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Very easy but it steep for the final 1000 feet or so. Might need snowshoes after a fresh, heavy snowfall.

Love this place for hiking. Unfortunately, people don't realize how beautiful their parks are, or never visit them.

The bridge is out near Jab Farm. We hiked 4+ miles in the snow only to have to turn around and double back so close to the end. Made for an unexpected long day. Crossing the river in the winter would have been a bad idea. This information should be posted at the trailhead. The trail itself is nice and the area is remote and lovely.

Beautiful views, but moderate difficulty at most.

On the hiking club trails, I would say this is a HARD trail, the elevation changes are steep. It’s a great great hike and a ton of fun but not sure I would say moderate. Still an all out beautiful and fun day even in the middle of November!

5 months ago

I love the area and trails. Only problem with this is the trails are either poorly marked or not marked at all, in areas. I got so lost back in here. If I hadn't had a GPS and compass I would probably still be trying to get out of the woods. Now, the very wide groomed cross country trail section, i'm sure is fine.

Quick stroll & another high point crossed off the list!

Loved the lookout tower!

6 months ago

If you are looking for a quick incline followed by spectacular views, this is a great hike!

Great trail if you're looking for a good workout. Steep and rocky, but beautiful.

I would rate this as low moderate.There are many steep drop offs and there has been deaths in this area from falls. I took my two eight year old's and my 3 year old on my own, as we often do Mom and kids camping trips. They all made the whole hike and had a blast. I did have to hold my 3 year old's hand when walking down the rocky parts, up some of the steep parts and along the steep drop offs but her loves to hike and did pretty well. I would not suggest bringing a child that you would need to carry. It is steep and slippery with roots in many areas. I would also avoid bringing young ones to the lookout or making sure your holding on to them tight. Even teens might get a little gutsy and take a tumble that could be deadly. Just take your time :) This might be ranked difficult here but compared to hiking in mountains I would rate this a low moderate or difficult beginner hike, primarily because of the rocky inclines and cliff areas.

Took the clockwise 6 mile route from the nature center with our 9 year old and our dog. The route had nice undulations with a couple of steeper ups and downs (with some loose gravel so we had to be careful going down). The falls were a real treat towards the end of the hike. The nature center area has a play area, picnic pavilion and bathrooms. .

Great park. Excellent sights and scenery. Very worth the trip.

Great trails with amazing views. trails were clean.

OMG, this trail was beautiful! Several trails around this area. They are short, but beautiful and you can def. make a day out of it if you do more than one. Seems to be a very popular area to hike and for good reason.

Great trail, great view at the top!

Great trail, moderate, inclined and hilly the view is gorgeous once you reach the shelter, pretty much shaded, parking after 10am is a problem so plan ahead.

Around this time of year (August) the weather gets kinda muggy and the weather is suitable for swimming. Lots and lots of people flood the waterfall and enjoy it's cool flowing water. Not very many people hike the trails so if you're into exploring it's the perfect time. The trails are well maintained. Definitely bring bug repellent while hiking little to no traffic hiking trails during low light periods.

Beautiful views. Wide trail, water fall views worth the trip.

Very relaxing and easy trail, good for short trips with a dog or children.

10 months ago

love this trail; really fun to hike along the cliffs. they have some campsites around there too. very quiet hike overall. whenever we have been here we have only ran into one or 2 people!

Wonder day hike. Beautiful falls. Many trails at different levels.

Did the entire loop. Well marked nicely maintained trails, waterfall was filled with waders on this 90 degree Sunday. Didn't see anyone on the west trails. Short steep inclines gives you a bit of a workout. Overall easy (walk) hike.

Overall the trails were kept up and nice to walk on. Lots of small steep hills that are challenging. Not a ton of variety in terms of views on the trails, but it was a nice long hike. It's too bad the lake is no longer there. Pretty populated area with lots of great energy.

10 months ago

Awesome hike. Must try.

So many different trails, great views. Highly recommended

Coyote Point was a great hike with SPECTACULAR views!!

Used to live along the Appalachian mountains, jogging here makes me feel like there's some elevation still in the Minnesota area. Some technical sections, but overall can get some nice hill repeats in. Beautiful views.

The Nelson Farm trail starts off very flat through beautiful plains. The hills are what I would call severe, not moderate, so be careful on that. The falls are beautiful but FULL of kids so it's not a relaxing experience. We saw many snakes and even a rattler so watch the ground

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