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Amazing. Beautiful hike. Small waterfalls but fun to climb them

I did this hike before the fires and really loved it

Totally under-estimated this trail. Went after a rain storm in January. Clean, barely any dog poop. Saw three people while on it (don't doubt that it gets busy during weekends). Narrow path at certain points. Rocky. Steep elevation in some areas. The "waterfall" was a trickle... Beautiful tree grove.

13 days ago

New Year’s Day hike, beautiful place. Did a total of 6 miles, about 750 foot of elevation. Good rock scrambling at the end of each trail, where someday I hope to see waterfalls running. Dog people watch out first little bit of the Elsmere (sp?) trail, near the parking lot, there was a crazy amount of broken glass. I also recommend parking in the first, upper, lot if you can since each time I’ve been there some idiot is doing donuts in the gravel lot spraying rocks all over nearby cars.

Love that you get a great sense of the valley layout and have views for most of the hike. Bonus: options to pickup other trails if you want more exertion.

Nice views and trail. Good for fast paced hike or running.

Love this hike! Our 14 lb dog did great, nothing too steep or rocky for him. But still a nice challenge. Beautiful views of the entire valley, downtown and the Pacific Ocean :)

There ARE a lot of options for hiking here. Based on someone's comment below I took the far left trail going up rather than walking up through Caballero Canyon. The far left trail which doesn't seem to have a name (it's the trail left of Little Hectic) was steep and challenging to be honest. A bit more than I wanted to do. Not impossible but it took some work. I was hoping to hike 6 miles so the plan was to hike up the un-named trail, do the figure 8 at the top, and come down Lower Hectic. I ran out of light for an unknown trail and came down through Marvin Braude Mulholland Gateway. The trail to the far right, the one west of Caballero Canyon, is beautiful, not too hard, and fun. And I highly recommend taking the time to hike out to Farmer's Ridge Trail overlook. The view of Santa Monica and Catalina was fantastic.

Beautiful hike. A lot of switchbacks on the way up. & towards the half way point the trail becomes very steep. Overall recommend you go on a cool day to enjoy this beauty

Fun for the family.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Lots of ups and downs. End to end about 25 minutes at a easy pace. Watch out for hikers.

1 month ago

Hiked the trail about to the old Pines campground and back - 5 mi round trip. Trail in good condition although lots of loose rocks in the last 1/2 mi or so to the top. Water in the creek but muddy - it had rained a couple of days earlier. Very pretty by the creek and excellent views up the last part.
- Bill Barclay

Easy trail to hike. Very fine road. However very crowded

1 month ago

First time on this trail. Make sure you don't miss a turn or you'll end up going farther than what you planned.
The elevation definitely got my heart pumping, but it wasn't a steep incline.
Narrow passage going back down, plenty of shade.
Lots of rocks, so watch your step.
Watch out for dog poop!

1 month ago

A fun, relatively easy hike. I recommend also hiking the Farmer's Ridge Fire Road, an out and back which adds an additional mile or so, taking you further into the park.

horseback riding
1 month ago

I’ve ridden this trail a few times. It’s beautiful. I’ve hiked it too. I love the parts with open shade. When hiking you can get much farther back than you can on horseback. A great easy hike anytime, but even better when the water is flowing.

Nice easy hike on a quiet Sunday. Great if you like a little bit of history (see the ruins) and small waterfalls.

1 month ago

Fun stuff for the boys, parents and dogs. Took our Trail Life Troop 281 out on an adventure

Nice views, can be hot and dry, good idea to take water and a hat.

2 months ago

This is one of my favorite trails in LA! Beware there's little shade in the first part but this trail is incredible early in the morning. Ample parking and just difficult enough to get me into shape

I did this hike yesterday 11/5/18 for the first time. There was little water in the river. Areas were effected by the Thomas fire. Flowers were starting to grow, few white poppies. I liked the gradual elevation and steps. At the top there was a lot of loose gravel and the trail got narrow. We didn’t make it to the top. We stopped at two miles when we turned back. My left foot slipped off the trail because of the loose gravel. Lucky it was just my left leg and I was able to catch my fall with my hands. Be careful when you get higher up. There was some shade at first and then mostly sun.

2 months ago

Beautiful fall day!! About 80 degrees. Very warm on some of the ascent. Nice to see some water in the creek. Quite a lot of horse traffic!! It was a strenuous hike for us but reached the Pine camp! Recommend morning!! It was a little tricky to
Find the trail head on the grounds of the school! Trekking poles were very helpful!

nice hike it has couple small waterfalls, around 1 miles is uphill and the rest is easy

Nice but no discernable end point

Easy trail with great scenic areas.

mountain biking
2 months ago

tough but nice uphill climb... need more single tracks for downhill.

Great experience!!!

Great close by hike with beautiful views and fun walking through the ruined house and waterfall. We started early (7:45 AM) so trail was empty. We started counter clockwise on Solstice canyon rd . We finished the loop in an hour and 15 minutes so decided to do it again this time clockwise starting with the rising sun trail which is a harder uphill. Ended up having a picnic at the ruins on our way down. Great workout and fun hike! Trail got pretty busy around 10 AM .

A beautiful park with well maintained and clearly marked trails. Parking at the trailhead is very limited and fills up fast. Rather than waiting for someone to leave we parked at a scenic overlook just up the road from the park entrance and walked the approx 3/4 mile to the trailhead.

We chose to do the loop counter-clockwise. The Solstice Canyon Trail is an old road bed, largely paved, but very degraded in sections. We saw folks pushing baby strollers up to Tropical Terrace. It's more of a walk than a hike, but it is definitely up hill all the way. It's shadey and canyony. Quite lovely. It ends at Tropical Terrace, the site of an old residence. It's a beautiful setting with lots of non native tropical vegetation. This is also the site of the waterfall, barely a trickle on our visit after our long, arid spring and summer.

We chose the Rising Sun Trail for our return. This is truly a hike. It's a trail, not an old road. After a quick and easy stream crossing there is a long slog uphill, nearly to the crest of the ridge in front of you. It will get your heart rate up, but it's very doable. Sections have steps built into the hillside. Once the crest is reached, there is a long traverse with beautiful canyon and eventual ocean views. Then the trail descends back to the trailhead.

This is a beautiful hike easily done as part of a day.

Good hike featuring a couple of historic sites and vegetation contrasting between desert/mountain/beach (similar to most hikes in the area). Not busy, dog-friendly, quick and easy. Waterfall was barely going, but it being still visible this time of year was a nice surprise!

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