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great relaxing hike.

What a lovely trail! Easily accessible, not difficult. Definitely muddy in some spots, but nothing too much. The falls are wonderful, with lots of space at the top (although no one was there when I visited). Markers are easy to see and maps are available at the kiosk prior to entering the trail.

Buggy. Poorly maintained in a few spots. Broken bridges etc. some wet spots but some have boardwalks or logs that others have laid to use as stepping stones. Saw one deer standing in the middle of the trail. Overall it was nice and would do it again.

A wonderful hike though it was a little dicey in parts. Winter appears to have brought some changes to the landscape.

21 days ago

Loved beautiful Falls and an easy hike .

22 days ago

Great, easy walk for our puppy to handle. Long enough to stop and have a snack with binoculars for bird watching, but not an all day affair. Well marked.

One of my favorite local places. Always bring my dogs!!

Taking up hiking as a retirement activity and this was our first hike. Had a great day only wish we had known that the waterfalls would not be running. Will have to go back next spring!

1 month ago

I absolutely love walking the battlefield. A great place to connect with nature and history while pushing a stroller.

A nice hike. Waterfalls are wonderful.

1 month ago

very peaceful and enjoyable hike. the lake is beautiful.

What a great hike! We hiked the red trail from Coplon rd in flip flops! (Not recommended) Yes, it can be challenging at times. You might ask yourself several times “is this really the trail?” It is, and it’s awesome! This trail has everything, natural stone steps or roots or logs that nature put in just a way to use as stepping stones. There’s a stream and waterfalls, although the water level seemed low, but yay! That means you can cross the stream at the low water crossing point. You end up crossing the stream back and forth. There is some minor rock climbing/scaling. Beautiful cool paths through the woods that open into an open field and you realize you’re on the edge of a cliff! So beautiful. We had a great time

Really nice hike! My dad and I had never been there before and had no trouble with finding our way. Follow the RED MARKERS and you'll be fine. you'll see that the trail comes to forks, just look for the RED markers. There are tons of signs to tell you which direction you're heading. Remember what road you're parked at too! There isn't much water on the falls and the trails were not muddy!

Poorly marked trail with multiple different colored trail markers. We ended up just winging it but found our way to all 3 of the falls

1 month ago

Great, easy hike. Fun for dogs.

Nice peaceful trail. Enjoyed the Felt mill site!!! Had gone on a trail last month at Wolf Creek Preserve that was the site of a sheep farm that supplied the same mill... Great treat. The falls are worth the trip. Going back to do the rest of the trails soon.

Poorly marked; not ok for first timers. Steep slopes and sometimes trail is close to the edge. Need appropriate footwear. Bring water and snacks.
The view is beautiful and you can see the falls, although they are not properly marked on the trail.

Nice hike. Did the red loop. Pretty easy to follow.

The Falls were nice but not much water today.

Rather than a steady climb, you climb and decend rather steep areas several times.

The hike on here is listed as 5.3 miles and 866 foot elevation gain but my fitness tracker recorded it as 6.4 miles and 1079 foot elevation gain.

2 months ago

a very nice and manageable loop. the lake has old foundations to check out around it. but the waterfall alone is worth the hike.

Beautiful trail, beautiful falls, a bit muddy, some streams to cross but worth it for the falls

Well maintained trail with great views. Map on this app was very helpful in areas where the trail wasn’t marked clearly. Beautiful waterfalls.

The full loop is a great easy hike just keep a keen eye for trail signs. Using the map from this app was extremely helpful. There are areas where others were swimming close to the beginning of the trail.

2 months ago

very nice set of trails. I have been twice and both times encounters very wet spots, but that's the only downfall. I feel safe going into this park alone on my way home from work as well. I found a jack in the pulpit on my first trip and the second time I brought a book and sat in the meadow area and attempted to read and just enjoyed the quiet.

2 months ago

The most picturesque parts of this trail are in Fort Edward at the Five Combines Park and east as the feeder Canal meets the Champlain Canal. This area is good for bird watching, walking and biking.

Not recommended for first timers. Went on a rainy day, gets pretty muddy and a little rough in some parts. Parts of the trails go through the streams so simple sneakers may not suffice. Believe the other comments about unmarked trail, the markers are hard to follow. There are some maps throughout the way, but they're all washed out. The longest route is the red trail to follow. Good waterfall points to see. I'd hike it again.

Great day for a hike. Slippery due to the rain yesterday- excited to go back once the trails dry out. Impressed with the new red markers.

A small hike on the way to Saratoga Springs. Decent hike to walk the dog if you live in the area but I wouldn’t go out of my way. Ticks. Lots of slopes but easy enough for a beginner.

Great easy trail with a lot of beautiful views along the way. trails were well indicated but trailheads were a little tougher to find (since they're not state lands there's no indicators unless you're right in front of them). Take the west lake trail and wrap around to the east and there's a beautiful little beach area about 3/4 of the way that's worth a stop.

This trail started off beautiful and serene but suddenly took a turn for the dumps when it led us through a busy industrial area. It smelled like burnt hair, popcorn and poop. We got lost in the town the wandered around until we found the trail again, which to our disappointment was only more industrial noise and smells. Do yourself a favor and turn around after viewing coopers cave.

The trail is marked...but not marked well. Even while keeping a close eye out for blazes, I ended up off trail or turned around several times. The trail itself doesn't give you great views of the waterfalls, but hiking along the streams is peaceful, and it's a beautiful, woody path. Trail is still quite muddy in places.

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