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2 days ago

When I arrived Lassen NP, I asked a ranger if she could do only one hike in the park what would that be. And this was the hike she said she would. So, off course our expectation was pretty high and this did not disappoint us. You can see 360 degree views from the top - the valley down below and the forrest in the park, Lassen next to it and Mt Shasta in the horizon. It was a little windy on the top. There is quite bit of flat area there unlike Lassen Peak, many of us can sit there and enjoy the view. It was very nice hike.

2 days ago

Very nice view of Kings Creek Falls. But the best part of this trail was the steep returning trail along the creek. Many picturesque cascades of Kings Creek and colorful vegetation surrounding it added this trail's value in my opinion. I think I took one of the best pictures here during 5 days in Lassen NP.

2 days ago

When I did this hike on 9/15, it started out nice weather then quickly changed to super windy and snow at the top. I read that the weather can be unpredictable and afternoon showers were common so we started around 10 figured we can get to the top by noon. I started seeing the dark cloud coming toward us and by the time we got to the top it started snow. Adding to the strong wind, the snow made us very chilled. I saw many people not wearing gloves and I was glad I was prepared for a cold weather. It turned out the snow was temporary and after 15 minutes blue sky came out, revealing the surrounding scenic views. The wind was still strong though and made difficult to stay on the top enjoying the views. This hike itself was not a physically demanding but the weather element made us miserable. The view of Mt Shasta was very nice.

super windy and not necessarily fun since the hike is pretty much dry and rocky the entire time. nice to know you climbed the highest mountain in the park though!

Hard. Extremely windy. Breathtaking!

Beautiful day for a hike through old forests, meadows, along a stream, and to the final destination where the geothermal activity occurs. The final spot really is like being on another world. Didn't see any bears (or deer for that matter). The final three miles off the pavement has some pretty washboardy areas for a small vehicle like ours. Loved the hike.

6 days ago

This is an excellent hike. The trail is masterfully constructed. This is a great hike to experience some higher elevation. For more information please watch my video at youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLfZDe6QPf0&t=15s

11 days ago

Its a great hike to mark off your bucket list if you're an avid hiker. It can be overwhelming for a beginner. It climbs 2000' in just over 2 miles but there are very little stair climbing which makes it easier on your lungs in the high elevation. Mostly in the sun so prepare well, no water source so carry enough. Many don't complete the summit, I suggest not sitting down till you do because I watch many reach the false summit and decide it's good enough cuz it's tough to get back up and move. The last bit is a scramble on steep loose rocky unmarked, choose your own path and don't feel bad if you need to sit a little coming down if you need to if it means summiting. Make sure you photo at the USGS survey marker so you know you've summited. Enjoy the views and then come down into shade to enjoy the views and lunch and watching the proud accomplishers making it to the top! And by the way, don't give a bad star review because of the smoke, it's not the trails fault for something sadly happening miles away, you can still get the amazing feeling you set out for.

11 days ago

beautiful for a waterless hike in the park.
mostly uphill, tons of switchbacks, tested my fear of heights like no other, got a bit windy once we neared the peak.

the feeling of accomplishment is worth it alone, I mean you’re on top of a mountain! but the 360 views are second to none.
very well maintained, sunblock is a must.

12 days ago

Best hike in Zion. The terrain, forrest, meadows, and streams make it all worth it to begin with, THEN you make it to an area that transports you to another planet. The colors, the steam vents, the boiling pits, everything is astounding. I had trouble leaving because my eyes just couldn't get enough of it. Its more than worth the extra gas to the southeastern area. Also, dont trust the park paper...go to Chester, turn left at the pizza place, then keep going down the eventual dirt road. If you follow the signs for Drakesbad and just keep going even when youre unsure, you'll make it. its way past the paper's stated 12.5 miles.

One of my favorite hikes ever!! Stunning woods with amazing waterfall! We actually climbed under the bridge for cool air & shade to have lunch & admire the views. The inclines are trickier because of the altitude but very doable.

One of my favorite trails in LNP.

Such a beautiful trail! We did the out and back trail to the falls and stopped to dip our feet in the creek just upstream. Nice and relaxing and not too difficult. My boyfriend and I finished the trail with Tevas on but ended up with pretty dirty feet. Would recommend hiking boots or running shoes.

16 days ago

If you only have the time for one mountain in Lassen... I'd go Brokeoff over Lassen any day. It makes you work a little on some inclines, but overall it's pretty manageable. Fire season makes the views a bit less impressive, but if you get up early enough you might be able to peep some nice ones. The big, flat summit required no scrambling and the massive switch back to reach it made it so you were barely on an incline at the end. We managed it with a ten-month-old.
Easy to follow trail, lots of flowers, possibility of seeing some wildlife.

17 days ago

Really cool trail with millions of butterflies. Completed during June 2018. Steep, and lots of switchbacks but cool near the top. You can see Shasta from the top

Great hike, very scenic. We saw the black bear standing on the trail 25' to 30' feet in front of us on the way back.

19 days ago

It took us under 4 hours round trip even with a very slow pace going up. Budget for 2.5hrs to get to the top for the sunrise spectacle! It was quite exotic to have the trail lit by all the stars (and I guess headlamps, too). Overall, the hike was quiet and the trail very well maintained. Given that the trail is very exposed, I would strongly suggest doing it first thing in the morning (if not for sunrise!) or in the evening.

Very interesting and instructional stroll about geothermal activities. It’s basically a monument to the eruption in 1916

Realize that I have bad knees from an auto accident and an older so the hike down to the falls was brutal on my knees but it was worth it. I took almost 4 hrs for the whole loop. After I reached the falls, I ate lunch there and rested my knees. The steep steps up were hard but there are several places to stop....and it’s such an incredible view of the kings creek cascades that even if you don’t have asthma and bad knees like me, stop to look at these series of water falls that traverse about .5 miles. Do it

24 days ago

Did the hike anti-clockwise as I did not plan to do this trail when I set off but decided to try it instead of doing an out and back hike to Lower Twin Lake. Found the burnt areas around Cluster lake quite eerie and didn't really enjoy that section of the hike. A little bit of ascent but overall pretty steady going.

on Lassen Peak

25 days ago

Interesting views from the top with the smoke from the fires. Pretty clear to the east and nothing both and west.

25 days ago

Beautiful hike and easy going.

Like Soph we came across a brown bear and at least two cubs less than a quarter mile from Devil's Kitchen. They were less than 10 yards from the trail. A reminder to be very bear aware in that area.

25 days ago

My first experience hiking here was for a full moon hike several years ago. I recently hiked here again in early August and while I recommend it, it’s the 2nd time I’ve gotten sick after this hike. I’m not certain if it’s the altitude change or inadequate hydration so be aware. I left at 7am and it was chilly, cold at the top due to winds, and hot on the descent so layers are important. The winds on the ascent can be incredibly strong and gusty so use caution. Water and sunscreen are a must. The last bit to the peak took walking through snow and it was fine. The butterflies are quite a spectacle; amazing to see so many swirling around. Minimal to heavy foot traffic.

One of my favorite hikes. lots of different micro climates, great views and an enjoyable hike.

1 month ago

Beautiful views even with smoke. Would recommend poles and plenty water.

Great place, beautiful scenery, hike up is not to shabby, my 5 year old son loved leading the way. We hiked on the more difficult path on the way back shorter distance. Beautiful views, overall I would say it’s an easy hike and the falls were worth checking out.

Great trail, well marked. The falls are wonderful.

Beautiful hike, lots of wildlife along the way.

Loved this hike. We saw a momma bear with her two cubs on our way down to the falls. Thought we saw it all at the falls until we hiked up the one way trail on our way back, breathtaking... highly recommend this hike.

Hiked Broke-off Mountain alone at age 67 with back pack expecting to to camp. At 2 miles in water was scarce. I ditched pack and day sacked to summit. Hazy day from fires and 85 + temperatures water was precious. Suggest to carry plenty and conserserve for hike out. Beautiful views, flowers, and butterflies. Difficult but doable round trip with day sack. Enjoy.

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