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It was a long uphill at the beginning but after that it easier. The top is gorgeous and definitely worth it.

Beautiful view! Easy to access and see the punch bowl! Had a hard time accessing the mile loop trailhead. Worth the stop!

It rains almost every day here so expect it, I am told. No views when I went but still beautiful forest.

Great hike! Definitely moderate with the cliffs and tree roots to climb over. Also distance is longer than noted. Views are stunning!

Beautiful Hike, I Take My 9 Years Old Daughter She Love It.

Gorgeous!! Def do this on a clear day!!

5 days ago

Amazing views on this trail.

6 days ago

Moderate to strenuous hike depending on your fitness level. Elevation gain is manageable with breaks and the payoff is the views. We went to the second viewpoint to complete the entire hike. The first viewpoint is spectacular. We spotted a herd of elk in the distance, a large vulture flying over, and a garter snake crossing the trail. Fox gloves were still blooming beautifully. Best hike we’ve done in Oregon so far. Definitely prepare for sun exposure as a large part of this you are out in the open.

A well travelled, easy trail with some of the most spectacular views in Oregon. Perfect for families. Ocean views as well as forest. Really enjoyed it. Best on a clear day.

Crazy amazing view and good elevation gain. Its not shaded very much so be ready for the sun.

This trail was beautiful and fun to walk. We enjoyed very much.

More easy than moderate; some scrambling required. I recommend driving all the way to the end of logan rd to get a feel for where the trailhead is and then find street parking near there. Everything on logan rd is a vacation rental, public parking is allowed, and trail maps actually recommend parking at the trailhead. I would skip the loop and just do an out and back from this trailhead in order to avoid about 100 ft of severe cliffside trail erosion and an overgrown section of thimble berries. Following this route would likely cut off a mile and a couple hundred feet of elevation gain.

Easy hike with very few people before 9AM. Beautiful walking thru the ferns and forest. 10 miles of narrow windy road to get to trailhead from highway 101.

Easy but still very fun and interesting! Leads to a beautiful spot, the suspension bridge is neat and the road driving in is well maintained. We started around 10 am and barely beat the big crowds, lots of cars parked along the road when we left at noon.

Beautiful and very well worth the hike up! It is slightly strenuous, not really though. The map is very accurate and is what helped guide myself through the way. The ONLY steep and strenuous part of the hike is when you actually get to the big rock, AKA God’s Thumb. Easy part is going up and the most difficult is the way down! Like I said, it is very well worth it! The whole trip, there and back was around 1 hour and 45 minutes. I had a child with me so I stopped quite a few times.

9 days ago

Stunning views for not too much effort. We thoroughly enjoyed this hike. We went early and were able to view elk and saw one deer. Foxglove is still blooming. We recommend it.

Had the time of my life!!! Absolutely beautiful and worth every bit of getting past the hard parts in the beginning. Keep pushing past the beginning, it does level out and get easier! Also, a ton of “T’s”, make sure you’re following the map on this app so you don’t end up taking the wrong turn! On the way up to God’s thumb is pretty insane and getting down may seem scary but there are almost “stairs” on the way down so pay close attention to which way you decide to climb down. Absolutely worth the hike!!

11 days ago

To me this hike has two parts to it. First, is the hike to the amazing view. Second, is the hike to see the amazing view just at a higher elevation. Loved this hike and easily worth it!

11 days ago

Beautiful well kept trail with gorgeous views of the ocean. I agree with all other reviewers, should be rated as moderate.

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11 days ago

This can be a short and quick trail, or you can extend it out all along Otter Rock, the devil's punch bowl, and the surrounding beaches. just beautiful. views a plenty, wildflowers, cliffs, mild rock climbing around the beaches. this was wonderful.

11 days ago

The weather cooperated and we had a beautiful day for this hike. Gorgeous views and plentiful foxglove and thistles. Well worth it!

12 days ago

Hike was moderate. Lots of roots to step and climb over. Beautiful views of the ocean. Overall great experience!

Beautiful trail but should be rated moderate.

14 days ago

This hike was gorgeous! But I would definitely rate it moderate and it’s a solid 3 miles each way as I tracked my hike. Being an active but out of shape mom with my 20 lb baby in a pack it took me 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete.

couldn't even get to it the directions takes you to bfe no where near the spot just turned around was bs

If it's Illegal to go that way, they sure are taking their time to post that it's not. I will continue to go through that gate until the signs appear. The gate to the right does say no trespassing. If the people who live on the left gate didn't want people accessing that trail, you'd think they'd post one themselves!

Populated with trees that creak in the wind, wildflowers, several bridges. The bridge with the view of the falls is almost a more spectacular view than the base of the falls itself, but one can climb right beside the falls at the base.

The trail isn’t really marked so kind need to know where to go the get started. Also, not sure who manages or maintains the trail at all as it pretty much just seems like a user defined trail. Only two things that kept it from being a 5 star trail for me.

Overall was great. Did it with two young kids and my mother. Steep at the end but not really tricky. Views were awesome on a clear sunny day.

Great little hike close in and very family friendly. Will be doing again in the future.

So here’s a true story- don’t let your dog off the leash because they will go right off the edge. In this case he fell onto a ledge and was able to be saved, but it was a stomach dropping kind of feeling. No bueno. But back to the hike. It’s a freaking phenomenal view once you get to the top. It’s a steep mofo at the end, but it’s doable. I admit I was on my hands and knees at times coming up the last part because my legs are short and that’s how I roll. There’s plenty of mud, but most can be avoided, and you’ll be forced to walk in the bushes, so it’s up to you if you want to wear pants or long sleeves. There also may or may not have been two small snakes slithering across the trail on the way back down the hill, so keep your eyes open. If you’re a wildflower aficionado, this is the hike for you.

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