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Absolutely fantastic views!

2 days ago

Bring fly pole for Graylings, also if want can try bottom fishing and get some cutthroats. Very fun hike and fishing!

3 days ago

Truly the hike of a lifetime! The type of trail that gets more challenging and more majestic with every mile. I think about this afternoon regularly and can't wait to come back some day. Not to be missed!

horseback riding
3 days ago

Awesome trail to a beautiful lake. The trail was clear all the way. Some steeper switchbacks at the end, but worth the climb. The lake is beautiful and we enjoyed fishing while we were there. Highly recommend. We rode in mid-September. Good fall color.

Multi-purpose trail and lots of people out using it. If you are looking for an easy stroll and a double track for a group of people, this is a nice option.

Hard but definitely worth it. The last creek crossing is a bit unnerving but the logs are rather steady. The views are spectacular! The wild flowers are everywhere, the creek and various falls are picturesque, all culminating in the two lakes at the top. However basically the whole hike is very steep once you pass Pine Creek Falls which makes both up and down tiring. But for those who are willing to put in the work, you will be glad you came! Also, if you can, bring a camera. And I was able to camp to the right of the smaller lake near the more western stream that comes from the western part of the falls coming from the top of the lakes. As I had to carry all my gear for the night and I didn't have polls and I am a fairly small person, it took me 4 1/2 hours to get to the top and 3 1/2 hours to get down, but that was going slow, carrying a lot of weight and trying to be careful. The trail is well trafficed but not crowded, so yes you'll see people but you can still enjoy the lonliness of the woods. All together definitely worth it!

4 days ago

We hiked this going clockwise because we missed the counter-clockwise trailhead. Still a very scenic hike! I have a knee that does not do well on long steep downhill hikes, so taking the clockwise direction actually helped because the east side (Lake Rainy side) has steeper grades in sections. The halfway point and second half of the hike (west side of Lake Anne) is the most scenic. Beautiful! If you do this hike clockwise, you will find yourself glancing backward occasionally for the views on the second half.

5 days ago

Bring a fly rod for graylings.

5 days ago

We absolutely loved this hike. The elevation change was a challenge but the views and lakes were well worth it. What a great hike!

6 days ago

We went counterclockwise by accident, not having read any reviews other than talking to locals. I was feeling bad for those we met coming up who were going clockwise, because the trail up going that way is gnarly. Steps up of 20-25 inches. Narrow, NO view, dusty. relentless upward like climbing a ladder sometimes. Going down the gnarly sections, one can simply hop down, but I can't hop up! Clockwise this is probably a "hard" trail and gets two stars. Going the right way, one gets constant views for the effort. It is sunny for the first 60% of the trail going the "correct" way, counterclockwise. Take water, because Lake Anne is it in the fall. There is probably more water in the midsummer and snow thru June or later. For those not familiar with the Cascades, thinking that a 5000 ft pass is wimpy, better think again. They get serious snow up here and winter at 7000 feet in the north Cascades is like winter at 11000 feet in the Rockies. Prepare to spend 6 hours on the trail. It's almost the perfect day hike. We are from Nevada, and used to being the only ones on the trail. This trail seemed crowded, probably passed 15 groups going the other way, no idea how many people going the same way as we were.

10 days ago

The previous reviewer is correct about the elevation. It is ALL uphill and very rocky. It was a tough hike with a backpack on. This was my first hike at this high of altitude, too, and it took a while to adjust. Once my ears popped a few times I felt so much better! Even though it was difficult, it was absolutely beautiful! Lots of amazing views and waterfalls. There's also many places you can access water along the way. A good portion of the trail is also shaded which was nice because it was a very hot day. The third bridge is still down but there are two logs set up that are easy to cross, one to walk on, and one to hold on to. Went to Blue Lake this time and will be definitely be doing this hike again to check out Twin Lakes.

Absolutely gorgeous hike! Take the time to visit the many waterfalls that you pass on the way. It is completely worth it! Much harder trail than Grotto due to the length and the rocks. We didn’t make it to the lake due to us losing daylight and the rain. But definitely intend to start earlier next time and finish this trail. Ended our journey at Chasm Falls which has the little bridge. Pack lots of water, you’ll need it. Saw a few wildflowers on the way.

16 days ago

Days off from work are the best days to explore new places, so six of my friends, my dog and I set out for Maple Pass from Seattle yesterday. Some of us had never done a hike in WA and some of hike only once or twice a year so this one KICKED OUR BUTT by the time we got to the top but wow, it is the most beautiful hike I've ever done in WA and I've done quite a few of the popular "must see" hikes. Like other people have said, the views make it worth it on the way up, counterclockwise. The way down seemed long for those of us with bad knees but I don't think I would have made it up if we went clockwise. We also got a bit lost on the way down once the paved road started we went towards Rainy Lake but it turns out we were supposed to follow the paved road to the left coming off of the trail to get back to the parking lot. Luckily there were quite a few people to ask for directions help. The whole thing took us 4.5 hours and we had 4-5 short breaks along the trail with lunch at the top. Definitely will do this one again! It's my new favorite!

17 days ago

great views at first falls and as you hit switchbacks above 7000 feet. At the top, first small lakes are beautiful. Pine Creek Lake is behind last saddle. it is larger and shoreline is large boulders and rock. nice spot for lunch before descent.

18 days ago

I did this hike with two of my gf’s and my dog and had an amazing time! We went counter-clockwise around the loop and did the quick there-and-back trail to the Lake Anne. We are glad we went as the lake was clean, sparkly and gorgeous! The views were stunning all the way around the loop. There were some narrow parts of the trail with steep drop-offs, so we were mindful of our footing. On the way down the mountain one of my friend’s knees were hurting as it was very steep. Our Fitbit tracked our mileage at 10.5 miles, a bit further than this sight said (including our quick trip to the lake). We stopped a couple times for lunch and water, but we spent a total of about 5 hours on the trail. We have done many PNW hikes and this one is now one of our favorites! We would all highly recommend it.

19 days ago

once you get past pine Creek falls it's switchbacks and uphill hiking the rest of the way. It was definitely a workout and I had to take multiple breaks along the way.

Just hiked up to the ridge line with my girlfriend and small dog. 100% breathtaking. Lakes are gorgeous, weather was perfect. No bear sightings

21 days ago

The trail description is incorrect! It's about 3 1/2 (easy) miles to the waterfall and Heildleberg mine, not sure how many miles (2?) from there to the lake but that is where you will encounter the elevation gain. I've sent Altrails a suggestion to edit the info.

Hiked August 1, 2018, Counterclockwise

My boyfriend and I were at first hesitant to do this hike because we aren't in the best of shape and usually aim for easier ~3 mile hikes. But on a recommendation, we decided to test our limits.

It was one of the most scenic hikes we have been on and was easier than expected! You get the most beautiful views of valleys, lakes, flowers, distant mountains, and maybe a marmot or two.

We started the loop from the right which was a gradual uphill for most of the way up. Note that the downhill going in this direction is pretty steep and our knees were hurting by the end of the hike, but for us we prefer that over steep uphill and gradual downhill. Started the hike on a Wed at 9:30am and not a lot of people on the trail. Took us about 4.5 hours total with a lunch break and lots of picture taking.

Overall, was fairly easy hike with the perfect amount of challenge for us, who aren't super active. Views were SO stunning and well worth the effort.

Pretty easy hike with very nice views

Nice hike. Continue on a bit further on to Heather Lake via the trail that leads right of Emerald Lake once you reach the lake. It's a bit more private and quiet for this trail which gets a ton of multi-use traffick.

Love this hike! It’s a good hike and a rewarding view at the top! We started our hike at 6am which was perfect because it was cool for us through the burn area!!

on Pine Creek Lake

26 days ago

It was a full day hike up and back. We enjoyed all the different incredible vistas on the way up and on the way back down. Hiking poles were key. Several waterfall views. Smoke in the valley hindered the long distance view, but the lake was spectacular, and worth the trip up.

Five star hike with waterfalls around every corner and serene lake at the end. It is incredibly gorgeous. There are still some wildflowers at the top. The smoke was bad, but not terrible.

It is a steady climb, so not too difficult. If you want to cut it short, go 4 miles to see a waterfall that you can sit under. As you cross the bridge over a smooth rock base, look up the hill! walk up the hill on the left, you can go right up to it and hang out underneath. This was my favorite part!

Very pretty trail! Word of advice— as you walk along the creek, keep an eye out for the makeshift bridge, or you’ll end up leap frogging logs only to find a dead end. Maybe that’s a newbie mistake, but it cost me 20 minutes round trip haha. This is towards the beginning of the trail, when you’re right beside the creek in the trees. I’d also recommend going to the second lake; while the first lake is cute and scenic, it is more the size of a very large pond. The second lake is a proper mountain lake, located in a small crater with large mountains rising beside it. Worth the trip.

we thought it was a fine trail! muddy and icey a bit still but not so difficult that you can't look around and enjoy the fauna. no animals but tons of butterflies!

Did the loop counterclockwise. Took us just under 5 1/2 hours. This hike was hard in my opinion. Glad we went counterclockwise because it was BEAUTIFUL on the way up and more dusty and exposed on the way down, plus we were so tired we could not have properly enjoyed the beautiful scenery. I think it would be fun to go back counterclockwise again and go to the top then turn around and go back down and go to Lake Ann. No bugs, beautiful and well maintained trail and trailhead! Not sure the mileage is accurate here... we showed closer to 8 miles.

1 month ago

I did this trail on July 23, 2018 counterclockwise. This trail has some dramatic scenery of 2 pristine lakes, wildflowers, and snow capped peaks. Personally one of the most beautiful and the hardest hike I’ve ever done. I would consider it on the hard side for a moderate hiker although in honesty I had done the Blue Lake trail right before this so I was already starting from a tired state. I had also hiked just to lake Ann and then came back to do the full loop (you have to backtrack). My advice would be have hiking poles, start early and take your time. I finished the round trip counterclockwise in about 4 hours with a very short break at the top. I ended up hurting my knee (in a lot of pain on the way down) and couldn’t hike another trail for a few days. I think I made the mistake of starting late so I rushed coming down. By the way, the blue lake trail is probably my favorite ever and it’s easier than this one. It’s not too far from this one either.

1 month ago

This is a stunning hike. Our Garmin recorded 5mi each way. Trail is as described by others. We were able to get there in our Prius, road is rocky and potholed but with care it's doable. There is a camp just before the trailhead on the left that has space and horse hitches. Plenty of room for cars and trailers, no drop toilet at trailhead. There's a few wooded group camps along the way and a spot right by the falls. Camping at the lake is tricky if there are others there. Like others said, cross the creek and there's a rugged trail you can follow, it's pretty overgrown but there are a few other spots. Bring a hammock too for more options, there isn't much flat ground. Lake is great to swim in. The group next to us caught 4 fish. Hang your food. Great hike, only downside is lack of flat ground at the lake.

1 month ago

I've been here twice. Last year, in the first week of August, the wild flowers were peaking. This year in the 2nd week of August, they were still gorgeous and lovely. I prefer the clockwise route to get the hard elevation out of the way in the shade and fast, so that the rest is more enjoyable. I don't like downhill on my knees. Starting with the counter clockwise route is a longer more gradual ascent, but also more exposed in the sun. This latter area is dazzling with flowers and I prefer to take my time here at the end. Enjoy quite a beautiful hike.

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