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mountain biking
23 days ago

The trail is mostly shaded and has a few intermediate level sections for mountain bikers. Go early in the the morning as the trail can get busy late morning to early afternoon.

1 month ago

This trail is mainly a horse trail. Be aware of this when you go. The trails are narrow so if you're with friends, you'll be going single file. Because it's designed as a horse trail, the view isn't spectacular despite the trail bring near Folsom lake. There are spots where you can exit the trail and head toward the water. We saw a few runners & hikers on the trail but it wasn't super crowded on a Saturday afternoon. The brush on the trail doesn't get trimmed. I wore Capri tights & hiking boots. My son wore shorts & got a little scratched up. I didn't see any signs that said you had to pay for parking. There was a Porta potty in the parking lot.

Very little shade 90% of the way. The lower valley trail is so much nicer than the new upper loop. The it’s easy to get lost on the way back as you can follow the trail and turn it into a 15 mile hike instead of turning around and going back. There are some neat features like an abandon movie set and a nice picnic area where the American River is. We saw a lot of people rafting which was entertaining. River much too fast to swim anywhere near there.

1 month ago

great hike or run in the spring. usually a good wildflower display. parking can be difficult on popular weekends

We parked at the Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park. Free parking - Yaye!

We did the whole 12mi hike - it was definitely an intermediate hike. We started at the West Ridge Trail and took West Ravine Trail on the way back (easier path).

Beware: No shade!!! (We run out of water because it was just so hot today -9/1/18. I should’ve brought more water.) We was a lot of horse poop and a baby snake.

The West Ridge Trail leads you to the river where you can see Satan’s Cesspool. There’s no shade there too so it was difficult for my group to eat together.

Overall, it’s a decent hike. I think this is a great trail for spring time.

trail running
1 month ago

Good trail! It was my first time on it, I just hiked around, but I’ll definitely be back to go for a run next time!

Really enjoyed this hike. Lots of variations in terrain and options for trails. A beautiful breeze coming off the river almost the whole hike. It gets really hot and a lot of the trail is not shaded - so even if you get an early start it is probably better for a fall/winter hike. Bring plenty of water. Lots of poison oak in parts. Trail is also used by horses and mountain bikers so you need to be on the lookout.

So i love this trail!!! i have just about done the whole thing but i must tell you as an advocate for Mountain Lion's, they are here! i have found it's den and 3 deer kills within a month in the same spot. I know we are all aware they are there but i can tell you first hand that they are. This trail can be very hot so come prepared if doing it in the summer. i think the views and change of scenery after each 2nd mile is really neat. I would rate it as moderate but not too strenuous. It's so worth it as the trail goes on forever! Good Luck

Signage could be better. From the parking lot, go left on the trail to do the loop that way if you are unfamiliar. it is easier to not take a wrong turn that way.

It has a few nice views, and for a stretch you can hear the river, which is nice. The trail never approaches the river, so don't count on that.

Well maintained, this loop trail has minimal elevation change, and you could do laps on it if you want.

Love going up the trail

Mostly shaded.

Nice river access but a lot of the hike was long stretches of no shade. Cool old shack towards the half way point of the trail that was used in a movie.

As a newer biker..this trail is flow and easy enough to gain confidence..also has a few spots along the trail that are challenging but not too intense. My favorite trail thus far

It was ok- there are a lot of rocks on this trail which are hard on the knees, and you only see the river view for a very small portion of it. The scenery is pretty boring otherwise. It’s a lot of up and down, which is a good workout, but I don’t think I would do this trail again. Also, the directions from this app took me to a different trail (Sweetwater). I found this trail by chance when I was heading up to Auburn and remembered the name. If going here, I wouldn’t rely on the app’s directions for it.

4 months ago

Probably better for biking. There’s zero shade for a lot of it so make sure you go earlier. Still really liked this hike.

easy trail with river and stream access off of the loop

Went in late May. Much of the surrounding land was just dead weeds, very little shade, and you could drive a truck down most of the trail. In fact, many parts of the trail were really just a road. Sometimes poorly marked, needed to pull the map up at times to figure out where to go. Nice access to the river though. All in all, there's nicer places to go hiking!

The signs were quite confusing but otherwise a really great trail

This is a pretty easy trail, easy to follow, some brief incline/declines. We went in the mid afternoon, and was pretty hot, wear sunscreen. We saw a bunch of hawks, two deer, runner, a biker, some horses...and a long snake that was half way taking up the trail! Not sure what kind it was. I wish it was a little more challenging, for my ability, but did enjoy myself.

4 months ago

I lead 5 other hikers on this trail. The entire trail is 9.8 miles out and back, and we hiked 6 miles, so did a good chunk of it. The cow dung is prevalent on the trail, but mostly very dried out so not really a problem. The flies were a bother, but all of that was vastly outweighed by the blue sky, birdsong, cicada chirps, and majestic stands of oak. It’s an easy trail with only a couple of climbs, so good for somewhat fit beginners.

We did miss the loop, but that’s ok, on the way back I saw the signs better and now know exactly where the turn off is for next time, and there will be a next time.

All in all a solid trail experience.

Nice cool day on this hike. Fairly easy with well maintained trails and signs. Lots of blue oaks. Was not super crowded and the sheep were fun to see. Would definitely do a longer trail on return.

mountain biking
5 months ago

I’d definitely do this trail again. I’m a novice at mountain biking so some of the climbs were difficult for me - ended up hiking up some climbs. I’d definitely go back! Maybe during rattlesnake hibernation season.

I love hiking this trail! we always see lots of mountain bikers who are the most polite trail companions. I think this trail has lots of hills and it's Rocky, but I like it, never boring.

5 months ago

We walked the short 2.6 mile loop in early May with a toddler, and a baby in a backpack. The trail is smooth and fairly level, great for little feet--a few rocks that tripped her up but nothing serious, and no scary drop-offs or dangerous cracks. Quite a bit of poison oak but hey, welcome to the foothills...! The trail is partially shaded, which made it wonderful in the Spring and probably tolerable in the summer, and there are several great places for a swim, and quite a few nice views along the route; there's even a toilet half way round, which is rather civilized!

The map only shows one loop, but there's an outer loop that runs closer to the river. To find it, turn left instead of right at the first fork in the trail (0.3 miles clockwise from the main Magnolia trailhead), it will take you down to a kayak put-in spot, and will join back up with the Gerle loop after a while.

Not too scenic but has trees and nice shading throughout.

5 months ago

Pretty and very well marked trail. Lots of flowers and green in the spring. There are also connecting trails so you can add more distance. I think it's a little more on the "easy" side.

Excellent spring hike. The trail end at the river is a great place to picnic and recharge. Very clean, hikers were of all ages: dogs and horses too!!

Great network of trails out here! I could spend a whole weekend just buzzing to and fro. I noticed a connecting trail that will take you to Folsom Lake... very excited to try that out soon!

It was an okay hike. I wouldn't consider it moderate. Probably wouldn't do it again.

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