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If you’re not a resident it can get pricey here but I seem to keep coming back. It’s my perfect morning cardio. Nothing too crazy, but just enough to get you’re heart going. The people are extremely friendly. It’s a great over all trail for running and beautiful scenery.

Great hike! It's one that you can fit in when you only have part of a day. I'd say the rating is a bit overstated, it's mostly all at an incline going up, but the path is wide and you can take your time if need be. Views at the top are great, the entire San Gabriel Valley area is on one side, and the San Gabriel mountains on the other.

Great Trail.. Will do it again counter clockwise..

The trail was extremely easy due to it being well maintained. A portion of it was a preserved habitat for California Gnatcatchers so there are no dangers to it. I ended up taking multiple different paths and ended up at the "Top of The World" just in time for a beautiful sunset. Total trip was about 7 miles and almost 2 hours.

Recommend for beginners or casual hikers.

Good trail.. Clean.. the earlier the better in summer time... Camel Back and good shoes..

15 days ago

Very fun and challenging hike. started around 6:00 am on black friday Mystic to Punk out to Poop out. Didn't see anyone until I was on my way down. I recommend trekking poles and hiking/trail running shoes.

Hiked with “hiking with friends “. Nice view. Portable potties were along the trail. Seen a couple tarantulas

Love this trail whenever I’m back home and want to get a quick hike in. Easy enough that you don’t need a lot of things to bring up with you on the trail but moderate enough to get a good sweat in. Usually takes about 2-2 1/2 hours to complete.

Fun little hike. Good 1.5-2 hour workout. First half has some nice scenery, second half is mostly scrub brush.

I thought this was a beautiful hike lots of photo ops and beautiful spots. It was easy for the most part with a couple inclines for good measure.

I hiked this for the first time and it was a nice hike! I ended up doing 8 miles because I took a few wrong turns

We started our hike at 5:30am when it was still dark. We hiked about two hours. It’s pretty cold this time of year so bring a jacket. We saw some people take a strenuous route but I don’t know where they started from. If you keep to the left you will make it to the top.

22 days ago

Hiked this trail for the first time this morning and it was great. Parking was a little thin by 8:30am on a Sunday but not completely full. Beautiful scenery and plenty of birdwatching to be done throughout this hike, especially near the trailhead. The trail was in good shape most of the way. It became a little more sketchy after the turn toward the summit (away from Claremont Wilderness Park). The sun kept us plenty warm, even in mid-November! Enjoy!

Poop out Trail, got it’s name for a reason. The hiking incline is a hard one, I might say. It’s view is amazing once you reach the top. It’s a satisfying workout. I highly recommend you wearing hiking shoes.

pretty intimidating incline off the bat. google says to make a right. don't make a right and park on dirt on left. there is a wood that says Dalton and Poop out. if u go to the tipy top u get a 360 view. kicks ur butt.

25 days ago

Starts off very steep then it's all downhill on the way back on Mystic trail. Poop out trail lives up to its name, as you will be pooped out. It will give you the workout you need for lower body and legs strength. It will also help develop endurance uphill. When you reach the top, it's all worth the amazing views.

nice hike with portable restroom in parking lot

I clocked exactly 8 miles. I arrived at 6pm and the entrance to the parking was closed. I think they open at 8. We parked just before the first gate and walked .9 miles to the trail front. Look out for a yellow gate. Pretty hike. Seemed longer than you would expect.

26 days ago

very good exercise trail.

28 days ago

Poop Out to Punk Out and down to Mystic. Wow. This is my favorite hike to get a 2hr workout. You get 1500ft elevation gain in the first 1 1/2 miles so expect to get worked. Once you get to the top it's a long 3 1/4 miles trekking downhill. I'm thinking of starting at Mystic then to Punk Out and that will give me a longer time climbing up. Check out Potato Mtn for a nice 4.2 mi 1100 elevation gain 80min workout.

Super easy. Mostly a fireroad hike.

Easy. Nice. But easy to get lost too. We somehow turned it into a 15 miler....in the dark.

29 days ago

The trail humorously lives up to its name. For all that work it's not as gorgeous as I'd hoped, but I was looking for more of a work out and didn't care too much about the vistas, which were still solid in the big scheme of things.

This hike is pretty easy compared to its rating. I did it at night, while recovering from a cold. Going uphill sick wasn’t a joy, but the views are worth it! Most of the trail is well maintained with little rock issues. Once you get to the last half a mile it becomes lose, but still walkable. If you are looking to work on your cardio or sweat out a cold, this is a good hike. I didn’t see “shortcuts,” but from the map, they look similar to the path. The part that would make this rated hard would be the uphill motion, but it’s not difficult. It just pumps your heart. This is good practice for anyone looking to strengthen their heart.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike.

Love this trail! It’s so beautiful, lots of scenery. My 5 year old son hiked it and he loved every second!

I’m not sure if I classify this totally as a trail because over half of it was actually road. But - the views were lovely! The app says it’s 6.3 miles but I honestly didn’t feel like it was because I ran it so quickly. It was nice and green compared to the trail I did by Loma Linda the day before so I’d definitely enjoy running it again!

1 month ago

Convenient trail for people who don’t wanna drive to the boonies to hike and a good workout. The trail have distance markers which makes it an excellent place for timed training

1 month ago

Very enjoyable trail. Nothing too strenuous as it seemed more of a nature walk. Started the trail around 2pm and spent most of the time in the shade. Beautiful lookout up top.

Amazing Hiking Trail !

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