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in 2 days

Made it to Cathedral lake in trail runners and gaiters. Snow pack is about 3-5 feet or more and is consolidated enough to walk on without snow shoes, but expect some post holing mid afternoon. I've went up twice this winter and both times were amazing. Bring the right layers as days are short and conditions change rapidly

3 days ago

This trail is no joke! I look forward to getting back to it in the summer when the snow is gone. It’s incredibly beautiful, and as others have said, incredibly challenging. I would say with the snow, this is more difficult than “moderate”. It’s easy to follow the trails from those who’ve already been up.

Amazing views! Uphill all the way there but downhill all the way back. There are historical signs to read and bench’s to rest on... even a picnic table.

on Cascade Falls Trail

16 days ago

nice day hike, good views

Great for sunrises over Crystal Bay and for when family visits. Interesting historical information makes it a more engaging trail.

21 days ago


Completed on 12/23/18. The hike was very challenging, especially on snowshoes. Like other reviewes stated, it's more like 8 miles round trip. Stunning views and great solidarity at this time of year. Somewhat dangerous as well however, as it was extremely steep at parts and icy, especially at the peak. Highly suggested for advanced hikers!

23 days ago

We hiked about 2.5 miles into the trail on 12/23/2018. Some things to note:

-The road into the trailhead was closed about a mile out. So we had to walk an additional mile each direction to get to and from the trailhead.
-We hiked about 2.5 miles on Mt. Tallac trail, until we got above the tree line. This point was just past floating island lake. Beyond this, the snow is much deeper and requires snowshoes. We didn’t have them so we turned around here.

All of trail is covered in snow/ice, but some of it is compact enough to walk on without snowshoes. We had great views despite not being able to hike the whole trail. The weather higher up on Mt Tallac also looked to be pretty stormy, so it was probably for the best that we turned around. A beautiful hike, and I will definitely be back in warmer weather.

The hike was a little harder & longer than I had thought. It took us a total of about 4 hrs (both up and down the mountain). The view was breath taking, definitely worth it - I can’t wait to do it again once there’s snow! If you have 4WD, there’s a service road you can take that will get you 3/4 the way up the mountain (which would cut out about 2 hrs of the hike)!

28 days ago

Awesome, short hike with great views. There was a lot of packed snow on the route, but it is paved the whole way. Wasn't crowded when we went, and there was plenty of parking along the street (before the gate).


-Great things to see the whole way up.
-Finding the trail was not too difficult.
-Everyone is very friendly on trail.

-Very rocky terrain the entire way. Make sure to wear good hiking shoes.
-Very steep and not easy. Make sure to stay hydrated, stretch, and pace yourself. I didnt do any of those and cramped up pretty hard. I was lucky people were nice enough to provide water and energy bars.

Some people brought their dogs. I thought the ground was too rocky and sharp for them. Not a good idea if your dog is not used to that.

Worth it! Just dont be an idiot like me and prepared.

1 month ago

Tough trail, not a warm-up by any means.

1 month ago

It was a beautiful and fun easy hike. It has great views of the lake. if you are short on time and want a beautiful hike this is the one. you first walk through the trees then eventually along the mountain. Mid hike it gets rocky so just be aware of your stepping. We went Thanksgiving weekend and the river was flowing but just not at full capacity. I would want to do this hike again in the Spring to see the river when the snow melts. but overall it was a beautiful hike!

1 month ago

*access road to trails was closed so have to park on Timberline Road. Only .8 miles to white Creek trailhead.
*trail follows a gurgly creek, which is wonderful company the first half of the way. Dogs loved it also. forested- would be great in summer here too.
*beautiful views all around on second half.
*dry creek views didnt dissappoint.
*great afternoon here-

Great Hike! Dont underestimate the difficulty level. Took me 5 hours to get up and 3 to get down. Got to the car right as it was turning pitch black outside

1 month ago

Good walk for children. It is uphill, but doable for our 7- and 4-year olds. The view of Lake Tahoe once you are up the hill is spectacular. It is paved all the way.

one of my favorites

Rocky start, possibly ankle rolling. Very pretty. Pretty easy hike for a moderate but I don’t really know how they grade here! Lots of dogs!! People are nice.

1 month ago

This is a wonderful easy hike that is easy to access. Getting to the falls is pretty easy until you get very close, then the trail becomes a little unclear. Even so, just keep going straight and you will see where the falls are. Right now the water is barely moving. Would love to come back and check this out after a snow melt!

1 month ago

Make sure you recognize the elevation gain!! It’s almost straight up the whole way! Bring good shoes and lots of water. The view is absolutely worth it and the way back is easy.

Beautiful trail, nice easy walk to Stampede. Be aware this is a well trafficked trail. Lots of families and dogs. If you are seeking solitude this may not be your trail. Otherwise, very pleasant, an easy stroll with rewarding views.

1 month ago

Phenomenally beautiful views from the peak, but significantly longer and more difficult than listed!

Great trail for beginners, but I wouldn’t say it was lightly traveled. There were quite a few people including families with young children. Dog & kids loved it, easy access to the creek. Very beautiful

Great hike. It was a little longer, but worth every step. The most beautiful hike I’ve ever done. Go early in the morning to be beat the crowds. Brings at least 2 L of water if you’re an experienced hiker. Go all the way to the top! Definitely bring proper gear, food & plenty of water.

2 months ago

moderate to hard hike..harder on descent then cardio on way up as a lot of shale on trail..where as elevation gain is gradual..thighs will feel it on way down..trekking poles not my thing at this stage..but be sure of footing due to rocks..couple spots trail does somewhat disappear..but not hard to rediscover..fantastic weather for mid November and great views..at summit as well as ridgeline at start along fallen leaf lake..couple smaller lakes along way up for h20..but overall I would rate it moderate..and Jessie hope u were ok on descent..

2 months ago

Challenging hike. Wear proper gear and bring food, and water. When hiking in the fall or winter, start early or you will be hiking in the dark. It can take 5 to 7 hours to complete for an average hiker while taking time to appreciate the views of Lake Tahoe, Fall Leaf Lake and the surrounding evergreen forests

easily accessible

off road driving
2 months ago

Easy trail, take the 73 and follow Mount Watson Blvd to Watson Lake. The beginning half is offroad and the second half is paved all the way to the camp. From there we took Watson Lake Road which was a little trickier to Sawmill Flat. The rig got a scratched up because of the bushes on Watson Lake Road. Definitely bring a hedge trimmer if you want your rig to not get scratched.

2 months ago

Worth the view! but definitely tough. This was 8.2 miles total and pretty steep for most of it. Going back down is easy but I would say this is more hard then Moderate.

Great hike with beautiful scenery

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