quick hike. I often do the loop clockwise so that I'm passing people rather than coming up from behind. Most of the trail is rocky/loose rock so it's not as runner friendly on the downhills.

10 days ago

Great little hike lots of wildlife.
Great views.

11 days ago

This is a fun trail to go on with kids. No climbing involved and is very easy relaxed hike. We found wild garlic growing and this trail is awesome if you start at the North Boulder Recreation Center and circle all the way back. There are places to dip your toes in the water but we need to come when the sun is up otherwise it can get cold

Very pretty. Easy hike. Would be very enjoyable with a bike. Lots of pretty flowers. Bring bug spray. Lots of mosquitos and biting bugs. I was not prepared.

16 days ago

Beautiful and really nice shade!

17 days ago

Did this hike in the evening so it was cooler and quiet on the trail. A fun road getting up to the trailhead and an easy hike for all. Beautiful view of the mountains and lots of pretty wildflowers.

17 days ago

Great little trail with some neat views. The uphill part when you turn around will really get your heart pumping! My dog enjoyed it also.

19 days ago

This is a nice flat trail, good for an easy-going hike or trail run. Some of the nice features of this trail include easy access to South Boulder Creek along most of the trail, views of the Flatirons, and wildflowers in the summer. On a Sunday afternoon on a nice summer day, it wasn't terribly crowded. A couple of remarks about the trail's description - I would say that it doesn't really feature a lake, the Baseline Reservoir is not easily viewed, although there are a couple of small ponds near the East Boulder Community Center. Secondly, this is mostly an out and back trail, the only loop is around the Community Center ponds.

I've only used the bike trails but it's a good time. If I'm bored on a Saturday afternoon it's a good way to work up a sweat by biking on the trails.

26 days ago

Non-strenuous hike with gorgeous views. Took the Chapman Drive fire road to the left for a nicely paced loop. Next time, I'd like to walk back on the trail. A good amount of shade, which our dogs enjoyed. Several folks on the path coming and going but wouldn't call it high traffic.

A great, easy trail with a gradual, gentle elevation gain and beautiful views. It is a multi-use trail shared with mountain bikers and horseback riders. If you are a hiker or walker, be prepared to yield for them. At times the trail is narrow, so passing one another can get tricky. I'd recommend forgoing the headphones so that you can hear bikers coming behind you. The day I went everyone was polite and respectful while navigating the shared trail.

28 days ago

This is a really nice trail if you're looking for a relaxing walk or hike. Paved and gravel paths are often used by cyclists, but a dirt path runs along a creek for walkers and trail runners. It's a popular trail for families with young kids or people with their dogs, but it never feels overly crowded. In spite of being on the east side of town, you still get nice views of the Flatirons along the way. The parking lot on Baseline is pretty small and fills up quickly, but if you park at the East Boulder Rec/Community Center, you can connect to the Bobolink Trail.

30 days ago

Tons of off leash dogs. Pretty trail otherwise.

beautiful views for a short hike

Skunk canyon is always beautiful

1 month ago

Nice trail run or hike on biking prohibited days. Saw some wildlife and had a great 4 mile hike!

I actually start this near Saddle Rock (off Flagstaff), go up Ampitheatre and then back down saddle rock. Doing it that way knocks off about 3/4 mile but makes it a great short but strenuous hike - I clocked about 1200 feet elevation gain- and a nice weekday workout. It is mostly a shady hike making it a good one even for hot summer days. Some water most of the year as well for dogs on the Saddle Rock side.

This is a beautiful trail! It is easily made into a 3.3 mile loop, if you cut off the Benjamin Loop section. If there is a lake, I have never seen it, and I have been there many times to hike or mountain bike. If you want to hike or trail run, go there Wednesday or Saturday, when mountain biking is prohibited.

Per some recent questions regarding access to Brainard Lake, please see the link below. Yes, the road is now open. Work was completed on 6/29/18...


Does anybody know if the road is open here yet?

1 month ago

Beautiful views. My two dogs enjoyed our first hike after moving to Denver. Easy trail with incline coming back.

Always windy

One of my local favorite hikes. Gradual climb that is a good workout at the same time. Beautiful area. Lots of mountain bikers but they are all very nice.

1 month ago

This was a perfect trail for my 3.5 year old and me. Not much elevation. Beautiful views of the divide. 2/3 of the trail is tree-covered. I counted at least 13 different species of wildflowers still blooming today!

mountain biking
2 months ago

Loved every part of the trail riding on my mtb.

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