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Did this in August with some friends and it was so much fun! Definitely recommend starting early because it took us a while, especially since we did bridal falls first. This trail is hard with tons of switch backs and a lot of uphill stairs. If you are somewhat fit, you will be fine. The lake is nice to swim in during the summer time as it is completely clear and cold. Reminds me of Lake Twenty-Two but you can’t walk around it on a board walk :) Bring lots of water and snacks because there are a ton of places to take a break and look out at the landscape. Highly recommend for those of you who want a challenge!

It’s a long hike but the lake is beautiful. The water reflects the surroundings and it looks like a mirror.

5 days ago

Did this hike over the summer, so great and good tree coverage from the sun..and the best ending to a hike is a lake.... to swim in!

Visited this trail on 3/3/18. There was still plenty of snow but it was a beautiful sunny day and the trail is fairly easy to traverse with appropriate footwear.

9 days ago

Gorgeous view if you can make it to the top. Although without the GPS of AllTrails the trail can be a bit deceiving the last few miles. Wet snow first 2 miles and after you are rewarded with a winter wonderland scenery. Be aware of possible avalanche area that is close to the edge.

15 days ago

Did an overnighter last Saturday. Great trail for snowshoeing. Spent the night in hammocks. Fun times

great pit stop while backpacking through the alpine lakes for flyfishing.

No trail exists to get to the lake! Made the hike a little over halfway up. Logging mess had completely put the gravel trail to a dead end. There is no sign of any other trail to get to the lake. I roughed my way through some of the mess covered in 6” of snow to get next to (and even in) May Creek and follow that up to the lake, but it’s not a feasible option. Had to turn around and call this a wasted day. Only reason it even got 2 stars is because the creek was pretty nice when I crawled my way out to it. Don’t waste your time

27 days ago

Did an overnigher to Packwood Lake 2 weeks ago. 4.5 miles one way. 1.5 to 2 hrs each way. First overnighter this early in the year. Normal hike in with snow the last mile to the lake. It was cold, in the low 30's hiking in. Setup camp, started a fire and had dinner. Beautifully calm lake with an orange Johnson Peak in the background at sunset. It got down to the high 20's overnight. We were greeted with a warm sunrise as we had breakfast and tore down camp. Only saw 3 other people doing the same thing we did. Left around 10:30am. It's amazing how much elevation gain you loose on the way back, yet the elevation gain hiking in is so gradual you don't even notice it. This was my first real winter overnight and something everyone should try, with the proper cold weather gear of course.

Steep hike, particularly in the winter with lots of snow. Bring snowshoes if going in the winter, but you can make it without if you know what you’re doing. Amazing views on a clear day. Even a frozen lake is worth it.

This is a great trail highly recommend doing it, it is moderately hard however the view is definitely worth it!

30 days ago

One of my favorite trails. Awesome views. Lots of wild berries. Over nighter with the place all to my self! Hiked years ago so late post. Just digging up old pics. August 2012

1 month ago

Nice sunny day off work so I took advantage of the opportunity. I tried twice back in Nov of 2017 to get up to the lakes but there was too much deep snow. Today was a different story. Arrived at the trailhead at 0700, strapped on the snowshoes, and took off. It was 18 degrees out and calm. The trail has about a 4-5 foot of packed down snow. We used snowshoes all the way up to the lakes but really didn't need to. From lake #2 to #3 it's very steep and the traction from the snowshoes was helpful. We took them off at lake #3 and walked down slowly kicking in steps and that worked out much better. In these conditions a pair of Kathoola microspikes or K10 crampons would of worked better and been much lighter. But it's your call. It took us 2:40 to get from trailhead to lake #3 due to the good snow for travel.

1 month ago

One of the best in NW. Challenging hike all the way to the finish, but definitely wonderful Lake, glacier, and mountain peaks. Trail is well maintained, but on the top it gets confusing where to go for the first timers. You’ll pass a small lake to get to your destination.

Nice trail for winter time. Very very easy trail to walk with no elevation gain. No snow and not a muddy or water logged trail. Some nice views of the rover but is really a mossy forest trail.

Trail is overgrown, but a very nice hike none the less. Less people hike this due to trail conditions, better for you and I! Clear cut area and gravel trail/road are it’s only dings.

closed to public use from 02/08/18 to 07/01/18 .
what a bummer I drove all the way up here from Seattle for this hike only to find out that it is closed .
am trying to save your time .

Trail is closed to the public for lodging from 02/08/18 to 07/08/18.

beautiful views on a clear day! Easy to get to from Seattle

Probably a great place to visit during the summer. During the winter you definitely need things to accommodate deep snow and awkward walking angles. Definitely go on a clear day to get the best views. It cleared up just enough to get a good view.

on Blanca Lake Trail

1 month ago

very hard ,but on the end worth it

1 month ago

Nice stroll on a rainy Washington day. Didn’t see anyone else, loud and fast river to your side nearly the entire way. Finishing out at Murphy’s Creek was a bit disappointing, but you get what you get. A few downed trees and only one is a little tough to climb over, other wise a nice 2 hours in nature

So much fun. Easy enough for my 6 year old to hike as well. We took the upper trail in and the lower trail on the way out.

Did the falls and ran into about 4 inches of snow, tried going up to the lake and had to turn around about 1/2 mile from the top due to waist deep snow.

We did just the Serene lake and the last mile was really hard with too much snow and icy. It was pretty much drizzling the whole time so couldn’t enjoy the hike as such. The beat part was the crackling sound of the ice and the avalanche effect of snow falling down from the mountain.

lovely frozen lake!!

good easy hike, smooth elevation.

1 month ago

1 month ago

Very hard and grueling hike, but worth every step. Highly recommended that you camp and NOT make this a day trip.

1 month ago

This was back in November so the access is not the same now. We were hoping for a snow shoe but the day before they broke trail and the weather changed so everything was crusty. It was just easier to use spikes. They werent even needed until about half way but I didnt use them until it was time to turn around and head back down. This hike is always incredible!

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