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1 month ago

This hike is sooo worth it. It offers a great view of the high Sierra for not being that strenuous.

Beautiful lake and great trail! The views of the Sierra's are stunning. Completed in September 2016.

Did this trail in November on a "light day" of hiking with my wife. I absolutely loved it - high elevation makes for a magical, quiet surreal experience as you trek upwards towards the mountain. Upon reaching May Lake, I was blown away - the isolated lake on the mountain top is something out of a fantasy book. Great spot to stop for lunch before heading up Hoffman. If youre going doing later months, bring an extra sweater - it's cold by the lake!

4 months ago

We had a wonderful guided tour with Ranger Jacqueline Ramirez. This is an absolutely beautiful Trail. We tried to hike up now coughing but it was just too strenuous. Even if you go a little way the views are spectacular

The hike seemed a bit longer than the sign indicated at the beginning of the trail from the parking lot (1.2 miles), but it was definitely worth the wait!

The hike was gorgeous and my mom and I got there just in time to see the sun set behind the mountains! If you’re planning on hiking around the same time (5-6pm) I highly suggest bringing a jacket because it gets chilling hiking on the way back.

5 months ago

A moderate trail with great views.

The trail as marked starts at the entrance of the track, not from the car park which is 2 miles in. So if you want the longer hike, you can walk the extra 2 miles by starting at the road. Otherwise it’s a short and easy hike to the lake.

From the lake you can make your way up to Mt Hoffman which is a great summer scramble and offers great views of the valley. Highly recommended.

5 months ago

The trail immediately gets pretty steep, but it really isn't all that difficult. The final climb at the end once you leave the trees can get a little bit sketchy. You're climbing up the face of the dome, and all you have to rely on is your shoes gripping to the granite. So be careful, take it slow, and enjoy the amazing views from the top.

Nice hike up to the lake and not too strenuous. Unfortunately the day we went it’s was very hazy due to a wildfire outside the west side of the park so visibility wasn’t great. We also walked on for another mile or two to extend the hike. Bug spray is a must!

Spectacular lake. Easy walking trail, but made more challenging by the fact that it is at 9,000 feet.

Hiked to May Lake day after Independence Day after landing a wilderness permit the week before. It's a 2 mi drive via a potholed road to the trail head. Once parked, make sure you pay attention to the trail head signs, there's 2 trails leaving the lot. A moderate 2 mi hike takes you to Lake May and the High Seirra Camp. After finding a crowded campground, decided to hike 2 more miles past the lake to fine solitude. Came upon a beautiful pond surrounded by granite and meadows - postcard picture perfect hiking/camping! The site was beyond the NPS wilderness camp arrow head and below 9,400' so campfires were permitted. Only complaint were the mosquitos, make sure to bring bug spray, it's worked but had to apply every 20-30 min. Absolutely awesome moderate hike! On the return hike, cast my fly into Lake May, but not a sign of any fish - though was greeted by a woodchuck ;)

A beautiful hike through granite country with spectacular views of surrounding ranges!

Really enjoyed how scenic this trail was. Great for kids! The two twin bridges were lovely and after a warm day it was nice to hang out in the river before finishing up the trail. We even saw donkeys passing though on the bridge. The meadow is breathtaking.

6 months ago

Soooooooo.....I guess we didn't take the trail up.
But we definitely took it back down. It was nice. The views are great, I love how you can see sparkly Tioga Road winding through the trees and the mountains in the distance. Peaceful, we got lucky and it wasn't cherry crowded at the top.

For little effort (if moderately fit) the views are expansive and outstanding. Hiked a few hours before subset and there were very few people on the trail. Loads of room up top if you want to spread out from other people. We walked up the adjacent rock also - another great outlook but very windy. Started at dog lake car park just near visitor centre.

So cool! Go to the top, spectacular view of Tuolumne Meadows. Worth an hour and a half of your time.

This place was so fun. Easy going down but steep coming up. Keep left first at the fork right at the second fork for the loop

I have a question is there fish in the lake

Very beautiful scenery and views. Missing that last star because there were lots of fallen trees blocking the trail and the trail was very rocky. Overall very nice and worth the hike!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Don't forget the bug spray. Did this hike a few days ago. Beautiful scenery, lake still partly frozen, and mosquitoes are out in force.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Disappointed to arrive at the turnoff to May Lake to find the road to the trailhead was closed. We decided to hike the extra distance anyway. We found the road was closed because of a tree down and a lot of deep snow. The hike itself was actually pretty easy and wasn't very steep. The steepest part is just below the lake. We arrived at the lake to find it was still frozen despite being about 80 degrees and in the middle of July! We later attempted to head to the top of Mount Hoffman but turned back due to the amount of snow (not to mention a local guide advised against it for that same reason). All in all, thought the lake was beautiful and the hike was relatively easy.

Road to trail closed but you can walk adding another 2 miles each way, lots of ice, the lake is completely frozen.

Easiest high Sierra camp to get to but still beautiful and worth it. check out Mt Hoffman while you're there too, it's the geological center of yosemite.

on Lembert Dome Trail

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Started from the Lembert Dome parking at 8am and had the hike to myself (super special considering its summer time in Yosemite). The hike takes you up a good enough climb through the trees and is well marked. Dog Lake adds an additional .3 out and back from the main trail.
The view from the top was amazing!! I looped around to the left of the rock face at the top to summit. So glad I did this hike!!!

Just went to the lake and back. Gorgeous views. When you reach the lake hike up to a non marked lookout to the right of the lake. Fun to hike in June with still a little snow and running snow melt creeks.

Awesome adventure. The road to May Lake parking area had not been plowed, so we parked at the turnout about a half mile east instead of at the road entrance. We could have walked up the road but from the turnout there was actually a trail, which with the snow, disappeared from time to time. Hiking through snow was fun and challenging, as the melt opened thin spots where we could fall through plus it was hard to locate the trail. As we approached the High Sierra Camp, the snow got deeper and if not for the lake, we could have easily got lost - in fact, the same day, some hikers got lost trying to get to Sunrise Lakes. The lake was half frozen, providing some awesome photo ops. We went across the spillway side and could not find the Mt. Hoffman trail, so turned back; overall about 8 miles RT. It was fun and the following day we went to the top of Half Dome. May Lake was a great warmup.

Fun easy hike but no swimming in the lake :/

Very nice trail, and quite tame. Can be steeper towards the end, just before gaining the final step to the lake, but nothing too challenging. My 4 and 6 year olds were able to make the hike pretty easily. Trail was in good condition except for two places where pines had fallen across. One required climbing over the trunk, the other spot had a fairly established little bypass. Nothing too difficult, but could be a problem for stressed-mobility folks. Today, the mosquitos were out, but as long as you stay away from denser vegetation such as young pine thickets, you'll be fine. Even so, we walked through a few intentionally looking for a place to have a nice lunch and the bugs were there, but non aggressive.

BEAUTIFUL view and great hike up and back. Worth a revisit!

This trail rocks: it's short, it's easy, low crowd factor, easy parking, there's a lake, and there's a peak to summit. You park right at the trail head and then it's a gradual and easy climb uphill. On the way up you are surrounded by the peaks of the high country (and marmots!) and when you arrive, you get a beautiful lake with Mt. Hoffman long nearby. I went just as the Tioga Pass opened so there was quite a bit of snow, so I suggest waiting a bit longer than opening day to check it out. WARNING: do not swim in the lake! May Lake is the direct water source for that high sierra camp so please don't contaminate it.

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