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Great for beginners or the first warm up hike/scramble of the season. Nice shoulder season hike. Can get busy so go during the week.

it was definitely worth it going all the way to the top! we went sunday afternoon wasn't too busy. i am still feeling sore two days after we did the hike. i would recommend wearing the proper shoes and even bringing hiking poles if you have them! took us 4 hours to go to the top and back down (took less time going down then up haha)

16 hours ago

This hike is rated as difficult on all the other information sources I’ve found. It is absolutely do-able but there are not many flat areas to rest your legs before the next relentless climb. This hike seems to be all uphill, all the time. It was fun and very very challenging. If you are new to hiking, this isn’t the place to start. The views at the top are amazingly beautiful!

21 hours ago

The views from the trail of the Bow Valley and Barrier Dam in Kananaskis are surprisingly great. Definitely follow the advice given by many others in the below reviews to go COUNTER-CLOCKWISE and be sure to do the whole loop. We encountered a number of hikers who gave up when the way-finding near the scramble section going up (around the 1.5 km mark) got a little less obvious and turned around...what a mistake! I didn't mind going up the first section of trail to the summit of Heart Mountain, but I wouldn't want to descend it. Conversely, once you reach the first summit, the remainder of the trail is surprisingly good. There are a number of easy segments along the ridge-line before a few steeper, rocky sections coming down on the far side of the loop (around the 6-7 km mark). There also isn't a lot of shade for most of the hike, so be sure to bring lots of water if it's a warm day. I went through my entire 2 litre hydration bag by the time we descended to the flat section paralleling the highway.

Amazing hike! Would do it again. We went up the heart mountain and hiked the horseshoe trail. Took us awhile because it was quiet and breathtaking.

This was a very deceiving trail. It is not for beginners. As well there were many grizzly sightings along the way and the trail was not clearly marked. Beautiful views but for experienced hikers.

Guys, it is an awesome trail but some scramble at the end with loose rocks. Coming down the same way, a little tough from the peak for the first 15-20 mins or so. I did the hike in 2 hours and 10 mins up and down, but then I was alone so just kept climbing and literally ran down. Amazing views from the top. Gives a satisfaction of reaching a summit.

Awesome variety of views, loved getting to see Barrier Lake on the back side.

Stunning from beginning to end

Leg burner with amazing views. At the very top it’s a bit of a scramble on loose rock. Noticed all levels of hikers on the trail. For people that don’t hike much, it’s a challenging but rewarding trail. I’ll do it again once my legs have forgotten ;)

Highly recommended hike, leg burning hike for sure, hard on the lungs going up, hard on the legs/knees going down, very steep all the way up, but worth the view at the top, please make sure you have enough water to last you a total of 4 hours, i find that going down was much easier for me so only took us 1.5 hours going down compare to going up took us 2.5...this is a difficult hike for a beginner like me, make sure you are with someone who will push you all the way...wear hiking shoes and use trekking poles, it’s a big help....and oh yeah bring snacks:) will give you energy going down...hope you will have fun just like me who almost gave up after 30 minutes, but nonetheless #IMADEIT so #WORTHIT, oh and go there early so it’s not busy, we went up around 9:30 am less busy but when we came down around 12:30 lots of people are going up....you have to wait for people to pass through as the trail is very steep....

Amazing hiking. Recommended

3 days ago

The plan was to do the West Wind Pass hike.We missed the path at some point and decided to follow the Rimwall Route instead of doubling back.Made it as far as the ridge at 2,400 metres or so elevation but not the summit. Beautiful view of both sides from the top of the ridge! (Saturday, July 15)

3 days ago

Amazing hike but very easy to take the wrong trail.. definitely go counterclockwise but stick to the left trail the entire way up when you get to the big boulders. I would also track yourself on the map. We ended up going too far right which also looks like a trail but takes you to two scrambles a huge cave on the left hand side then a rock wall which you have no choice but to climb. This does get you back to the real trail.. It was a fun detour but not for those scared of heights. The trail from there onwards is a beautiful ridge walk with constantly changing terrain. Stunning views, loved it!

I did this hike Sunday and loved it. I suggest starting early morning because it's less busy and it can be quite cumbersome trying to pass people on the trail. Be prepared to work because it does not level off. Poles are handy. despite how warm it was at the parking lot and the majority of the trail, bring a jacket the wind at the summit is cold. Small scramble at the top. you can also get to Miners Peak from here (I was too tired).
Views are amazing.

Difficult fit my very experienced hikers. Steep but good. You will actually get to a peak.

Great hike! Like others said, be careful not to miss the trail directly to the right of the pretty little waterfall. The trail goes up quite steeply and appears to almost be an animals trail. The hike is steep and the dirt is loose and easy to slip on but the views are amazing at the top! Great short hike!

We almost got lost because there weren’t any signs. I found it hard but it was all worth it at the top!

We approached the trail to White Buddha (Otherwise known as Vents Ridge) by way of the Powderface Trail on the south side of Powderface Creek. Maps suggested an optional route along the north side but we didn't see the starting point of the north side trail. The trail north from Powderface is pretty clear once you get there but it is easy to miss it when the waterfall catches your eye. My old knees found the trail kind of steep but footing was good and overall the trail up wasn't particularly hard. The cliff face was really great. Obviously well used by climbers. Lots of hardware bolted into the rock. Shale and scree was a bit slippery for the last few feet but not a problem with the right footwear. Beautiful views all around (Calgary is visible some 60 km away). On the way down we found the trail on the north side of Powderface Creek and followed it back to the parking lot. Not easy to pick up the start among the cars but it's there. Overall a good hike.

AMAZING views at the peak. I recommend going all the way to the tip-top instead of stoping right before it. The extra 10 minutes is worth it.
It is incline the whole way up, and decline the whole way done. Which means: hard on the lungs on the way up, hard on the legs/knees on the way down.
Definitely challenging but if you are up for a good workout, it is definitely worth it.
Took us about 4 hours (2 and 1/2 hours up, 1 hour down) with 30 minutes at the top for lunch.
Seriously though.... the view and peak is incredible!

Amazing experience from start to finish! So worth the view to make your way up the scree and battle that wind! I will do this one again.

Maybe I'm a newbie, but found this hike on the harder side. Mostly because I was wearing nikes with no grip. My bad. slipped a couple times on way down. Took us 2 hours up and back. Trailhead is tricky to spot - like another said, you'll see waterfall on left, a few steps back is a dirt trail on the right going up - that's the one. Channel your inner mountain goat and enjoy.

Amazingly beautiful. Gets busy depending on the day and the season. The views from the top of the ridge are unbelievable. The ridge is a challenging hike up. The Rawson hike is moderate and enjoyable.

Very good trail. Elevation building fast with some flat areas to rest, easy to let other hikers by absolutely stunning after the tree line to the peak!

Steep and challenging hike, but well worth it! Had lots of fun scrambling up the peak. Hiking boots and walking sticks are definitely recommended.

Rawson Lake Closed due to bears

Beautiful hike!! The hike up to Rawson Lake is a steady incline but manageable! The hike from the lake to the ridge is more difficult as it is very steep - I would strongly recommend poles. It is doable though and so worth the view! We even saw a goat on the ridge with us. I would do this hike again.

It was a beautiful, nice hike starting in the forest with a creek on the other side of the trail, there’s quite a few bridges to cross ( very well done ) .
Up all the way until the third lake with some sections that were steeper than others.
It took us about 2 hours to get to Lillian Lake, we stopped to grab a snack and continue to Galatea lake, Lillian lake was busy with all the campers and hikers that were fishing there were also mosquitoes.
Took us about 40 min steep up to Galatea lake, the views got better and the color of the lake was just beautiful from this point if you have time I would highly recommend to go to the third and last lake “upper Galatea” it is smaller but absolutely gorgeous, it ended being my favourite out of the 3 and just took us about 25 minutes to walk there.
Bring an extra layer for the top and plenty of water.

It was a great hike, steep up most of the time inside the forest. View from the top was amazing.
Make sure to bring enough water, sun screen and layers there’s a lot of people that said it gets windy once at the top. For us was different, nice and sunny we still brought them tho.
Took us about 2 hours 15 minutes to get up to the very top and 1 hour 15 min to come down.
If you have time stay up there for a while, enjoy the view while you grab a snack.

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