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The trail was easy. I wished I could have done the old trail for a better challenging workout. We started about 8:30 am. Weather was nice and cool. When we hiked back our if was a bit warmer. Heard some rattle snakes so be careful! Overall, great hike for anyone and kids no younger than 9-10 years of age.

I've heard various levels of difficulty about this trail, since apparently there used to be an alternative route to the falls. going down, I followed the blue ribbons placed along the trail to help you stay on it. a few points where it became rocks/ climbing, I had to look and for the trail, but for the most part it was pretty easy to follow. a lot of the trail is right on the edge of a drop-off, so I wouldn't recommend bringing children. I was the only person when I got to the falls. slipped off my Dusty shoes and socks and enjoyed the water, and got to lay down on the rocks by the water, just enjoying the sound of the falls. on the way back up- which is steep in some parts, I passed 3 people. I brought 3L of water, drank 2.

on the way down I had complete shade, trek back was maybe 25% shaded. beautiful change in scenery throughout the hike. A few areas I had to slow down and focus on my steps.

Great hike! The falls were beautiful! I wasn’t sure what to expect with the new trail. My 11 year old son came along and made it. Coming out was a little difficult and made many stops. It was also pretty warm, about 80 degrees and only had an occasional breeze in the canyon.

Heard some rattle snakes right off the trail in the rocks so be on the look out this time of year.

Over all it was a great hike, taking us about an hour to get to the falls and about 1 1/2 - 2 hours coming out.

Pack water and a snack and start early and your sure to have some fun!

My favorite North San Diego County trail. You can make this as long as you want as there are multiple trails spread throughout Daley Ranch with some very challenging trails to more easy trails. As the warmer months are fast approaching, make sure to bring hydration as it can get very hot. Also, the earlier the better for your hikes. If you follow the full perimeter of Daley Ranch, you can make it a 13 mile trek. Love it!

Beautiful trail and well maintained, pretty much flat with minimal curves, so you can take anybody with you (Young children, dogs,etc). Round trip took me exactly 2 hours. I would rate this as easy. Eagle Rock is a must see if you just moved to California. Gorgeous!

Fun hike. Lots of elevation changes and the rope down was fun. Various paths to get down the steep part.

The falls are pretty and a nice place to enjoy lunch or a snack.

Some nice single track bouldering and switchbacks.

Good times.

Epic view, more than happy!

One of my favorite hikes, can’t wait to come back!

Delightful short hike, only an hour drive from San Diego.
Easy parking, adequate signage. Once above timber line, view is spectacular over the open valley to lake Henshaw and Palomar mountain.
On a warm day the breeze from the SSW will be most welcome once in the plateau and on a cold winter day plan on a warm jacket.

9 days ago

Great hike! In love with this area. Outstanding place to park at the welcome center across the fire station! WOW! Take many pictures!

Beautiful trail! Super easy! We go when we want to get a quick easy hike in before starting a super busy day. There is the river that is just gorgeous and there are places off to the side for a quick snack break. Love this trail!

11 days ago

Thanks to big bro Marty for turning me on to this gem of a hike!

Nice hike, first mile or so follows a seasonal creek and walk through shady oak trees. Next couple of miles is out in the open with expansive views, can see Palomar Observatory, Lake Henshaw out in the distance. Eagle Rock formation is amazing and happy to see no graffiti. An added plus on this trail, it is part of the PCT - hiked this on April 12 and met lots of PCT hikers. They were from everywhere....Denmark, UK, all over US - very interesting chatting with them and hearing their stories. Would not want to do this hike when hot because a lot of the hike is in open area with sun beating down on you! Rate this hike on the easy side rather than moderate. Highly recommend this hike!

This is one of the best trails in San Diego county. It has so many variations and challenging trails for all levels. I haven’t found another trail that matches its intensity and the sights and sounds are a real payoff

14 days ago

What a FUUUUN hiiiike!!! I would rate it EASY. Make sure to bring lots of water to hydrate and use sunscreen. ENJOY!!!!

15 days ago

I took my seven month old daughter here for a short hike and we sadly didn’t see any waterfall, just moist rocks. (4/10/18) lots of lizards and some pretty blooming wild flowers and greenery.

I could manage climbing up and down all the rocks while front carrying my baby in a soft Baby Ktan and I had a small daypack on.

Disappointed in the graffiti. Surprising I didn’t see much trash.

We had a nice hike in sunny 75 degree weather.

It was a bit crowded near the falls due to a large group of rock climbers who set up right at the falls location. They were friendly, but still, we didn’t have much room to explore near the “falls”.

I think the drive up to the trail was exceptional, lots of places to turnout and checkout the view of Lake Elsinore.

No pass needed to park at the trailhead.

17 days ago

Fun hike for families with kids and a fog

Perfect length and difficulty level! Great for a little challenge and a great spot to hang out and enjoy lunch by the falls! Will 100% be going back.

Super fun hike. I wanna go back there for sure:)!!

Had a wonderful time with my dog

Love this trail! It’s a quick one, but so worth it if you have a small dog and want to get him/her some exercise outdoors!

I had heard everything from "easy for whole family" to "absolutely treacherous" about this hike so I had no idea what to expect when we did it today.

We hiked the old way down which was definitely a little lose and sketchy but a lot of fun. The ropes were still there at the bottom where there is a rock drop off. We made our way to the falls and it was a fun adventurous hike.

To get to the top of the highest fall the climb has some exposure and I was more uncomfortable than I let on. We did separate routes to and from the top fall. I recommend the "normal" route (closer to the water) it was the less sketchy of the two.

The walk back up the mountain we tried the new trail and it was relatively easy if you do any hiking all all.

It took us about 4 hrs car back to car and we stopped a lot, took photos, and hung out at each of the 3 falls.

Beautiful trail! Just watch out for the Poison Oak...there is a lot of it.

Beautiful hike. Not well marked.

Not for the faint of heart. The ropes going down are no longer there and there is a new path they made that you can go around instead of going down or up the steep path. It’s easy to get lost a few times but people put ribbons you can follow. Worth the trek! Fun hike. Challenging at times I highly recommend hiking boots especially if you want to climb to the top of the falls

Great trail! Small creek with shade for the first part, then be ready for the sun! Full sun to the rock formation bring water! We did this with an 8yr boy and 3yr girl in a off road stroller. Trail is rated Moderate but I rate it as a mix of moderate and easy. I am a 37yr female 40lbs overweight. The shaded parts of this trail remind me of a scene in Winnie the Pooh. Many breathtaking views. Park across the street from Warner Springs Fire Station #52 trail starts at the cattle gate located to the right of the fire station. Trail is well marked til about half way is a bare marker with arrows etched into it Follow The Arrows! I recommend this trail just bring enough water.

somewhat challenging trail. the new trail carved out into the hill makes the falls accessible to smaller children and animals. old routes prove challenging with a lot of Boulder climbing and plunging into shallow streams.

Lleven condición

We did this hike for the first time on 3/24/18 on the new route.

Location- it took quite a while to get there even though we spent the night with family who live in El Cajon instead of coming from where we live which is near Long Beach...it still took a bit over an hour to go 40 miles since the last 10 miles or so to the trailhead is on a winding dirt road that will rattle your car even at low speeds so that last 10 miles probably takes about 25-30 mins.

Parking- we arrived early (about 6 am) so the parking lot was empty however when we left the lot was overflowing

Trail there- I never did the old trail, but the first 1.5 miles are still the same and at about the 1.5 mile mark you can see the steep descent of the old trail going down to the creek and you can see the waterfalls in the distance; so the new safer trail takes you to the left and it is a relatively easy trek to the falls; as you get closer the trail becomes less defined and you need to look out for little blue ribbons on the brush indicating the path to stay one; we arrived to the falls in a little over an hour it was a relatively easy 2.2 miles

The falls- the rock areas by the falls are very slippery and there is no easy way to get to the upper falls so be ready for some scrambling and treacherous conditions to explore all 3 falls; it was too early and cold for us to get in the water...bummer

Trail back- the trail there is mostly flat or downhill so the way back is much harder obviously and we found the first half a mile back harder to see and follow the trail back and had to do some backtracking to find the trail since we somehow started going to low and close to the creek; I can see how people have a hard time with this relatively short RT hike of about 4.5 miles during warmer months, or after expending energy playing in the water, or drinking alcohol.

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