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Starts out moderate but gets very steep about halfway through. It was sunny until you get into Shadow Canyon, but then gets much steeper so was still very challenging and once you get to the top there is more sun. I found it very difficult and stopped many times, but I haven't done much hiking lately. The view at the end was nice, getting to see the mountains in the distance, but I was very worn out coming down. I should probably have waited until I had done more hikes before doing this one. The dog liked it but she was very worn out at the end. It was her first hike and it was probably a little too much for her.

Good trail run

Love, Love bringing my dog here

14 days ago

Definitely challenging climb/hike. Came across baby rattlesnake along the trail. Very title wildlife otherwise. Lots of stairs on Shadow Trail. We took Mesa to add 2 miles to hike and came down Homestead. My favorite hike so far in Colorado.

What a great hike. Definitely challenges that cardio and strength for a hike in the front range but has to be my favorite hike in Boulder. Beautiful, challenging (perfect for 14er training- sans the altitude), and close to Denver! Oh, and bring exact change-$5 for parking!

Very easy trail. Not sure how but I got lost into a private property LOL
It is my very first trail!!

1 month ago

The paths leading to the trail (as of today) are slightly flooded. There is a spot to cross the water with logs but otherwise you have to puddle jump. If you try to bring your dog, you're gonna have a gross dog afterward.

1 month ago

Lots of dog and horse poop on the trail. Very nice lake with lots of birds

trail running
1 month ago

I was born and have lived in Texas all my life, mainly around the Austin area. I have completed a lot of 50 to 100 mile trail runs mainly in Texas and one in Arkansas. I would not consider any of them a race with tons of climbing but they did have 10 to 12K of cumulative climb throughout the entire 100 mile run. Well today I got a little taste of what “real” climbing is like. I would recommend starting as early as possible just to beat the heat. I ran with my running vest with 2L bladder of water which ended up being enough, but I had to be very conservative on drinking just so I would have some water available towards the end. I will definitely bring extra water next time. I downloaded the AllTrails app on my phone which helped me find my way around the trails and gave me a peace of mind that I was not going to get lost. The last mile up you are running on stacked boulders which does not always define that clear view of a dirt trail. . I would catch myself at times looking on the app just to make sure I was still on the correct path. Overall it was awesome. After today I have a lot more appreciation for people who do races at high elevation with big climbs. What a rewarding experience when you travel by foot to reach the top of a mountain.

This is definitely a streneous hike, dont underestimate it like we did! A couple friends and i hiked this 2 weekends ago (early May 2018) and wow did it whoop our arses! Definitley bring lots of water, we ran out before we even reached the peak. This hike takes you on a journey to say the least-- you pass around Devils Thumb which we were planning to scramble up to but decided to conserve our energy (glad we did), shadow canyon takes you up up up through the shaded mountain forest til finally you pop out of the tree line in all these surreal, charred trees and then there's the split where you can go left to South Boulder Peak or right to Bear Peak. Wish i had enough energy to go to both but we were also trying to beat nightfall as we started this hike a little later in the day. Absolutely worth every minute, every drop of sweat. Its such a rewarding, blissful feeling sitting on south boulder peak and just soaking it all in. Would do it again to see the neighboring Bear Peak! My advice: brings LOTS of water, go earlier than noon/1pm if you wanna be down at a good time, and take plenty of breaks! (even on a beautiful weekend we didnt encounter too many folks, especially the higher up we got). enjoy!!!

1 month ago

Good hike, good views (from summit), very good workout. It seems to get steeper and longer every year. A bit of a breeze on top, so bugs weren’t too bad.

Nice hike and workout. Shady areas before you get to the burn area on top with good views. Had overcast and "fog" roll in so no views of the range nor mountains but overall good to get out.

1 month ago

With dog. A little too much horse poop but a quick paved stroll if you don’t have time to head west.

Nice lil walk! There is a paved path and a trail.

Second time on this trail after getting no view the first time. Totally worth redoing. The trail is hard and hot (gets cooler as you get higher). Flies at the top are horrible even with bug spray. We lasted maybe ten minutes because we were getting attacked. That said it was worth the view. Go early in the morning to beat the heat and bring tons of water.

Went to Bear Peak before coming here. The climb to the peak isn't hard, but the flies at the peak are annoying.

Don't let the wild flowers fool you, this beautiful hike is steep and long. One of my favorites! Great on Thursday with few people.Dont forget it's $5 for parking if your car isn't registered in Boulder County.

I did this hike on my own, on May 4th, it was a gorgeous day, it was a little hot and the trail is quite strenuous so make sure to bring a lot of water. South Boulder Peak is accessed from the Shadow Canyon Trail, which can be difficult to find. Start on the Mesa Trail, which is just a fireroad, follow it for about a mile, mile and a half until you come to fork (there should be a trail marker) be sure to take the left fork towards Shadow Canyon otherwise you'll ended up just continuing on the Mesa Trail. Once you're in the Canyon, the trail gets steep, rocky and strenuous. Be careful on some of the larger boulders because they can be quite slippery due to wear from people hiking on them. The trail through the canyon is beautiful, it's shaded almost all day so you'll get a reprieve from the sun although it can get a bit chilly if there's wind. Once you get out of the canyon you'll find yourself in the saddle between Bear Peak to your right, and South Boulder to your left, from there it's about 600m to the top. The view from the top is gorgeous! To the east you look out over parts of Boulder and Highway 93; and to the west you look out over a valley onto Nederland and Eldora Ski Area, and onto the Continental Divide and Longs Peak; it's a very cathartic experience, especially being alone there. The view is incredible and totally worth it. Try and go on weekday, if you can it can get busy in the weekends, I had the whole trail and summit to myself it was wonderful.

2 months ago

I adore this park. The views are spectacular and it's very accessible. There's a cute little pond off the Jimmy Go trail where you can watch the ducks, but beware of snakes in the grass in the Spring (only saw garter snakes). This park is one of the very few things I miss dearly about living in the Arvada area.

We did this hike on May 5, 2018 and had a beautiful day for it. I've got to say it is very hard, but when you reach the top what an accomplishment! I'm a 49 year old woman of average fitness level and if I can do it, you can too. I would suggest paying close attention to the trail map so you don't add extra miles on the hike through the canyon. We took the Mesa Trail and connected to the Shadow Canyon Trail and that added several miles. Believe me, you do not need to add anymore miles to this hike! The steep ascent begins just after you see a little cabin next to a brook. from here on up to the top it is all uphill climbing up big rocks. We took lots of breaks to catch our breath. When you finally reach the saddle you can go right for Bear Peak or left for South Boulder Peak. From here it is a short scramble to the peak where you are rewarded with amazing views. At the very top there are chipmunks and lots and lots of gnats! I suggest you bring a lot of water. I had 2 liters and it was all gone just for the climb up. The climb down is equally challenging and if you have bad knees you will feel it here. All in all though, it was an amazing hike. You will really feel like you did something with your day. Don't be scared off by the hard rating. If I can do it. You can too!

2 months ago

It is very beautiful, highly trafficked. I prefer more solitude.

Amazing day hiking to bear peak and South boulder peak!!!!

Good for seeing ducks and other birds. Nice view view of the mountains.

I'm a little late getting my review up. I went on 3/20/18, and it was great. A few snowy patches leading up to the canyon, but once I got into the canyon there was still snow on everything but it had snowed the day before so I was expecting it, even with the snow the trail was relatively easy to follow. There was only 2 other sets of footprints in front of me so I followed those till one got off trail, thankfully she found her way back and we made it to the top together. I'm glad she was there, from the saddle up was 6in.+ of untouched snow so we plowed through that doing our best to follow the blazes, i only wish i brought my gaiters, i brought micro spikes hoping to use them but my boots had enough tread i didn't need them. Made it like 10ft from the highest rocks on South Boulder Peak and started hearing thunder, got to the top and looked west to see some pretty ominous clouds, took some pictures then high tailed it outta there.
If the other woman wasn't there I wouldn't have made it all the way, she ended up saying the same thing as we were headed down. Proud of us. hah
It was a great hike, I just wish I could've spent more time enjoying the summit.

Nice trails well maintained with great facilities around some nice ponds and next to the south platte river. Saw lots of birds.

3 months ago

Great for a quick 1 mile trail. PortaPotty, benches, dog waste stations, dock to see water/ ducks, birds and saw a dad fishing with his kids. Easy fir dogs and kids.

What a fabulous trail. Water, nature, Mountain View’s, mixed terrain and other people here and there. It was a fabulous 4 mike hike (3 times around) ...sunny and blue skies in February

Great hike! Once I summited South Boulder Peak, I decided to check out Bear Peak, which was an easy add once your up there if your legs are still feeling good. I started this hike around 8:40am and on my decent the sun/warm weather had already put in work on the snow from yesterday! Extra traction (as of today) is a “nice to have” over a “need to have”.

Need traction once you hit Shadow Canyon. Awesome hike!!

Great climb- did it on Saturday, lots of snow- which resulted in less high steps and knee bending.
Most of the snow is after the 2nd shack on shadow canyon.

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