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Favorite place to enjoy nature in CT. More a walk through woods than hiking- great for kids, dogs, running, mountain biking and kayaking- and skating in the winter!!!

Good news, Breakneck is still open!

This is a nice hike with an especially fun climb. The views would be amazing with nicer weather and foliage, but it was still beautiful. The second half drags but it beats going down the scrambles. There was also a cute little waterfall near the bottom.
The ascent was a bit easier than I expected. There are definitely some technically challenging scrambles, but overall it wasn't too difficult, and there are usually easier routes (I didn't take them so I'm not sure how much easier they are). If you bypass the tricky sections it'd probably be rated moderate instead of hard. Don't let Breakneck's reputation scare you off! Probably not a first time hike, but if you have some experience you'll be fine (just be ready to use your hands).

Beautiful, fun and easy. There were some points where I see people’s houses, but it’s as good as it gets in the area

A welcome change of pace from the usual Mt. Beacon trail, which is over-used and always crowded. Hiked on a December weekend and only ran into other people at the summit. The trail does make up for it in length though, so only hike when you have 3-4 hours to spare.

The unmarked woods trail at 1.3 miles is a little hard to spot. The blue trail will turn right and immediately pass a stone wall. You can now turn left onto the woods trail which follows the eastern side of the stone wall.

If you want an extra challenge and don't mind a little rock scrambling, take the loop counter-clockwise and use the White trail on the final approach for South Beacon. This will lead you to a rewarding viewpoint 10 minutes before you reach the summit.

Excellent, challenging. Couldn't do the complete breakeneck but completed bypass. Beautiful views

2 months ago

Beautiful scenery...
Trails were well marked and lots of fun.

2 months ago

Nothing to add to the reviews, except watch out for Town of Trumbull parking enforcement! Ridiculous.

trail running
2 months ago

Probably my overall favorite running spot maybe because it's so close to my home but also maybe because this whole river valley has so many interesting things to see. The real fun is south of Whitney ave. on the single track trails. There are 4 main trails, red, yellow, white, and blue. All will take you from Indian Ledge park off Whitney ave., south to Park Ln. and Daniels Farm road, approximately a 2.5 mile journey. These are famous mountain bike trails (famous enough to have been listed years ago in mountain biking guide books of the best rides in the north east!) The different trails feel so far apart from each other. They're not. But they seem like they are. In fact the whole place gives this wonderful impression of being much bigger than it is. You feel miles away from civilization even though you are probably no further than a half mile from a highway to the East and a river with a short climb to houses on the West. It's like a whole microcosm of terrain shoved into this one 2.5 mile stretch. There are spots that are charming, almost magical, and the place begs you to come back to do more exploring.

A couple of things to be aware of:
1. If you hear pistol fire, it is from a local police shooting range alongside a section of the red trail. It's not used frequently but when it is . . . you will know. The area is enclosed by fencing and there are small barracks and targets etc. So it's not a concern on the trail.
2. The trails are trafficked by mountain bikers and a significant enough number of hikers of all ages that I have never NOT seen at least one other person on a trip. In fact, I've often seen some of the same people on different occasions. Most of this traffic is on the white trail and blue trails.
3. Many people walk/run their dogs here (including me sometimes) and they are almost always off leash.

Great hike and fantastic views. A challenging climb for the first mile which makes the crowds worth it, and an easy descent for the 2nd and 3rd but made difficult by all the fallen leaves this time of year, which caused both me and my friend to fall. Whoopsy! My 30 pound, spritely pup had a ball jumping up the rocks, but needed a boost at some points and a full on lift at one or two places. Recommend keeping dogs on leash with harnesses during the tough spots, as there are some flat rocks that slide down to dangerous drop offs. We had a couple of scares.

Great, generally lightly traveled route to the casino and fire tower

Exhilarating hike. We arrived (near peak leaf season) at 8:30 AM and there were not many people there. We finished at 12:30 PM (lots of breaks along the route-hiked with 11 and 12 year olds) and when we stepped back out onto 9D there were cars parked as far as the eye could see as well as streams of people exiting the train. Go early on busy weekends during leaf season! The hike was fantastic! My children loved it and loved the challenging rock scrambles. There were three sections of scramble that I found a bit scary but the kids managed them. The other scrambles along the way were less scary.
Trail was well marked.

Awesome views and fall scenery, but always super crowded.

Follow the recommended path (BR White - BB Red - WK Yellow) loop. Lots of fun rock scrambling. Plan for 3 hours.

nice trails, near a river, moderately busy, lots of dog walkers and dog pick up bags available.

3 months ago

This is a great park. With plenty of stuff to see you can easily spend a day or two. As long as you pay attention and plan your hike it shouldn't be to difficult. This was my first time and I had no issues.
I will ask that you keep your dog on a leash as rules tell you to. This is not for your dogs saftey but others on the trail. Don't get mad at me when your dog gets hurt because you don't have them on a leash and they blot up to my little girl. Just be glad I didn't come after you next.

The view was great overall. on the way down is unexpected with lots of rock and climbing down

Really fun rock scramble and awesome views! All in all excellent short trail when you’re short on time!

A quintessential CT country walk. I’m so lucky to have Huntington State Park close by. It’s beautiful any time of the year.

Really well marked. Beautiful woods to walk through but not much to see other than that. Quite a peaceful walk.

Awesome hike. Gets pretty steep towards the beginning and then gradual descent to cold springs. We stopped at cold springs for well deserved meal

Great spot. Multiple trails to choose from ranging from easy to difficult. There is a map you can grab at the beginning if you don’t have the trail on your phone to help you with routes. Very clean. Well maintained. Started on red then to green, white, and finished with green. Great time with beautiful scenery.

Very difficult at the beginning. Got nice views on top of the mountains. A very good trail.

4 months ago

This place can get crowded, so timing is important. We did the "outer" loop and were able to find some solitude here & there. Beautiful, scenic, and not very difficult.

nature trips
4 months ago

Easy trail. if you park at the southern entrance with the red barn make sure you cross to the other side of the river to hike on the marked and named trails, otherwise you have a nice walk with the river on your left-hand side for about a mile and have to come back the same way you came.

5 months ago

Excellent Place to Run! It’s my go to every morning. There are so many varieties of trails at this park it’s amazing. Depending on my mood I can so 3- 8 miles and elevations can be very challenging depending on which trail you take. There’s also the possibility of getting lost but just follow the color your sticking with or always have you mike tracker on with a map and you’ll know which way to go back in no time. The perk to this park are the amazing views within each trail. It’s definitely something that makes you want to run even more and lifts the spirit.

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