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2 hours ago

Great local trail! So much to offer in the city.

Enjoyed this hike ... interesting feature.

Hiked this in the rain, it was great seeing all the raging waters of Harris Creek intersect the Cassotot river. excellent vitsa points. whatch your step, some of the uphill trail has loose shale

Really liked the trail but it was poorly marked and confusing so I missed a loop.

Outstanding trail! I did this one earlier this month with Memphis Outdoor Adventures. I would definitely do it again!

The trailhead sign says 4 hours. We got out in 4 minutes under that, even with the side trip to the grotto falls and a lunch break, so I would say the time estimate is spot on.

Beautiful oasis feel.

Good trail, not signed all that well. hard to know where you are. Without a doubt it is well worth it. I will be back to ride it again.

Gorgeous hike! Very rocky, make sure to wear safe shoes. All uphill going out so be prepared to get a good workout!

My son and I hiked this trail this weekend after almost 2 inches of rain the night before. The fall creek was high and moving. There was a lot of water on the trail and a few places where we had to cross the creek. Our feet were soaked. It was worth it. Overall an easy hike with great views.

This turned out to be my favorite hike of our short trip. I'm generally a stickler for staying on the real trail, but we were in Jasper talking to a forest service ranger who told us that many people didn't know you could walk down to the stream early on and hike along it to the Glory Hole. So that's what we did. It was beautiful! There were lots of little cascades and interesting rocks along the way. Once you get to the Glory Hole itself, the stream, the bluffs, the undercut, the glory hole waterfall, and everything is just fantastic! Be sure to see it from above as well. Again, we had the place to ourselves, enjoyed our snacks, and thanked God for such a wonderful place.

Great short, quick hike... after a big rain, several waterfalls for 3/4 of the entire trail.

Lots of streams flowing now and weather was perfect. A cool trail!

Awesome trail, make sure to take a right at the fork about 10 mins in. Just follow the trail and you will get there. coming out is all uphill but not to bad. Took us 40 mins to get out.

Great little spot to explore. Lots of water in the creek which made for a very cool place.

The actual falls were beautiful. The hike was more like a road and it had a convoy of Polaris type vehicles on it. The water was running and We had the falls to ourselves.

15 days ago

19 days ago

Didn't know what to expect knowing it was a bike trail... Loved it!! Hiked the west side of Outlaw Loop and the Sawmill Loop where we crossed over at 2.4 miles. The river was up after recent rains so the trail had numerous waterfalls/cascades and little creeks to cross... We put on our water sandals to cross Lee Creek which was about calf high... Had to be careful!! We decided to skip Racer's Hill and start back finishing up on the east side of Sawmill and Outlaw Loop back to Campground A... only there we were unable to cross the white water creek!! We followed the trail along the river which connected to the river side of Devil's Den Trail until we saw the highway bridge we could cross over and walked the road back to Campground A adding about 1.6 miles... total loop was about 6 miles... Looking forward to doing it again!!

Well marked, easy trail with some beautiful sights! Had lunch on the rocks by the falls on a gorgeous day. All up hill heading back, and my husband had to carry our little one on his shoulders some.

Short,relatively easy trail. We did this hike later in the afternoon and we were able to avoid the crowds. On the way out you are going down so coming back it is uphill. Had some good rain this week so the water was flowing good. A very scenic trail with various rock formations.

Beautiful place! Easy (but rocky) trail. Many ledges and boulders for sitting near the water. Below the Falls, the water is a beautiful aqua color, and is deep enough for swimming in the summer.

You can see this one from your car! Take a few minutes to get out and explore and play in the water. Be sure to do the .5 mile hike to Pam’s Grotto while you’re here. It’s right off the highway on the opposite side of the road.

Trail was a little flooded, but still navigable. The falls were really running and it was worth the wet feet. Beautiful morning and had the falls to myself.

I'm 53 and in ok shape. It was an easy loop and well marked. One could combine several trails however and make it longer than a 4.4 loop. North rim has views but not Mossback. We did enjoy the lodge and restaurant too.

Great hike, even the wild animals were nice. An owl gave me advice on on how many licks to get to the center of my Tootsie Pop. It was wrong, but at least he talked to me, unlike my family, who suck.

pretty easy trail with some neat sites. my kids loved it.

29 days ago

Easy and short trail. You can adventure past Glory hole for a bit going along the bluffs, but not very far. Worth going to at least once!

This is a nice scenic trail. It is not very difficult but very enjoyable woods.

Very scenic!

Absolutely stunning! Steep on the route back but totally worth it!!

Camp ground is now open. Not even a hike! Anyone can see this beauty!

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