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Nice shady short hike.

It's fun, constantly changing, has a running river, lots of trees for shade and big rocks. Pretty dusty tho.

Beautiful cliff views

Great hike, I go every morning during the week since I leave nearby. It’s a great workout and there are many friendly faces around!

Easy and nice. Always feel safe here even at night.

Love this shady hike!

trail running
25 days ago

Came here for the first time a few months ago and really enjoyed the walk under the bridges and was very simple. Pretty much no incline so it was perfect to do some running. Will continue to come back here!

Virtual Hike: https://youtu.be/xVm2vO9BjyQ

Decided to go on this hike last minute after dinner during the last bit of light for the day. Sunset is a perfect time for this trail during the summer, as you get to enjoy pockets of sun and shade, as well as views of sun struck mountains and clouds. I started the trail at the entrance located west of the entrance to Descanso Gardens. The trail is steep at first but then opens up to some easy inclines. Looking down into the valley below you can observe Descanso Gardens, and if you’ve ever been there, it’s a cool perspective to get above everything and see how the whole place is laid out. I caught a great sunset over the city of Montrose near Verdugo Hills Hospital. I only saw one trail runner and a couple out on the trail, so it seems relatively less traveled, but that might have been because it was later in the evening. This is an easy hike that almost anyone could accomplish.

Hope you enjoy!

Playlist for the trail:


Easy and very nice. Rock, woods, very small rivers... A variety if elements to enjoy. The ride. Excellent for kids that will trigger their imagination.

road biking
1 month ago

Great road for cycling or running.

I really enjoyed this hike

Great family trail, lots of shade, cool for summer time.

Nice hike with the younger kids...

Fear none but the man above. Death is on every square inch of the earth and the feeling u get in d dark we all get it. Everyone please enjoy this trail .. I along with my son and his friend did the evening hike and enjoyed it. The pond will make you forget how close you are to the city and the trails could loop 4ever back to the pond..

It was me and my gfs first time doing this trail and it was after sunset. We were going up and it started getting dark. I brought my head lamp so no biggie. We started hearing strange noises just thinking it was just a little wildlife no big deal. We noticed nobody around anymore. It was really dark at this point about 9:00 PM. Then we decided to head back after a couple miles. We both started feeling very strange. A very weird vibe came over us as if something bad was going on around us. We’re runners, so we started to high tail it out of there. The strange vibes were getting stronger. A very disturbing and sick feeling. So we finally get back to the car and talked about how we won’t be coming back there at least at night again. Later on when we get home, I randomly decided to research the park and sure enough I found something horrifying. 2 years ago 2 young girls were found shot and brutally bludgeoned to death by gang members just a few hundred yards within the entrance of the park. Such a tragedy. We now know what that feeling was. So we most likely won’t be returning. There’s plenty of other options out there. I warn anyone going there to carry some sort of protection especially if you’re a night hiker/runner like us.

it was a nice little hike but not much water this time plenty of shade and friendly people

Easy stroll. Good to see and hear sea lions.

A fun little trail with a few stream crossings that's easy to get to and easy to follow. The best part is that a majority of the trail is in the shade, perfect for a summer morning hike! Get there early because parking is quite limited and you need an adventure pass.

small trail that goes through campground to waterfall

Great hike and once at the top you get the enjoy the pond with a view of all Los Angeles.

Very fun hike if you are in the area. It's quite popular, and the people are very friendly and social -- you will make new friends here! The main trails are wide dirt tracks, very easy to follow, but there are also a number of single tracks crisscrossing the park if you want to be more adventurous. The pond at the top of the hill is a fun little surprise, and a shady spot to rest while you take in the views of the cit y.

on Millard Canyon Falls Trail

2 months ago

This is a nice low impact hike. Very kid friendly.

A nice and easy walk overlooking Highland Park. The pond was exceptional, and as advertised, turtles swam in the water. Great hike for beginners.

Short, beautiful, oak-shaded trail to a waterfall. Rated easy, but I would not wear flip flops or take my grandmother on this hike: uneven terrain, some uphill. But if you're somewhat prepared and in shape, well worth doing.

Easy short trail.


3 months ago

3 months ago

Nice, easy walk through lower Arroyo Seco on a wide equestrian path (no bikes allowed). Nice views of the historic Colorado Street Bridge, and near the stables there are stairs leading up to San Pasqual Avenue if you want more cardio.

3 months ago

Great little hidden trails. We were surprised to find such a cool pond along the loop. Pretty nice with tons of turtles. Well maintained trails that would be great to bring our dogs to next time. Keep in mind there is no water along any of the trails so make sure to bring plenty with you. None of the trails were marked well so taking some points away for that. Overall great views and worth it.

Wow is this place cool! At a glance you would not think anything of this place...you might not even know it is a park. I went there in hopes of doing a loop hike and passing by the pond, but the temptation of all the different little trails proved too much to resist. I started in a neighborhood on an old road of broken pavement, then fire roads, then a smaller trail thru a woodland oak area, and finally to a pond surrouned by pines. You get totally lost in the place until you walk over to an outlook and see you are just a few miles from dowtown LA. The park can seem a bit worn around the edges in places, but overall it is in great shape especially considering where it is located. The ONLY reason I dont give 5 stars is bacause I am a trail snob...to get 5 stars it has to be amazing.

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