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Easy hike with a nice scenery. Great for kids or first time hikers!

Really beautiful hike, highly recommend. Check out my full guide on Hikingguy com.

Great quick little sunrise hike!

cool stop on our way out

16 days ago

Very fun with the fresh snow! Microspikes/yaktrax definitely not required at this point, but you might find they come in handy near the end. The seasonal spring at the end is frozen over currently but it's a fun short hike.

21 days ago

this was my first hike ever! simple easy in and out hike.


on Natural Arch

24 days ago

This walk is tougher than you think as you simply walk along the riverbed the whole time so walking in sand. Only saw 1 natural bridge as did not go all the way as after 2 hours one way we were tired. Also the main arch has collapsed. Limited parking at trailhead only enough for 4/5 cars on side of road area.

26 days ago

Easy out and back with nice views.

Really nice trail very peaceful and many paths to roam. I think this is easy not moderate. If you do the full trail and back along with some side paths you will have a great workout at the end. Easy to find parking area with bathroom and picnic table.

28 days ago

The worst hike(walk) I’ve done so far.. walking on super soft sand pretty much the whole way.. great views but after a while it all looked the same and got boring.. got to the end and no natural bridge standing,, so was pointless to go there!! I would give a -5 starts if could!!

Did the loop trail instead. Definitely recommend it over this super short one. Picturesque and fun.

Starts out as a fairly easy trail, but toward the end of the trail there are a lot of off-shoots that can cause minor confusion. Plenty of shade, and lower elevation than other trails in the area.

1 month ago

Lots of people. Trail not greatly marked. Doesn’t really have an “end” to the trail. Saw rock climbers which was fun. Would recommend.

Amazingly beautiful hike. two trails to choose from. red for easy, black dash trail for a slightly more technical route. lots of ticks this time of year, so be aware of your surroundings. great for dogs, and kids.

Nice hike. I think we took about 90 minutes. We went up 100 and down 200 which I think was the good way to go. There are dry waterfalls on the 100 side to go up, but nothing very difficult.

1 month ago

Short easy trail that is great for a sunrise hike. It can be quite narrow in places, so could be a pain if crowded with people going both directions. Also there are cactus plants with HUGE spines all over the place, so be careful with dogs and young children. Our dog ended up with some spines in her hiking boots when she strayed from the trail going after a mule deer (she was leashed so she didn't get far).
We started hiking about 30 minutes before sunrise and were out of the trees in plenty of time to see the colors creep up. Went on a weekday morning in October and were the only ones the entire time. It was also very frosty, so between the cactus spines and the frosty ground we were glad our dog had her boots.

I actually really like this easy hike because its versatile & you can go lots of different directions & very dog friendly. Some cool views & rock slides at the top.

1 month ago

Had a blast today! Even though the trail is really short the views are amazing & it goes down to these great little lagoons. My dog Annie is a total water baby & had a blast swimming all day! We had the whole place to ourselves!

Bottom Line: Like walking through Skyrim in real life.

Went with the somewhat-out-of-shape hubby and my 10-year old dog and both were able to handle this trail with ease. There was no water, so we went all the way to the end and I climbed the boulders and kept going until the way was completely blocked without climbing equipment. Very shady, but also extremely crowded on a Saturday, even early in the morning, and hardly anyone kept their dogs on leashes so at one point this giant Great Dane just ran up to my poor dog and there really wasn't much I would have been able to do if the owner hadn't been there to grab it real quick. If you take your dog, keep it on a leash and pick up after it!

Loved it

Este trail esta al cien para hacer Mt bike!

2 months ago

I wasn’t too impressed until I got to where the loop begins. Like everyone said, pretty much all gravel on the 100 side and not too much to look at. Once you get to the loop and start to see the Petroglyphs, the hike definitely gets better. Loved coming down the 200 side and seeing the city view. Pretty easy, but enjoyable hike!

Fun easy little hike that's pathway leads to our community. Nice view at top! Dog friendly

2 months ago

Was an easily accessible trail, moderate is accurate because of the high winds and narrow trail with loose rock.

Nice hike but we traveled this October and there was no waterfall or pond to see. The trail is poorly marked after the first mile. The area is beautiful to see!

Great hike!!! Hiked up and all around the mountain. Great feeling to reach the top of the mountain!!! The hike up was a little treacherous and steep for me, but I have not hiked since June. For anyone in better shape it would be a breeze. Overall great hike!!!!!

Awesome. Not a single person on the whole route! Saw a desert tortoise, coyotes and a couple of hawks... but not one damn person. It’s open terrain, no trees so be prepared for the sun to beat you down or go on a cloudy day (just happen to be so) like I did.

Good trail for hiking, but not suitable for running (loose gravel and large rocks).

Just what we were looking for. Not much elevation, beautiful views. Easy for young kids.

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