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my s.o. took me here for my birthday last year. great views and we had fun. now chain o lakes will always hold a special place in my heart.

Some forks in the trail are not marked at all, so this turned a bit into a guessing game. When you get to the parking lot, go on the unmarked wider trail and just a bit farther down will be a sign. We went with young children and took the wrong one from the start, which added a lot of time. It was pretty, but our kids were over it by the time we actually found the waterfall.

Also, the day we went there were a LOT of active spiderwebs that we had to gently push through. (ALL had spiders in them.) Just be prepared for that.

But this was very beautiful and only about 40 mins from SW Fort Wayne.

9 days ago

if you like hard hikes. this isnt for you. its boring and standard. good for city folk and the weaker outdoors people.

Took the whole family. Loved the trail. Beautiful area to spend part of the day in.

14 days ago

Great trail. challenging.

This was a great escape! Fairly moderate trails, quite enjoyable.

beautiful park. watch north side right now... trails turn into dead end into swamp. bug spray is necessary. you can adjust and take upper dune or lower dune trails instead

The trail was wide and maintained very well. Don’t expect great views of the lake, the vegetation makes it hard to see between the trail and the water most of the time. The terrain is generally pretty flat and a great hike, however!

Nice shaded trail! The waterfall was cool! Will definitely return!

Trails maintained nicely, nothing difficult about trails, great for distance running-walking.

1 month ago

Beautiful and very well-kept park.

Shaded trail great for walking your fur babies. Nice little waterfall with a stream along the trail.

Very solid trails. I’m not sure that it gets much better in flat Indiana. Trail 7 through the wetlands was very nice.

2 months ago

Awesome park ! Wonderful nature but only downfall is the bugs are out terribly! Make sure you bring bug spray!

Great hike, kind of short. Parking is incredibly limited so get there early! We loved wading in the creek when the water wasn’t too deep!

Chain O’Lakes is one of my favorite state parks in Indiana. Love the elevation changes, the gorgeous sunsets, the birds and the beavers! The dogs and I come here as often as we can.

This is actually 11 trails and a Indiana 50/100mile trail instead of one big loop. Most loops are under a mile but trail 6, 10 & 11 are 2-4miles. There is also the yellow Indiana 50/100 trail which is not on the park’s map.

Most of the trails are packed mud, sand or gravel though sometimes you come across water logged mud patches or areas of leaf and gravel litter. What is nice is that horses are not allowed here so the trails are not destroyed or covered in manure! Lol

Drove from Ft Wayne to do a photo session with our dogs and we were not disappointed! We’ve gone to all the trails around the city and wanted to go somewhere with more...everything! This was it! The trails were well maintained and well directed. Our dogs had a blast during the session at the waterfall and we had a blast watching them! Will come back, for sure!

I'm a beginner, I thought this trail was fun, beautiful, and would come back without a doubt. Scenic waterfalls and views of the river and nature in general.

7 months ago

Love this park, it is a close hidden gem in the Fort!

Awesome trails!!!
Starting at the nature center going towards the inn pick up trail 3 heading out to trail 9 then over to bluebird hill then on to the spring shelter then out to the farthest point along snow lake then follow trail along the lakes through part of the campground and the beach then pick up the trail again heading back towards the nature center is about as close to a nice 10 mike loop my wife and I love to do!!!! Oh and don’t forget a trip up to hells point!!!!!!

Did full 2-mile hike w Rach! 10degrees, snow-covered, partly sunny, lake frozen...awesome! Can't wait to try again when it thaws out

7 months ago

Great hike with the family! 10 degrees. Snow covered trail. Frozen lake

Beautiful trail by the waterside. Couple spots you can just sit and watch the water. Little hilly. One of my favorites.

The bison make this trail a 5. Otherwise a well maintained but basic trail.

Absolutely one of my favorite local hikes! Many trails to choose from featuring a pond, a river, and a few small waterfalls! Kokiwanee has it all!

Hiked in the fall and experienced some beautiful views of the lakes with woods background. Trails are well maintained and marked. Good forest views away from lakes. Love this park.

9 months ago

Great hike along the lake; well maintained trail!

The best fun is had when you go off the trail— there are some felled trees that make cool bridges. Just don’t get lost!

This was a nice area with the water view. My friend and i went on a morning hike and it was calm and relaxing. Well recommended for a short hike and calm setting.

Decent trails when you aren't crossing streets or walking through parking lots or shelter locations to get to the next secion of the trail. Wetlands were beautiful and walking along the lake was nice. Not very rugged at all.

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