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Loved this trail. Fun boulder scrambling in mid Dec. A fav, for sure. Definitely doable. Hot springs more muddy than expected. Trail depends upon a beautiful scenic view of Lake Mead.

Incline up the hills weren't to bad but the offroad rocks at the start are a bit of a pain to walk. Only one sign letting you know you're still on the path. Couple of extra markers would be nice. Almost turned around because I wasn't sure if I was on the correct path.

Moderately difficult hike with some scrambling near the peak . great views of LV from the top.

14 days ago

Best if you have a High clearance vehicle. Road can be rough for a car.

Trail was just fine, you get a decent view of the North side of Vegas on the peak. Mostly sage and Joshua trees for vegetation. Didn't see a single person on the hike

Definitely a winner! A beautiful, isolated peak with a slickrock base that is very fun to explore. You'll probably share this hike with very few people, if you see anyone at all. I hiked from Willow Springs which made it a longer hike, but don't let that deter you; Rocky Gap Road is pretty easy (if a bit boring) to walk and the time goes by quickly. I did this hike earlier in the year; I would not recommend attempting this hike during the hotter months.

Awesome hike. Did this on Black Friday and it was still pretty warm outside. All of the ropes used to help you go down or up seemed to be in good shape. The view of the river and the dam/bridge is a great backdrop to a lunch break.

road biking
1 month ago

We've done this twice on bikes and would do it again any day or night. Perfect views of lake mead and the tunnels are great. At the end there a a restroom, water fountain, and picnic table with gazebo. Perfect first date destination.

1 month ago

beautiful waterfall at the end. very hard to find the entrance. We have done this two years in a row and its one of our fav spots. We spent the whole day down there. There was no waterfall this year, but still a pool and gorgeous scenery. We did this with two kids, ages 5 and 7. They did great.

Hot in July but great views

This trail is well worth the work. Make sure to bring plenty of water though!

Close to Vegas, easy in and out. Only challenge is the heat.

don't go in summer, i went in the middle of july at night and i damn near passed out from the heat. its a very fun hike with a lot of climbing involved do be prepared for it, bring way more water than you usually would need and be ready for wet shoes.

This was a fun way to go and see the Hoover Dam. However, the trail just gets you to the parking garage but there are plenty of signs and it’s not hard to get to the dam itself. You can also get to the memorial bridge, it just adds a bit of walking uphill, nothing too steep though. If you use hiking poles like I do make sure to bring your the asphalt feet attachments. It’s all dirt but it’s so packed down it might as well be paved. Words of caution: there is NO SHADE, bring lots of water and sunscreen. Also consider not doing this trail between June and September. If you do then go early in the day. I didn’t get back to my car until 2:30 pm and I was struggling just because the sun was so strong. Overall I thought it was great but I wish I could have done it earlier in the spring.

2 months ago

Excellent hike and the last half mile to the top is difficult and steep.
FYI.... the exact distance from the parking lot to the top is 4.55 miles one way.

Great hike and biking trail. Nice historical viewpoints throughout the way. This trail if started at the visitor's center eill lead you all the way to the Hoover Dam visitor's center.

Awesome hike! After reaching the hot springs, walk maybe another half mile to reach the Colorado River! It is very cool.

on Black Mountain Trail

2 months ago

Nice trail with a cool 360 view at the end. The grade is really pleasant for most of the hike and the steep grade towards the end is rocky, giving it a technical element (thus making it less grueling).
Definitely a great hike other than it being a pretty busy trail (saw about 8 other groups on a Sunday). In the summer you should definitely leave early to skip the midday/afternoon heat.

2 months ago

Beautiful scenery and such a refreshing hike!!

Great beginner hike. Beautiful scenery

A great and relatively easy way to get back into parts of Red Rock that you can’t see from the loop drive. The backside of white rock is beautiful and the trail climbs enough to reach some different environments with more vegetation. Nice little creek at the end. Beware bikes, ATVs and some SUVs on the early part of the trail which starts on an unmaintained road. Half mile in and you’re only on trails though so not bad.

Nice experience and views for first two miles. Does not get to dam unless add steep descent to top of Hoover Dam parking garage. More like 4 miles each way to get to dam. Best option is 2 miles out goes through all 5 tunnels, turn around and go back. Take WATER.

nature trips
2 months ago

I've been three times so far very impressed with this hike nice waterfall nice Trail took beautiful pictures of Nature and water and I got to pet multiple dogs that come to the waterfall to cool off

Great view and fun for the whole family!

I've done this on foot and on bikes with my family... great trail, we were even able to pull our youngest in a bike trailer. Loved that we could lock our bikes up and go down to check out Hoover dam.

Really easy walking trail

Nothing to not like about this trail. Postcard beautiful.

Love this trail! The cool crisp Colorado river waiting for you at the bottom is such a perfect reward!!!

3 months ago

Great hike with the kids! Dog loved swimming and playing too.

Very clearly defined trail, although the entrance wasn’t all that well marked

3 months ago

Fun! Did this hike this early this morning (4:30 a.m.) to catch the sunrise at the peak. Like others have said, the last 1/2 mile is killer.

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