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washed out
1 day ago

Beautiful hike with some great views from the top and along meteor trail. Sequoia trail was closed due to a landslide.

2 days ago

Very nice hike. There are not many views, but the forest is very diverse and looks great.
I went on a rainy Sunday, started at 8am. I haven’t met anybody until 10.30am. The full loop took me about 3 hours.
The parking is on the street, there is plenty.
The hike is steep at times, but overall I’d rate it as moderate.
I haven’t seen any wildlife except for birds and lizards. I saw many lizards were right on the trail. They move slowly (not your mountain lizards), so need to watch out not to step on them.
The hike is very green overall. There is a lot of shade. Very pretty and relaxing.
I think it’s a great hike in the woods, just 1 hour from San Francisco. Highly recommended.

The winter rain left some muddy parts to forge; but hey hiking in winter aloft the expanse of the Bay- who cares? A great get out of the hub-bub and hike kinda place. You’ll have cows on the trail to skirt around but they seem oblivious. Saw dogs chasing a Coyote and wondered about the owners, but not too long. Great open hills to climb.

The hills are green again. Great early morning hike. Views of downtown SF and the surrounding bay area.

This is basically my backyard and I love it. So much here to explore

2.5 stars; the portion along the ocean was a nice scenic trail. In general lots of elevation change, some w stairs, other parts slippery and muddy. The first and last miles are pretty much steep fire roads that aren’t terribly scenic or enjoyable. Would do as a close trail run but not particularly worth hiking (at least from that direction, maybe start near the water and stay on actual trails?)

Fun hike with friends on New Year day. Gorgeous views, a little crowded but tons of cool graffiti art in the Ana dined buildings and bunkers.

Lovely long walk with varying difficulties, and so close to the city! Traveling clockwise will put the hard hills first. Dogs can be off leash, just beware of roaming cattle. The forest section can get a little muddy and slippery at times, so wear decent footware if it's rains recently.

Steep incline worth the views!

Awesome views!

23 days ago

This trail was beautiful! I'm not from the area and was surprised at how lush and green it was. I wrote a more in depth review here https://bit.ly/2AnMxuR

If your car-less and coming from San Fran, an easy and affordable way to enjoy Muir Woods is: 1. Take bus(#30)/ferry to Sausalito ($6.50/$12 one way), 2. Take Muir Woods shuttle ($3 round trip; reserve seat in advance). Beats the $70+ tours! This trail was mainly in the shade but got some filtered sun. Very few muddy spots. Well maintained, wide packed trail for most of it. There is no summit (it hugs the contour line once you’ve reached max elevation) and there aren’t viewpoints. Consider the Dipsea trail if you want a peak at the ocean. Definitely nice to get away from the crowds.

Wide open views of the cliffs and sea. Very steep but worth the payoff. Lots of side paths to meander to vistas.

Spectacular views from the top. A good trail after a rainy day as the whole trail is paved.

over grown
1 month ago

Billions of ticks and views mostly blocked by trees. There are many many many better trails in Novato, and I’ve never not given a trial 5 stars.

Great place in the middle of city! Lots of cows and people. Some inclines to start and finished through the woods. Great view of the city! There is a portion of pavement which is my least favorite but on this route, it’s minimal.

Added Loop 7.1 Miles - Arrived at the trail head at 6:45am Saturday morning. 34 degrees out. First mile was cold but once we started climbing it was fine. Look at my photos, super smoky from the fires up north. Only passed a few people today. Probably the cold weather and the smoke, not quite sure but had the place to ourselves. Look at my track we added a bit at the end. My Fitbit says 8.5 miles, Alltrails app says 7.1. Anyway great 3 hour workout, hike. Great when you can beat the crowds. Love this hike.

Nice hiking trail, the first half is a bit tough, but gets easier afterworlds. If you're looking to hike in forest between trees, pick another one. This is open high elevation space with nice views overseeing SF, the beach and marin county.

Sunday 10/28/18
Arrived at the trailhead at 7:30am. Gate does not open till 8am so we parked down the road and walked in. It's almost 1.5 miles from there to the top. Great hill to work your legs and get warmed up. Only passed a few people at the top of the ridge. Super clear day, views of Mt. Diablo were amazing and we could see the Salesforce Tower poking out of the clouds in San Francisco in the other direction. Lot of birds, seen about five Retail Hawks. Great hike with few people. Great Sunday morning escape.

Done this twice. It's a nice hike.

I suggest going all the way to the top! Totally worth it. Would also suggest going on a clear day (if you can find one, haha), as everyday we've gone it's been super foggy!

3 months ago

Enjoy this hike and the beautiful views. It was hard for me because of all the stairs and steps this hike had but overall it was beautiful!

3 months ago

Great workout with beautiful views

Take the loop clockwise for the best views. Take it counter clockwise for more gradual inclines. Overall this is a nice hike, a scaled down version of some of the more demanding, more beautiful hikes in the Bay Area.

Amazing time. Saw the Marin headlands. It’s amazing

3 months ago

3 months ago

Nice trail lots of shade not too steep and very safe even OK for the older kids

Beautiful 2hr loop.

4 months ago

Nice and shady - beautiful redwoods and firs.

4 months ago

Really great hike! One of the best around. Only saw a few people on the trail and there is plenty of shade! We went in the morning and it was the perfect time. Saw some deer and a banana slug (watch out for them crossing the trail!) Most tourists do not usually hike and just check out the visitor center and around it. I recommend reserving parking in advance online, which is really all you have to worry about when going to Muir Woods.

Nice trail - beautiful ridge topviews with Mt Diablo on one side distnca Bay view on the other

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