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Brought my 5 and 8 year old up for a hike with their day off from school. I don't know how they categorize moderate vs hard, the only thing really harder about this was its length (6.5 miles). The elevation gains were pretty reasonable through most with the steeper stuff more in the last mile. I just hold the 5 years hand during any of the steeper stuff up and down so he doesnt trip but otherwise more than manageable. The minor rock scrambling you do isnt that steep or hard if youve done some other hiking. Took us 3:15 to go up and down. Make sure you see both viewpoints (the better one is .25 after the first one).

Great hike with my son-in-law and two grandchildren. Good times...

Great hike. Did on 9/16/2018 with 7 kids age 5-11. 1:40 to the top and 2:30 down the lake side and around through the ponds.

10 days ago

Great for a lunch trip - My goal was to go to summit without stopping, did it in just under 90 minutes and I would say it was a moderate pace for first 2 miles then slow (steep) for the last mile. Gorgeous views and multiple vantage points of the lake to explore at the top.

Perfectly lovely trail. Get there early for parking lots of people. Nice visit to the top. Went with a two year old German Shepherd and there was no problem at all. Fairly easy all the way.

Really great day hike. First two miles or so we’re pretty tame. Last mile kicked it up to the summit. Brought our 2 yr old German Shepherd and she loved it. Some pretty serious scaling up towards the top. She did better than I did...

14 days ago

I’ve hiked buck several times. It’s a great hike, closer than most for me, but it’s always very crowded, more than most I’m assuming because of proximity, with people that have little trail etiquette and more trash in the area. This would be a good mountain for more education on etiquette to be available. I now will typically only hike it in the off season very early in the AM.

Loved this hike! We started at the trailhead, following the red DEC discs up to the (unimpressive) summit. Trail was wide, and clearly marked; fairly gentle to start, but eventually became quite steep. Descended along trail on south side of the summit; single-track, slightly overgrown, steep in places. Blue trail is clearly marked with DEC discs, and offers a nice stroll through the woods past the ponds. Yellow trail to the left takes you back towards the trailhead.

Great hike for a family. Not too difficult for our 8 and 6 year olds and beautiful view at the summit. Would highly recommend.

There were many trees down and the trail eventually became too obscured to follow. This was too bad, looking for a quick hike with the dogs.

Love everything about it. The only thing was that when I got to the top, it was so foggy I couldn’t appreciate the view. But will definitely do it again.

on Hadley Mountain Trail

18 days ago

Gets your blood pumping..great views..use walking sticks if you got them..takes about an hour up.

Fun hike with the family. Certainly a lot of exercise, constant uphill. Cool fire tower, pretty views at the summit. Felt great to have a rest and a snack at the top. But going back down was not fun, lol.

21 days ago

Attended on an overcast Saturday,August 11, 2018 — Small parking lot, but you can find parking along the road. There’s a sign in book for day hikes and overnights. It super dog friendly, and I assume a lot of the locals use it as a workout. The hike will challenge you—saw a few who gave up and turned back. The hike is moderate but a good workout when looking to burn some calories. A lot of elevation—the view at top is sweet. Bring lunch—opportunity for a nice picnic up there—worth it.

Great hike, great views. It was a little wet when we went. The black flies were insane,a couple shots of deet took care of that. Definitely recommend this hike

pleasant hike. the whole trail is an incline from head to the summit. think climbing stairs. i would not suggest doi g on a rainy day as there are large portions on granite slabs. great 360 views and a fire tower you can climb om the top.

21 days ago

A bit rough getting to the top, but well worth it! Make sure to continue on past the first summit for a spectacular second summit!

While this trail can be slightly confusing at first... just follow the all trails path laid out as it’s almost exactly on point. It’s fairly level for the first half and a steady incline for the second. There is a 180 view from atop the rocks at the “summit”. The mountain is a little higher as there’s a zip line and maintenance road further up. It took me about 40 minutes to the top and 30 down.

Such a fun time! We hiked this mountain with our 4 kids. 3 hours roundtrip. Be prepared to climb!

Very nice hike with great views! Don’t think many would walk the road from the first parking lot if they knew there was plenty of parking at the trail head - believe me, don’t waste your time walking the road, just drive the (narrow) road up to the trail head and you’ll be glad you did.

23 days ago

It was a nice but busy day at the trailhead since it was Labor Day weekend. There was no parking in the lot and the trail was busy. When we were hiking up a lot of people was coming down as we started a little later. We shared the summit with 2 other groups as we ate snacks and took pictures. This hike never gets old.

23 days ago

Fifth Peak: I've hiked several trails in the LG area and this is one of the better ones. It's a moderate trail with a few steep climbs and not much to see along the way. There are a few ponds and some dry streams to cross which would have made it more interesting had there been some recent rains. The trail could be better marked especially with distance and directional markers. I made a mistake on the decent that took me off the right path.

Jim was great tour guide

Nothing more to add to recent reviews. For less crowds try a weekday or early weekend morning. The new porta potty is fancy! This would be an ideal sunset hike.

Steady uphill trek right from the trailhead over bedrock, large rocks, and hard-pack dirt. Somewhat sparsely marked by red trail discs, but the trail is very clearly defined. We believe the “moderate” rating is accurate due to the sustained uphill grade. Walking poles/sticks will come in very useful for those with knee/back issues. Saw lots of kids and dogs on the trail during our descent.

on Hadley Mountain Trail

28 days ago

My two nieces, six year old beagle basset and I hiked this yesterday! it is moderate, because of the incline. The rocks make it feel like the hike burns and hurts more. We loved it though, awesome view from the top and awesome view from the tower! :)

30 days ago

Pleasant Saturday morning hike. Beats the heck out of chores.My wife and I have vowed to break the shackles of home ownership and become slaves of the Adirondax.

1 month ago

This is my third hike in the Lake George area. Buck and Sleeping Beauty being the other two. There were two distinct parts to our hike on Fifth Peak Trail, so I'll review them separately.
1. Fifth Peak was okay. The views were decent, but not nearly as impressive as Buck. The hike itself was manageable for my hiking partner and I, both of us are athletic and in good shape. I'd give the hike 3/5 stars. To me, given my other hiking experiences in the area, I'd say Fifth Peak was just alright.
2. After making it to the lookout point, we took the advice of a review below and hiked to the water. That involved a steep descent and forcing our way through some sections of poorly cut back trail. The view from the water was stunning, much more impressive than from the lean-to. We came prepared to take a dip in the lake, but I only managed to sit on a ledge for a moment or two before climbing back out. The rocks near the water were quite slippery and the water was very choppy from boat traffic. I consider myself to be a confident swimmer and I was not comfortable going further. We hung out for a little while and then trekked back up. Was it worth the extra couple of miles? The novelty of hiking to the lake was nice - it's definitely a unique view of Lake George as compared to from a lookout point or from a dock/beach. I wouldn't recommend a family with kids or hikers with dogs take on the extra couple of miles as it was steeper than the original hike to the lean-to, and had more loose rock. I definitely would not suggest just anyone use this as a means to hop in the lake as there's a fair amount of risk associated.

Great hike, but very steep all the way up with lots of slippery rock surfaces. The dog did great. Bring shoes with good tread!

1 month ago

Just hiked up and back today. Very pretty vista at the top (both the false and actual summit). Well worth the effort (moderately difficult). Relatively crowded, but a very pleasant experience nonetheless.

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