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We only did the first 1.5 and it was very steep. Bring water for you and your pets! No views in that section of the trail.

Great hike with beautiful scenery

Nice easy hike with some great views. Parking can be tricky so get here early when you can. Definitely steep at some points, wear good shoes. Lovely views of the lake.

5 days ago

this trail is beautiful and challenging

Overall a short and pretty easy hike with some rocky spots towards the end. Would love to go in Spring to get a chance to see the waterfall after the creek gets some snowmelt. The creek is peaceful right now, and there’s lots of space to take in the view. Beautiful views of the lakes and granite rock formations!

nice relaxing trail. I love going in the fall with the amazing color changes of the trees and salamanders every where.

12 days ago

Nice trail to walk - short and easy to complete in a little over an hour. Views over cascade lake and lake tahoe were very nice.

nice moderate hike even though it says no dogs the dogs were everywhere very slippery near falls from mist nice hike

Perfect trail if time is limited. The views of Lake Cascade and Lake Tahoe are amazing!!!

23 days ago

This is a really good trail, with outstanding scenery.

Like Albert below, I did this trail in reverse and started with the steep ascent up to the saddle. I didn’t actually find it hard to spot the trail at all, although I did it today (October 22) and it was fairly well worn in after a season. I think going uphill makes the trail easier to spot too. In spring or summer the leaves on the bushes might make it a little trickier. Either way, don’t be put off by the reviews below.

After reaching the saddle the rest of the route was mainly downhill, with the additional advantage that most of the views are in front of you as you walk.

It took me 7 and a quarter hours with plenty of breaks, and my watch says that my moving time was 5 and a half hours. My watch recorded the route as 22.3km or 13.8 miles, which is a bit longer than AllTrails describes it.

Thoroughly good trail, and I’d love to do it again.

I really enjoyed this hike! Ground was level and beautiful views and ran into some salamanders on the trail. Will definitely do it again!

24 days ago

Decent hike. Not really worth the $10 parking fee. Most of the hike is in the shade. Lots of people

A relatively easy hike. The trail was kind of hard to spot near the end but otherwise it had great views of the lake with the falls at the end.

Nice and easy hike to Cascade Falls. So many great views along the way.

10-15-18 The parking lot is closed. Park off the highway and the trailhead is 1/4 mile. Bathrooms were unlocked, but have no running water. Outstanding hike. Tons of room to explore at the end of the trail. Waterfall was small at this time.

1 month ago

Amazing, beautiful, majestic! Mellow climb the entire way, nothing to make the rating more than moderate. BUT!!! Beware the last two miles unless you have the gift of clairvoyance and are a mountain goat. The trail becomes hard to find along a steep cliff side. I lost the trail multiple times whilst crawling along the mountain slopes. It was difficult but the views.... the views were amazing. I would recommend the last stretch only for serious hikers/climbers.

It is a difficult trail coming out but the rewards of the swimming holes at the bottom are worth it!
Just take a lot of water with you and I don’t recommend doing in high temps and much of the trail is uncovered.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike.
Gorgeous views of Cascade Lake and Lake Tahoe.
Trailhead easy fairly to locate (at the very back of bay view campground), not a lot of parking especially on a busy weekend.
Trail to the general ‘falls area’ is short but narrow and pretty rocky.
Once you reach the general ‘falls area’ there is no defined trail, lots of space to wander.
Lots of rushing water in the spring, only a trickle in the fall but there are some beautiful fall trees.
Dog friendly.


1 month ago

Pretty short and easy. The views of the lake are amazing. We did this hike the first weekend of October. The sound and views of cascade falls are beautiful. It probably took us 20 minutes one way, maybe less. You can explore further than the falls if you want, but the falls are a great place to stop and have a snack. Even if you’re not a hiker or someone who keeps active, this hike is fairly easy and the views are well worth the travel.

We didn’t realize parking is available in the campground right in front of the trailhead. Although there isn’t an abundance of parking there, it is available. There are signs indicating where parking for the trailhead are allowed. Just FYI for anyone thinking you have to park on the road outside of the campground.

1 month ago

1 month ago

Nice hike. Path starts out flat and even then turns Rocky. My adventure took me about 1.5 hours total but I stopped at the water and explored for a good 45 minutes. I hear it is better when there is more water but there was still a sloping stream to explore. Very peaceful if not crowded. I went on a Monday morning and it wasn't too crowded and I found parking.

SEPTEMBER/2018: Awesome day to hit this trail. The weather was perfect and it wasn’t as crowded like the last time. It’s about one and a half hours out/in trip. The waterfall/dam was so beautiful and there were plenty of rainbows.

great challenging hike with great views.

The trail itself is beautiful, and though I would not describe the views as spectacular, the jaunt itself is pleasant and relaxing. I took the trail from the (very low) underpass to the right of the trailhead sign all the way to it's finish at the fire road (there is an end of trail marker there to let you know). A little anticlimactic since there was no sweeping view at the end. When I do it again, i will likely stop at the picnic tables located after the bridge. Great place to snack and recharge before heading back.

Great trail! lots of mosquitoes though. Easy walk, level and shaded.

1 month ago

I did this hike two weeks ago and it was great! I starting in the direction of the Tamarac Trail instead of Glen Alpine and I was glad because the trail is kind of tough and hard to follow till you get to the top. I would rather get the hardest part of the hike over early when I have more energy, wouldn't have wanted to come down this way after a long hike. The view of the Echo Lakes and Tamarac and Ralston Lakes are great. I also stopped by Lake of the Woods, it hardly adds much time to the trip and is well worth it. This was my first time seeing Lake Aloha and I think it is spectacular. The water level was pretty low but i think it made the visual impact even more dramatic. l'm looking forward to going back in the late spring to see it with more water. Heather and Suzie Lakes are great as is the rest of the trail to Glen Alpine Trailhead.I thought only the Tamarac trail was hard and the rest of the trip is moderate hiking. This is one of the best hikes I've had and I love the Desolation Wilderness.

1 month ago

Great trail.. breathtaking views.. good for solo hikers as there is just the right amount of foot traffic.

this is a fantastic trail to take young kids who are just starting to get into nature walks without being in a stroller. it is long but easy for them to enjoy and explore. the trail has several little creekbeds that are filled with salamanders. the walk bridgws and paths are also nice for individuals who have difficulty walking. bridges have benches and great views.

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