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Good hike experience with the nature and adventure. Although it’s flat after the first 2 miles. It’s challenging with rocks all over. Great feel after doing 12 miler

Great Hike, nice steady climb to overlook. Very crowded. Took counter clockwise route.

20 hours ago

Awesome! Beautiful rocks and some fun scrambling!

I was at the Pinnacle twice this past week. Be careful of snakes at the top on the right when you first get to the overlook. I saw a copperhead and Timber rattlesnake. However this is always a great hike with spectacular views both at The Pinnacle and Pulpit Rock! Wear good shoes!

My husband and I hiked this trail on a clear, winter day in January and nearly had it to ourselves. It was mostly flat and wooded -- very peaceful. The views from the top were lovely. Highly recommend.

I finally registered an account for the sole purpose to warn others from wasting their time here. Beyond muddy after the wet summer we have had, not one or two spots, for miles. Road noise, boat noise, overgrown in the spots not muddy and very buggy. To top it off, not scenic despite being lakeside. Nothing to make it worth the trouble-letdown!

I’ll have to go again where I can do entire trail. I had my geriatric pup so had to take it easy but it’s Pete t for her because nice and flat :)

Be sure to wear hiking shoes and stay for a couple of hours to complete this hike. The vistas are awesome. I went to pulpit rock first and then journeyed on to the Pinnacle lookout behind the huge pile of rocks.

I was unable to find my way back through the shorter route and wound up spending 7 hours and hiking over 8 miles or more because there aren’t really good markings for the shorter path back. There are quite a few spots with no cell service (at Pinnacle Peak for one) also, so don’t rely on your cell phones GPS for navigation.

Leave yourself lots of time and be sure to bring water and maybe a snack and you should be good. First time on the AT, so I think I learned a few lessons about how to prepare for my next hike. Enjoy!

we turned around on the very steep hike to the rusted machinery. when you hit the stone bridge do not walk across it. go straight. we went over the bridge and had to find our way back onto the trail.

Mason Dixon trail is all over the place and that’s what I love about it. You go up and down and all over. Great views and good challenge. Beautiful waterfalls and just a fun trail.

19 days ago

We'd read many of the previous reviews and were ready for the "physical" hike. The beginning is an easy walk in the woods. When we got to the boulders the hike turned fun although we watched where we were stepping. At approx 1 mile we saw 4 very pretty (my wife doesn't agree) copperheads within 3 feet of the trail. Being from northern New England, where we don't worry about snakes, we chickened out and turned around. The trail is gorgeous so we vowed to go back in cold weather.

This is a great hike, with amazing views and lots of interesting rocks to navigate. The descent along the creek is peaceful and nice. A great hike 8-9 miles

Outstanding hike! The views at the pinnacle are amazing. I’m betting the views on the way to the pinnacle are also amazing but a lot of foliage. That’s ok, good excuse to go back in the fall! We prefer the clockwise direction of the loop, but fun either way. Take water!

20 days ago

It was an awesome hike will definitely be back again well worth doing the whole thing

Great views, friendly hikers along the way. Follow the white trail markers on the trees, or it is easy to get lost. Otherwise, a great upward trek with much satisfaction at the end.

Short and sweet. Wish it was longer.

Great Hike with amazing views! Make sure to take water and a few snacks, it's a LONG hike if you do the full trail/loop. Make a pit stop at Pulpit Rock...absolutely incredible.

Really great hike! Be very careful around the sunny areas on the rocky outcrops I saw a timber rattlesnake and two copperheads on one visit! They are usually on the rock crevices and under shady areas!!

One of my favorite Trails for sunrise

I would have rated this trail higher except for 2 main things. 1. we walked right past the Pinnacle lookout by 1.5 miles before we asked somebody and had to turn around. And we weren't the only ones that missed it. Another hiker that had done it before said it was more overgrown than usual and there were no signs or arrows. 2. The trail markers and maps were awful on the second half of the loop. We stopped and asked someone else if we were going the right way back to the parking lot (this app didn't help on this trail) and they said take a sharp left at the helicopter pad. Unfortunately I was picturing a round landing site with an H in the middle, not the small patch of grass and we walked another mile out of the way before asking yet another group of people. So the 9 mile hike turned into about 14 and not relaxing. I know it sounds like we're a bunch of idiots but we have hiked many trails, far more difficult and rugged than this that were way easier to follow. I suggest you go with someone who is familiar with the trail. The views were nice but about the same as Hawk Mountain which is very clearly marked and much quicker.

P.S. When we finally made it back to the parking lot we were met by 2 men looking for their female friend who had gone off jogging by herself and hadn't returned yet. We met this woman by the helicopter pad field and collectively didn't know which way to go. We unfortunately made the wrong decision and she ran off ahead and we didn't see her again after we turned around. We offered to help locate her but they said they would split up and gone back in so we gave them our extra water. I hope she eventually made it out but just further proof it was very easy to get lost on this trail.

best local hike around philly. go past the first blue trail turn to add a mile and see the spring. definitely a great day hike. 9.6 miles approximately. I arrive early (before 8am) and only saw a few people passing me with no water or backpacks making me assume they were not doing the whole loop. saw only 3 people i passed after pinnacle, all backpackers.

Really nice trail, well maintained, however some graffiti on rocks along the way. Not very difficult, but some areas are rocky.

Not for the weak! Plenty of camping areas along the way. 3 of us backpacks up there taking our time and hammock camped. Source of water was endless if you have a filtration system.

1 month ago

Kids we too short to get across wire bridge water was too high to go over log that others had suggested. Seemed great just wanted to FYI (We did know it was marked hard) this was near start of trail.

The hike was pretty nice with a lot of neat features: Creek, ski slopes, chair lifts, mountain bike trail, ropes course, etc. The loop has three distinct parts as well: paved biking trail along the water, access roads for the ski resort, mountain biking trails.

The reason I gave a 3 star review instead of a higher rating is that none of the trails are marked well and there are a lot of unmarked side trails so you need to rely on GPS and a map to figure out where you are. I'd much rather put my phone away as soon as I find a trail head rather than pull it out every time I come to a split.

As a side note I went clockwise around the loop which brings you up a pretty intense mountain biking trail (with bridges, banked turns, and drop offs). Fortunately as I was hiking with 4 and 2 year old children no one came down but I could imagine a biker flying down the trail and taking us out at any point.

The hike was moderate but the views were great from both Pinnacle and Puplit rock. Took was about 4 hours with breaks at both the points . We did the loop counterclockwise so we reached the Pinnacle first . But I would love to come back and do it from the pulpit rock end . I think that would be a bit more challenging .

on White Rocks Trail

1 month ago

loved this hike. didn't make it all the way out to the end. went in the evening and lost the light. will be revisiting.

Really fun hike along the AT. Take the North Trail where it splits off from the AT for the best views on a clear day. And the South Trail is a lot of fun - if you enjoy a good rock scramble!!

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