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Absolutely gorgeous. We got deviated just a bit from the trail a couple of times but it ended up actually being 7.92 miles instead. The climb up thru the canyon took awhile but the views were amazing and loved the pain of the upward climb.

1 month ago

Nothing special. Used as a slow recovery scramble for the legs after doing Chasm Lake in Colorado.

2 months ago

Beautiful views. No shade. 7 lizards

Pretty easy - beware the heat - take plenty of water and sunscreen

nature trips
3 months ago

amazing you may take a nature walk and have a picnic or hike in the tougher trail higher up.

I loved this trail, great scenery. I did however fall and broke my wrist, can’t wait till I can do it again, just as soon as I get the cast off.

Great hike! Sprained my ankle at the top but the view was worth the ace bandage :)

Started from the Cowboy Trail Rides side. Nice leg burn up through Caren Canyon to Muffin Ridge. Great views of the Strip for about a half mile along the ridge to the BDH peak. The descent down leads to multiple trails that connect to Boneshaker and ultimately back down through Fossil Ridge to the parking lot.

As of January 2018 it is now $10 to enter the park. No discount for Nevada residents.
This is a wonderful trail, a bit muddy in places due to the overnight rain but still very passable. A little elevation gain and the need to watch your footing due to rocks on the trail but otherwise an easy stroll with fantastic rocky mountain views.

4 months ago

The scenery is awesome!!!

We did a guided night hike and it was awesome.

4 months ago

Great hike with a rewarding view and a different perspective of the Las Vegas strip!

4 months ago

Nice hike. however, you definitely want to pay attention as you may get lost because the trail is sometimes hard to identify.

Great hike and a perfect day to do this open spaces hike. No water. In any of the creeks. Beautiful vistas and unexpected views of Vegas at the top.

this is a very easy trail, but the views make it a must-see

this area has several trails that vary in length and difficulty. Many of the trails can be linked together to create loops

you can go in So many directions. you will find great views and and meet great people along the way.

5 months ago

This is a great trail, but trail markers would be nice! We strayed from the trail twice when the path wasn’t as defined but once we realized we were heading the wrong way it was easy to get back to the trail. Great views and not a lot of people so that was nice!

5 months ago

Very nice. Easy walk with great views. Interesting walking on an ancient sea bed.

5 months ago

Amazing that all these beautiful trails are so close to Vegas. Stunning views everywhere if you can appreciate the rugged, rocky formations. A very serene yet challenging hike in late November.

It was beautiful!

this could be one of my most favorite trails I've done. only down side is lost the trail a few times. which led to awsome adventures. I almost preferred being off the trail. I went in February and the weather was perfect. But once that sun goes down grab a sweater.

A nice afternoon hike. Not too much of an elevation change. Great if you are a bit out of shape. It’s fun taking the tour of the old ranch house too!!

6 months ago

Beautiful trail, kid and dog friendly. great for all ages, younger children may need a little help in areas. You do cross a stream in the middle and there is also a halfway mark if You only want to do a 1mile instead of 2miles. The old houses, barns and cows are fun to look at towards the end of the trail.

My favorite kind of trail because there was almost no traffic. It's just past the visitor's center on your left. You will see a sign for horseback riding and the trailhead is just after the sign to the right. The terrain is Rocky but no boulders to climb. The rail does not have a sign marking it not are there markers along the way. There are a few spots were the trail is pretty Rocky and it can be tricky to see exactly which way it goes. The view is AMAZING! If you are into photography this trail is for you.

love this place. always new paths.

This area is where my family (local to Vegas) calls home. Pick your poison out here (for free). Easy, rocky trail approach to the Red Rocks. ..Simple desert trails not frequented by the national park tourists...Challenging scrambles with beautiful vista payouts...Enough moderate rock climbing to fill days worth of sends. Plenty of places with minimum to no exposure to picnic with little ones. This is where I teach my kids (ages 3 & 5) basic desert knowledge, hiking, scrambling, & top rope climbing. Come check out the locals spot and avoid the crowds. Word of warning....This place gets plenty of sunlight which is particularly nasty during summer months. Seriously, I almost killed my sisters dog on a 15 minute hike!!! Plan accordingly :)

7 months ago

Great trail. Fun scrambling and excellent views at the end.

Nice easy trail if you follow the right path. Trail forks several times. If you're using the app you'll be fine. Great scenery and cool rock formations. Bring plenty of water. Great workout!

A great trail. You can make it as hard as you want with rock scrambling. Red rock is a great hiking destination not far from Vegas. In the winter months that’s especially nice because of the shorter daylight hours.

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