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Very anti-climactic view at top compared to other hikes in the area. Spend most of the hike in the shade.

Had to reduce my rating a lot. People have been on the trail shooting guns and leaving garbage. Illegal fire pits being put in right under low growth fur trees, with how dry the last several years have been, it was shocking to see this kind of activity.

Shame, it seems like we see more and more of this as the years drag on.

Always a great quick one or make it a long 4 hour loop! Love the climbing routes throughout. Fun hike!

This is a great trail run. Very steep, so I did a lot of hiking as it got rockier closer to the top. A very easy run down. The only problem I had was being chased by 2 dogs off leash. Their owners quickly got them under control but it was a little frightening. Beautiful views from the top. Perfect weather for a trail run!

Did loop hike starting out at Arthur's Rock trail head going up trail to summit of Arthur's Rock, then coming back by way of Howard Trail and Mill Creek Link. Total distance 4.7 miles. Very scenic with views of Horse Tooth Reservoir and Ft. Collins. Weather was great. I would rate the trail as moderate rather than hard. Top of Arthur's Rock is roomy for people to relax.

Loved this trail. I would not classify it as hard my 4 yr old had no problems. It was a nice trail. Would def do it again

Beautiful trail. Conditions were perfect today, a little windy near Homestead Meadow but otherwise great. Still a lot of flood debris that makes the trail interesting. Lots of different terrains. I thought it was a really interesting trail and the homestead at the end (about 1/4-1/2 mile up from the “end” of the trail, you can go farther to see more) was super cool. Parking lot was empty at 8:45 but pretty full by the time we left. Still spaces available. Just east of the meadow is the wreckage of a very old car near the creek!

Lovely trail! Heavily used but everyone we met was well behaved and respectful, including the dogs! Was a nice escape from the stresses of dealing with a mom and her dementia. Took my doggo and enjoyed a good leg stretch. Nicely maintained and clean! Lovely views!

moderately hard with an awesome view!

28 days ago

It seemed more like a small road and many dirt bikes. Decided not to take it!

1 month ago

Perfect hiking weather today and only encountered a few other hikers on the trail. We took south ridge on the way up to Horsetooth Rock and I would say it was a moderate hike. The summit is gorgeous with views in all directions. I would definitely do this hike again.

1 month ago

A very misty morning hiked around 9:30 and saw 3 bear cubs.about 3/4 way up to top of trail. This trail is rated hard. The elevation and rocky trail makes it challenging but I wouldn’t say it was hard because you climb a little then it levels out . Definitely would do again on clear day and bring bear spray!

Hiked all the way to the top of the rocks and the views were stunning!!! Highly recommend this hike. There was enough people to not feel isolated but not so many that you felt overcrowded.

One of my favorites when I feel like going on more than a walk but don't have time for a long hike.

Beautiful hike with great views from the top. Wouldn't personally rate this hike as "hard" or "difficult" but definitely a nice climb...

(Bring Yaktrax if the trail is snow/ice covered)

1 month ago

Went rockhounding up on the peak looking for purpurite. No luck, but I did find some giant pieces of mica and some impressive black tourmalines in the rock on the way up to the trail. Most of the trail/road is lined with aspen groves. Went on an early fall hike up there today and it was beautiful. The view was hazy, but still great at the top. Since this is a fire road and not a foot trail, expect to share the path with motorcycles and jeeps.

“Easy/moderate/hard are relative terms. I’m not a great hiker, but I am a stubborn persistent hiker. This was Harder than I expected- especially at the end. I finished, but my feet are paying for it. Warm September day- drank all my water plus some. Views were beautiful and so was the company. Glad to say I have completed an iconic Fort Collins hike.

2 months ago

Nice trail if you're in Ft. Collins area. It's pretty nice when you get to the top, with some cool rocks to walk on.

on Lion Gulch Trail

2 months ago

This was such a beautiful trail the 2nd week in October! It was dry enough that the steeper inclines were easier and had enough debris to grip to. We took our pup with and she loved it too! So calming crossing the Little Thompson river.

Perfect hike! Good mountain feel for being so close to town. Usual routine is to go up to the rock and go down the falls trail afterwards as a cool down. A bit of scrambling on the rock trail. Use caution when it's snowy/icy or during the night as it's easy to get off trail in certain areas. The falls look the best when runoff is well underway.

Short and sweet! Couldn’t recommend it more. The views of Horsetooth and Fort Collins are really something. Bring water, it’s a climb!

2 months ago

Did this in September. Great short hike, dog loved it too. Starts out shaded, but can be hot at the top by mid day. Views at the top are great of the surrounding mountains and valley below. The trailhead parking area isn’t well marked, but follow the directions on here and it’ll take you straight there. Steep trail, good workout.

Lots of great views!
We hiked up to Horsetooth Rock starting at 8:40 AM on a Sunday. The parking lot was almost full as we arrived. $6 to park and in we go.
The hike starts along gradual switchbacks and slowly gets steeper, picking up rocks and wood steps. It doesn’t get difficult until you’re near the top and climb up the rock itself. That requires hands.
All the way up you get views over Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins and the plains. At the top, the view is 360 with views out to a big Rocky.
Nice trail for families, groups and going further into the hillls.

I have hiked this 3 or 4 times now. A nice stretch of the legs, this out and back trail has some beautiful views. Go early, especially in warmer months, and avoid the crowds. Large parking lot accommodates large horse trailers for those lucky folks who have a horse lifestyle. Dogs on leash.

It was a steep climb and real leg burner but was beautiful. We were the only on the trail which was great!

9-3-18: just finished the summit trail w/husband & 10 year old. It took us about 5 1/2 hours to finish this hike. We loved it & are in great shape but I don't agree that this is a good trail for little kids. It's pretty steady incline the first mile, a bit of a break on the 2nd mile & 3rd then you're back to pretty steady inclines. I didn't think there was much noise that 1st mile & there aren't many hikers. The summit is definitely disappointing but still didn't put a damper on our hike. My kid did feel a little dizzy with the altitude change & had to sit for a bit.

Trail is tough but worth all the effort for the view at the top. Look forward to hiking it again in the future.

fun short day hike with amazing views. plenty of shady areas to stop. it ascends quickly. don’t stop short at the top—climb the rock!

Spectacular view, pretty wicked climb on the final accent which was fairly challenging. Well maintained and scenic. Highly recommend

Good trail for all ages— 7 to 78 yr. We had lunch at the arch and rested on benches along the way. Very interesting rock formations and history was highlighted on story boards.

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