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1 day ago

Never found the summit. We found 1 sign and then nothing.

Easy, beautiful hike! Took our two dogs and they absolutely loved it too! Walked in from center of town in Jim Thorpe via Broadway and walked to the entrance of Switchback Trail just off Flagstaff Road. Trail is straightforward, simple out & back with pretty scenery and a stream that runs along side for most of the way. There are a couple of smaller trails that break off, though we didn’t explore them. Trail ends in a HUGE open field with access to Mauch Chunk Lake. Gorgeous scenery, so peaceful and relaxing. From Jim Thorpe to the Mauch Chunk Lake and back was 6-7 miles total, took us about 3 1/2 hours with the pups in tow.

Well its nice and cornfusing at same time lol... wanted to do the whole loop but didnt make the right when i should have . my fault . seen the overlooks and going back and doing loop!!!

on Pulpit Rock

7 days ago

Love the hike. It starts as an easy walk on the wooded trail. The last half mile or so got a bit challenging with very rocky uphill hike. However it’s very well marked and nicely maintained. We got soaked by a heavy thunderstorm while admiring the view from Pulpit Rock. We took the gravel road down. It’s not quite as shady so the lingering rain was nice. Will definitely take the hike again and probably go to Pinnacle after.

10 days ago

Golden eagle trail is steep, but worth the views from the East Rocks and Lookout Trail.

The hike was moderate but the views were great from both Pinnacle and Puplit rock. Took was about 4 hours with breaks at both the points . We did the loop counterclockwise so we reached the Pinnacle first . But I would love to come back and do it from the pulpit rock end . I think that would be a bit more challenging .

A moderate hike which rewards you with amazing views from the Pulpit and the Pinnacle. Highly recommend you hike to the Pinnacle to catch the sunset, truly beautiful. Probably one of the top 5 best hikes in east PA. Few camping spots at the top but camping is not allowed and the rangers are known to patrol this very popular hike so i wouldnt recommend doing an overnight. Also no overnight parking in the lot, when I went to do a sunset hike I left a sign on my car stating as such and received no problems. Hike gets very crowded but me and my group were the only ones on the trail for our sunset hike.

As good as its reputation. challenging uphill climb, especially when going the morning after a rain because the rocks were slippery. But the vistas at pulpit and pinnacle make it worthwhile. Went with a six and nine year old, took about 4 hours.

perfect little local trail

Camped at Blue Rocks campground which has two separate trails which connect to this trail loop. My kids were pissed at me for dragging them along but talk about their hike with great pride and for great reason. Some of the stretches of boulder climbing had my wife telling them to "Be careful" every few minutes. The view from Pulpit rock is great but I thought the Pinnacle was one of the great views one can see hiking in Pennsylvania. Next time I am leaving them home so I can camp overnight in the state gamelands with my wife but I am definitely bringing the bear repellent.

Very nice trail, and easy to moderate hike. The orange loop was only 1.7 miles as indicated by the map at the site. The trail was well maintained, got into some deep woods, even seeing a wood thrush on her nest not far from the trail. Only downsides were you could hear a shooting range nearby, and consistent highway sounds, if that's the sort of thing that bothers you. At mid morning on a Saturday we ran into several people, but the trail was by no means crowded. Google maps first took us to a residential street as a place to park (talked to a resident who said that gets annoying), but there's a convenient parking lot at the end of Alpine street.

1 month ago

Easily one of my favorite trails.

on Hawk Mountain Loop

1 month ago

$10 fee for a 4 mile loop. No thanks.

Nice views. Tough hike in the heat. If you want to get the tough part out of the way (uneven and rocky trail, moderately steep climb), do the loop counterclockwise. After getting to the Pinnacle vista, the rest of the trip is a gentle downhill hike. There's a great view from both Pulpit Rock and The Pinnacle.

1 month ago

Fantastic! With the temperature hovering around 90 degrees but feeling like 300 the hike was a very demanding one. Bring lots of water. More than you think you'll need. We ran out.

This route makes you earn the views and that's exactly what we wanted. There are a few climbing sections that look worse than they are. Our 15 year old that doesn't hike much was able to negotiate them all without problems or much assistance at all.

Select sturdy and worn in shoes or you'll suffer. You want to make sure you can't roll your ankles on uneven surfaces and moving rocks prior to attempting this hike or you'll have a bad day.

Deet and picardin is mandatory or you will die from insect attacks. We combined these two repellents and had no issues with bites but they did surround us.

Whoever estimated the final climb to be 10ft... 10ft sections... about 5 of them.

A great day hike! Elevation gain was decent in the beginning but didn't feel overwhelming with frequent breaks if you're a beginner. Views were primarily covered in fog so I'd love to go back on a better day. The dog handled the 9 miles well although if it hadn't been raining I would have had to make sure to provide frequent water breaks as there are not much in the way of natural water sources until the end. muddy in places but nothing too annoying. Trail was very we'll marked.

trail running
1 month ago

Excellent trail. Heavily wooded, a really fun place to run. Pretty easy to follow the courses, some of the forks should be marked better but I found the way without having to double back. There are some obstacles on the path, manageable rocks and tree trunks to run over, but that is exactly what I am looking for in a more technical trial run.

1 month ago

A good hike with some awesome views! Sunset from the North Lookout is amazing!

A very nice hike! Great views! Good Chance of Hawk sightings!

not well marked or maintained. fallen trees blocking the paths.

Great moderate hike with nice views. Went with my aunt who is not very active and we just did a short hike from parking lot to north lookout. She made it but could not complete river of rocks which is much more challenging. There was some restoration work being done so you may hear power tools toward the top. Very knowledgable and helpful staff. I would definitely go back.

2 months ago

Great overview

Good markings - great views

Fun little trail. Did it two days in a row for a walk with the pup. Lower portion is narrow and slightly overgrown (not horrible though) and the back elevated portion is wider and more open. Neat to see the large boulder outcropping. Didn’t venture back the red or blue trails but will next time. Pup loved the spring fed stream. Nice to have a quick little loop trail so close to home.

on Hawk Mountain Loop

2 months ago

Great hike! Harder than we thought but so worth it. Beautiful views. Lots of adventure. Awesome time. If you head out on the blue trail toward the River of Rocks and take the blue trail back around prepare for an awesome time.

we really enjoyed our hike here!!

2 months ago

Great hike and very rocky in some spots! Be watchful for snakes! Beautiful view.

2 months ago

I really enjoyed this hike. I would rate it as moderate in most areas.. with a few spots spiking to medium. Watch your footing and pay attention as copperhead snakes are amongst you. We were lucky enough to see one (without it being a surprise). Beautiful snakes and I heard they typically aren’t a bother to hikers. People passing by on this hike were very helpful, which was refreshing. It’s tough getting to the top, but just follow the white blazes and you will be fine. Most importantly, enjoy the views and don’t get too close to the edge! The rock that says “Pulpit Rock” has a small step down area where you can climb onto the rock.. beware!! That’s where we saw the copperhead slithering through the cracks.

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