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The app tells me it's 9.4 miles, 3,205' elevation gain, moving time of 3:52. 4:01 total time. (But if you look at my recording its all over the place.) I did do a little wondering along the way but not that much. The trail can be hard to locate at times, but it will only take a minute or two to figure out which way to go. Its challenging but not impossible. Like the description states...one of the ropes is a bear especially on the way back. and with wet boots. Which is almost a 100% chance.
Once you get to the river its worth it. The water was low so there was plenty of room to walk around.

Also....I challenge everyone to pick up at least one piece of trash along the way.


Just a note on distance. You see a wide range of distances recorded for Gold Strike Canyon. Some over 10 miles and some at 8 miles or less. From near the new parking area, the total distance, round-trip is 5.2 miles, according to the Park Service. At a brisk walk, I can make it down to the river in about an hour. Even on a flat surface, I would not be able to do 4 or 5 miles in an hour. Why are the distance recordings so varied? If you look at them, the data points are bouncing all over the place. Even if a person moved only a short distance, the GPS data point might be 100 feet to the right of you one moment and then 30 feet to the left and 20 feet up the next. This makes it appear you are going a lot further than you actually are. I suspect this is because of the high canyon walls bouncing the GPS signal before it reaches your phone, giving your phone wrong information about where you actually are. Even though it is shorter than you might think, it is still incredibly beautiful and a great workout!

8 days ago

Wow! What a beautiful hike!
It’s pretty advanced and requires a decent level of fitness, as there a several areas with ropes where you have to use them to help yourself get up or down. After the ropes begin, you will soon discover the hot springs that will lead you down to Colorado River just south of Hoover Dam.
The entire hike took a little over 5 miles and about 5 hours for a group of 6 of us to complete - worth every minute and every scratch I got!

16 days ago

This is one of my favorite hikes in Red Rock due to the views of the White Rocks hills and the foundations of 3 old homesteads. If you tread lightly, there is wild life to be seen especially at dusk and dawn.

It is a slight incline all the way up the trail and the rocks on the rail take your attention away from the views. Lots of shade and during peak heat, these provide some relief from the high temperatures. There is another trail the parallels La Madre Springs Trail for a while, White Rock Loop trail; some people get this trail confused with La Madre.

During the cold season, you can find snow and ice: weird in the desert to see cacti surrounded by melting snow. During warmer times, you can see all kinds of insects at the spring: Bumble Bees, Honey Bees, Dragonflies, Butterflies and wasps; The large, black wasps are called Tarantula Hawks and have the second most painful sting of all insects (see my link to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lITrR1t-v5Q ). For some people, this display of insect life is unremarkable; people who hike the dessert see this as an amazing oasis of life.

If you follow the stream that feeds the dam, you will find all those insects plus humming birds. There is a trail that roughly follows the stream that leads to a “Miners Cabin” along with two exploratory mines. The Miners Cabin Trail is detailed elsewhere on this site.

LONG HIKE. Love going here. For the first half it mostly walking. The second half is a lot of defending boulders which take a lot of time. The hots springs are nice just avoid getting your head wet because there is brain eating amoeba (naeglaria fowleri) in the springs. The walls of the trail are very nice. Reaching the Colorado river is nice. I would avoid going when it’s hot because I’m the walking portion of the hike there is no shade. Brings SNACKS and ELECTROLYTES because it is a workout!

beautiful hike and great workout

21 days ago

this was my first hike ever! simple easy in and out hike.

This was one of my favorite hikes because it really involves climbing rocks with some locations requiring rope. there's a half point where water and other goods(clothes) can be left for others in need. definitely heavily trafficked.

22 days ago

Yes, the 3rd tunnel was closed, but we run into a local and she told us we can climb up the side of the tunnel to go over to the other side. Yes, we made it! Although, we saw people just go through the tunnel even it had a "closed" sign. Take your own risk and go to the 5th tunnel. But again, the gate was closed to go further. we gave up from that point. It was a bit of disappointment but got to do a Hoover Dam tour after that instead of looking at it from the hiking trail.

Amazing hike! Definitely alot of physical work climbing rocks and ropes. A must try if you love hiking.


25 days ago

Easy out and back with nice views.

Definitely a good workout and the risk is well worth the reward in the end!

Great hike at night. Plan on 8 miles down to the lower spring. Well worth it.

1 month ago


Thanks to whom ever did that!

For a more detailed review, see my review 29 days ago.
This is the third time I have been up this trail in 29 days and it is worth the strenuous (last part of the trail) hike.

On one of my hikes to Black Mountain, I used my Asolo boots to see how they would work on this trail and the stiffness began to give me friction issues so I had to slow down. While I had planned enough time for the hike, the friction issues took my hike into the night.

I had always taken a head lamp with me along with the 10 essentials (maps, compass [even though I use GPS], sun protection, extra food and water, protective clothing, matches, fire starting materials, a knife and first aid kit). I often questioned the need for some of the ten but that day my dedication to the ten paid off, for real.

Not only did I need my head lamp, it got cold and windy so I used my rain jacket as a wind breaker (rain is not always an issue in the dessert but the rain layer is intended to serve multiple uses).

I was never afraid during this unexpected night hike, but I began to get disorientated and thought I might need to stop and camp; I had an emergency bivy for extra warmth if I needed it.

I began to wonder why it was so hard to see the trail (it was only after doing some post hike research I found out that warm light would have been better for my situation for better color contrast. Part of this trail gets faint and hard to see at points; the cool white light washes out the faint contrast between the trail and surrounding gravel. From my research, the only warm light head lamp I found was from Zebra light).

I soon heard some voices ahead but I was still a good distance from the trailhead and was wondering what that was all about… soon, I saw lights bobbing up a head: must have been 5 or 6. When then lights got closer, I saw that the lights were on trail runners… trail running at night. About three groups of them passed me; all in all there must have been 15 of them. Cool!

After they left me, I was still having some difficulty orienting myself. Suddenly, it was like someone turned on a night light: moonrise; and it was a full moon! I turned down my headlamp and, once my eyes adjusted, I could better see the trail.

Morel of the story: always carry the ten basics.

Definitely hard but still doable! Totally worth it, must get in the springs & go to the lake. So beautiful & relaxing before the hike back

Awesome !!! It’s a 3hrs to get all the way down to the lake and another 3 hrs back ... 8 miles in total

Great hike for all ages! Some technical areas, bouldering, ropes in place. Heavily trafficked.

1 month ago

Lots of people. Trail not greatly marked. Doesn’t really have an “end” to the trail. Saw rock climbers which was fun. Would recommend.

rock climbing
1 month ago

Great trail, first time bouldering! Back snacks and enough water. Gloves for climbing rocks helpful.

1 month ago

Trail closed at 3rd tunnel - we did not see any signs that it was closed until we got to that point. Tried from the Hoover dam side the next day and again there were no signs that the trail was closed. We hiked to the first tunnel and found the gates closed so could go no further. Terrible communication from the park service.

It’s a steady uphill climb that’s a good workout. Great quick hike to get the blood flowing. I didn’t think it was “easy” by any means.

Best Hike in Las Vegas!!! Moderate-Diff Intensity Hike but VERY worth it at the end. BRING a small backpack with swim or hot tub gear and WATER & SNACKS for when you get to the end but pack light ;)

Went last week (October 2018); fun bouldering, slot canyon, springs and river access. Plus some hidden spots that are fun to find.

mountain biking
1 month ago

this was great! our first effort on our bikes, windy day, lightly traveled- I will look forward to doing this again.
we combined this with additional riding along lake mead.

1 month ago

With all the great hikes in the Vegas area I don't think I would do this one again. It was super easy: wide, flat, mostly straight. But it was quite long and there is no shade except the tunnels, so I'm not sure if kids or elderly could do the whole thing. There are some great views of the lake and the railroad tunnels had bats, but mostly I hiked it so I could get to Hoover Dam without dealing with the chaos of the traffic and parking garage there. Went early in the day in June and had to help an elderly lady suffering from heat exhaustion back to her car and her daughter was going to take her to the hospital. Take plenty of water and keep in mind that if you go to the Dam, it can add at least another mile. Also at certain times of day or year the gates to certain parts can be closed.

Love this trail! One of mine & my dog Annies favorites ✌

Enjoyed the bouldering, went w/gr8 company, love that it went to the river. I'll do it at least once more and have recommended it. Sad about the the garbage but that's probably inevitable.

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