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Tougher than I expected for a short 4 mile hike. Kudos to Jenna being able to run it downhill, it was way too loose for my liking, I was sliding all over the place. Great view of the city once you get to the top.

Beautiful and worth the short walk

Loved the soft dirt, gorgeous, and at the end there was a few ponds. Would love to see what this would be like in April.

trail running
18 days ago

Amazing views and fabulous landscape ! The trail is not hard, you can enjoy the nature and take some pictures. Very quiet.

18 days ago

This hike is a geology geek’s dream; there is so much to see!

Great trail! For an experienced trail runner, this is fun, and not super-strenuous. I did it in 2 hours as a power hike, without actually running. However, most of it was runnable downhill. I would definitely do this one again.

This is a hard hike but the views of the city and the surrounding areas is completely worth it. Lots of water, sun protection, snacks and good shoes. It’s steep! Poles wouldn’t be a bad idea if you have them. We didn’t and just took it slow.

21 days ago

Nice short trail to a small pool of water in the rock. Petroglyphs along the way which is nice. Restrooms at trailhead and fairly decent parking area compared to other areas in valley of fire state park

Best workout!!

loved the view

Kid friendly!! My daughters hiked barefooted because it’s all sand. We found water at the end of the hike and several small caves.

Nice quick hike.

1 month ago

This is an amazing hike through what I would consider a cactus garden and although at parts you are walking basically in the streambed, it is not a difficult hike. The views are well worth going for, as well as the scenery of the Joshua trees and the other cactus plants. Parking is right off the main road so lock up all valuables.
A Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks.

We definitely were not in shape for this one. But we took our time and made it to the top and back out. We they say steep and gravely, they mean it. It is all desert, so not a lot to look at. But I highly recommend hiking it if you get a chance.

Did the whole hike in my record 2 hours and 14 minutes.Not a hard hike but if your out of shape you will have trouble.I'm not in a way a fit person,but I've done tons of hikes to able to pull something like this off.

I made a quick decision while in Las Vegas to hike this trail. I read over the description but not that carefully. Its steep and difficult. I made it to the second saddle and decided to turn back because I didn't plan on two more hours. The trail is a road believe it or not. (I would not want to be driving any vehicle on that road). I'll be back in March to hike the whole thing. The views are incredible and as hard as it is, its exhilarating to hike a steep trail. Even making it to the second saddle is worth it if you don't want to hike the whole thing. The gravel is loose and its almost harder going down. Be careful. Like any hike start early.

2 months ago

Nice trail. Highlight is a cave (need headlight!). Ended up at a dead end for me as a solo hiker, as a team you could probably keep going even deeper into the canyon.

Beautiful view well worth the hike, not for beginners.

great hike beautiful.

This trail is awesome! I love working my way up during sunset so you can see it set way out in the west, and watch as all the lights of Vegas turn on. It’s a good idea to bring a headlamp if you’re doing this. One thing is that without fail I will tumble on the way down at some point. The gravel is pretty loose and it’s hard to anticipate which rocks will roll down the steep face with you on top of them. 5 stars, always recommended.

I've done this trail a few times and taken new people to it and they all love it, for the work out and especially the amazing views on both side at the peak

Hike is harder than you would expect. Go up there for sunset and then sit and watch the city light up. Beautiful night views.

Good workout trail. No a very scenic trail though. Lots of loose gravel on trail so watch your footing.

Pretty steep but over all really enjoyable, get there early because it can get pretty hot due to lack of shade

4 months ago

car got swarmed by bees before we could even hike.. they were trying to get in, and followed the car as we were leaving. not just one or two bees like 10-15..

Lots of Petroglyphs to see! Short trail but the sand makes it just challenging enough for someone on their first hike like me!

4 months ago

This is a relatively easy and very gorgeous hike. The first 2/3 is pretty flat, and goes through a Joshua Tree forest. The last part is on a moderately steep incline and takes you up to a great view of the Cima Dome. The view at the top is definitely worth the work to get there! If you have a limited amount of time in MNP this is a great hike for the list-easy to get to, pretty quick (a couple hours tops), and fantastic scenery

easy short hike for kids and pets to see lots of amazing petroglyphs. The sand is hot for pets, be careful. We saw 4 big horn sheep!

5 months ago

This was a beautiful hike. The desert scenery is remarkable, and the trail is well kept and easy to follow.

5 months ago

It was a great hiking trail but about a mile or so in it began to get more difficult. We climbed a lot of rocks and slid down some on the way back. There were a couple of bees that kept following us but we ignored them and they left us alone. Overall, it was a great hiking experience.

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