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the hike was moderate but with boulder climbing on the last part. Plenty of cairns on the way up to follow. The drive to the trailhead was more stressful than the actual hike. Highly recommend an suv... Also do not go through the cattle fence on the way out unless you want to get stuck out there!

Not well labeled. More for mountain bikers than anything else.

1 day ago

Very pretty hike near the perimeter of Saguaro Lake. It’s rated as “moderate” but I would definitely consider this an “easy” hike. I went on a Sunday so it was a little on the busy side, but not overly crowded.

It's an easy walk up to great views. This is my kids' favorite hike.

1 day ago

"Lightly travelled"?? Really? Maybe because it was MLK Day, but this trail was packed with people and pets, including a class outing. Constantly having to step aside the narrow trail to let opposing hikers by and vice versa. Would have been some decent scenery if I had time to look at it. When one of the hikers was playing rap music on his phone so everyone could hear, that was it for me, turned around and went home. I would also rate it as easy, not moderate.

Beautiful trail!! Loved it! Took about 2.5 hours

1 day ago

dirt road follows dry river bed, VERY SANDY. Use 4 wheel low and be patient. first half of hiking trail is easy-moderate. half-way to two-thirds is moderate and begins rock. last third is very rocky and climbing. SPECTACULAR valley view. FRESH AIR!! windy day, partially cloudy and natural air conditioning LOL
Stay hydrated, used 2 liters on way up. one and a half liters on way back. quite a challenge and well worth the hardwork :D

great nighttime hike.

on Hole in the Rock Trail

4 days ago

colin I've been checking out some of the trails you hike on and I am wondering if you can either call or email me 315-882-3462 or solo6957@gmail.com I have more questions Jan-17-2019

4 days ago

Beautiful scenery and wildlife! My favorite hike yet! Theres a large nest, home to an owl, in a cacti on your way to the loop! Also had a close encounter with a coyote along the trail!

5 days ago

We did the trail clockwise and added the Vale Trail and Desert Tortoise Trails at the end to extend the loop. Good decision as this section was quieter and had better saguaros. Not too many people out on this day.

This hike was enjoyable. Long, challenging, and good views from the top.

Piestewa however is not a place I see myself returning to very often. There are so many people that hike it and a lot of those people lack etiquette.

With that being said, it is very well maintained.

Nice views from the top. Stairs pretty much the whole way there. I would prefer the loop if you want to see scenery but the peak if you want to see far.

no shade
6 days ago

It’s a nice short hike, pretty busy and lots of tourists. Great view. Pretty steep but not that long.

7 days ago

Beautiful trail! We moved at a decent pace and it took about 2 hours (in and out).

moderate for sure.

on Quartz Peak Trail

7 days ago

I love this hike! I enjoy the drive to it. Steep incline is a definite workout. Go early because one the sun is above the mountain range very limited shade. I didn’t make it to the peak, but if you do wear reliable shoes and a walking stick or trekking poles recommended for balance.

The top is amazing. Because the peak is so steep the trail is very windy so it takes quite awhile to get there, but definitely worth it. There are a lot of lookout points along the way.

love this trail. I do it usually 3 times a week. nice and relaxing with a hard switchback section ( if you start to the south). going up to the summit is a bit of a narrow trail and steep but the views are worth it.

Beautiful lake views with moderate elevation gain. Can’t wait to try this one in the spring when the flowers bloom.

This hike will bring you so many beautiful views! Totally worth the climb to the top!

This is a trail with great views around most turns. It is rocky and fairly steep in places but it also levels off occasionally which I found helpful. Hard to believe it’s as crowded as it is with the elevation gain but it is right IN a large metropolitan area so I’m not terribly surprised. Coming from MT I didn’t struggle as much as my mother who came from sea level did but it’s definitely a bring plenty of water and be ready to be in the full sun hike. The views at the top are worth it.

Butcher Jones trail hugs the perimeter of lovely Saguaro Lake. Steep, rugged slopes and colorful peaks are a gorgeous backdrop to the glistening water. Along with fabulous views we saw a variety of water fowl - loons, buffleheads, ring necks, ruddy ducks, and of course, ridiculous coots. The last mile—a cut across between two arms of the river-lake —we happened on an opening with many active gnatcatchers, bushtit, cactus wrens and black phoebes.

A well-marked, super challenging trail. Very heavily trafficked by hikers and trail runners of all skill levels.

It was gorgeous, but definitely not well marked so don't go alone and don't go if you've never hiked in AZ before. The views at the peaks were unbelievable, and even the sides of the mountains are something else. I highly recommend this trail in early spring months.

10 days ago

Real nice hike with super views. Bring your camera! Definitely moderate as the trail is narrow with rocks and lots of ups and downs. Recommend walking sticks. Be sure to arrive at trail with the Tonto Pass. Restrooms available in parking lot.

I had only done a couple of moderate trails before hitting this trail. It kicked my butt going up and going down. I understand now why it's called "stairmaster trail". It was a great workout, the trail is heavy used but that helps with motivation. I'm looking forward to doing it again when I'm in a little better shape.

This hike was absolutely beautiful! It was very difficult at parts, but it wasn’t vertical the entire hike so we stopped at a couple scenic overlooks to take breaks and drink water. Even if you don’t make it to the top (which is totally worth the burn though) the view of Phoenix is amazing everywhere you stop and look. You can see for miles. The mountain itself is super cool too, making it an enjoyable, not bland, trail. There are railings when you get closer to the top because it’s much steeper up there. Took us around 2 hours total including stops. Such a great workout- totally recommend!

Short but fairly steep, a good workout. View from the top is good. Would rate this a 5 if it weren't so crowded.

Great view from the top, the last push to the top is steep. Lots of people on a Tuesday morning at 0645.

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