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Great views of mountains and city, did not expect that being right in the middle of the city setting.
It was nice to get a quick/challenging hike in, then go to lunch, then get grocery shopping done all in one trip!

4 days ago

perfect jogging trail and place to walk your dog.

We started hiking this from the Platte River end and we made it 3 miles in the snow before we had to turn around. It was gorgeous and amazing and with the right gear I would do it again in the snow, but I wasn't prepared and this is what led to us turning back after 3 miles. I can't wait to go back there once the snow melts away so that I can finish what I started.

We hiked this in the snow today and the compacted snow trail was easy to follow. Great views all the way around and the elevation changes added some challenge. The herd of deer was fun to see.

Open space great for a cool day lots of mountain bikers

Great hike, big sweeping views. Completed today.. Wild highly recommend bringing Snowshoes and Microspikes.

Why exposed, no water.

Hiked this in one day on 01/05. The hike begins in Waterton Canyon, although scenic, the first 6.5mi are on a dirt service road. We saw big horned sheep duking it out in the canyon which was a really neat experience. The trail becomes more interesting and scenic after you pass the dam. In total we saw maybe 3 people aside from our group of 4 on the trail once we passed the dam. One of the hikers we came across warned us about a mountain lion that had been spotted on the ridge around mile 13, we saw a number of tracks in the snow on the trail itself. Be aware of your surroundings if hiking here alone.

8 days ago

You gotta be Alex Honnold if you wanna finish this one.

hate to see needles here

Did trail on 1/3/19 after the snow storm on 12/31. It was quite a long walk from the parking lot to really get into canyon. The trail is a road that follows the creek. There is a lot of bikers and runners since it is flat and wide. Looks like you can drive but all park and water trucks driving through. We did see big horn sheep and deer. Not challenging trail for waking.

This is a diverse and intimate lake neighborhood trail preserved so far - although high rises are going up on the south side of the lake and we neighbors must protect the sanctity of this lake with its inevitable increase in traffic. There is room for all but we must keep it pristine. I’ve been glad to see recent running paths installed and real care for the lake. There are beautiful birds and muskrats here. It would be great if motor boats were prohibited - in the summer it is always one or two out there tearing around. The lake itself changes faces daily if you observe.

13 days ago

Easy trail, very flat and compacted terrain. Perfect for running, walking, dogs, kids, strollers, etc. Gorgeous view of the mountains as you head west, green and lush in the summer. Tons of birds in the warmer months, picnic spots on both ends of loop. Several Poke Stops. Bathrooms at Broomfield County Commons on west end of loop.

Wonderful little city trail that feels like a little prairie dog and rabbit wonderland! There is a sweet lake and it was very quiet as well. Fabulous little running path in the city. Not a destination trail but if you are near it and need a leg stretch - it’s perfect!

mountain biking
17 days ago

completed this trail in September 2018 as a bike ride. Trail is easy to ride, a little more difficult towards the end, but overall, not a bad ride. We saw 3 big horn sheep. Pretty open trail, not a lot of tree coverage, and there are some places you can access the river for water.

There is a pit toilet at the parking lot at the trail head which was clean.

Great suburban hike to do with kids during the winter. We saw a few different kinds of birds, but not much other wildlife. The trail was difficult to find thru the rocks on the northwest side, but otherwise enjoyable.

18 days ago

I have lived near and utilized this lake and its playgrounds since 2005. Sometimes I forget to appreciate what a gem it is on the western edge of Denver with a great view of the city skyline. I’m excited that the city is currently putting in a jogging path to allow me to run off of the concrete. I will likely do many more runs there now that that is in place. Often an interesting place to Bird for waterfowl, especially during the winter and spring and fall migration.

Great hike! Many different perspectives with the recovering burn providing unobstructed views for the first few miles (also sunny and warm, bring sunscreen!). At end of December there was some snow in the shaded areas but no winter gear needed.

Might see some big horns? You mean they will block the trail and you have to off trail it to finish? They’re worse than bears because at least bears will keep moving, the herd won’t. Also if you like surprises while hiking stop here. This is a series of like 5 “step” mountains. You cannot see the peak from the trailhead. It is a lot of up and downs that are steep and very gravelly/dusty. You will rely on cairns to get you to the top because waist-high oak trees protrude over the trail and it is quite narrow. Cool views from the top but I don’t know if its worth it to do again...

26 days ago

This was a challenging one. We went on 12/22 and it snowed throughout the day. We brought hiking spikes just in case (definitely needed them in this weather with this amount of scrambling).

Beware of big horns on this trail. They blocked our path at one point and wouldn’t move so we got kinda trapped up there.

The bike ride was awesome!!! The Long Horn Sheep were out and about! Spectacular! Wear gloves if biking! Go between 11am-2pm - Get as much sun as you can!

trail running
1 month ago

Great run from Cabelas into Bluffs on the East West Regional. Some tough hills no matter which direction you choose. Good views and plenty of wildlife in the morning.

1 month ago

I hiked this trail backwards (west to east). I got a late start on Saturday and hiked just shy of 4 miles in and stayed the night in my hammock. Temp was 18° overnight with clear sky’s. Hiked out the next morning. Most of the north and east facing trails were lightly covered in snow and icy spots. One section has an ice flow for about 30 feet that is passable on the shoulder. The only reason I did not give the trail 5 stars is because of the 6 mile stretch in Watertown canyon were you are on the service road, however the Bighorn sheep are really cool.

I got to see a massive flock of ducks and birds it was amazing!

1 month ago

Trail is in good shape. There is some snow on ice on the trail but easy to manage. The visitor center suggested that spikes may be necessary. I thought I would give it a shot, and that I could always turn around. I made it to the peak with no problem and was awarded with spectacular views. The trial is labeled as strenuous, but I felt it was moderate. I am a flat lander and found the hike as moderate.

It’s very simple and dogs cannot run through the fields and have to be on a leash. The whole point for me is to let me dogs off leash and go wild. It’s not very busy so that was the only good part.

First ever hike, right off the airplane. Did just a little of it but saw some great wildlife and awesome views. Surrounded by houses everywhere which is why it didn’t get 5 stars. But overall really fun!

Easy well groomed wide trail. Nice views of distant Rocky Mountains. No shade. Surrounded by urban sprawl.

Great views and really good place to see yourself a P.D...

I used to walk this trail on my lunch break all the time. It’s close to Denver but feels like you are out of the city for a little bit while you are walking.

Loved this trail for the bighorn sheep!

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