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1 day ago

Easy peasy. Beautiful view from atop the tunnel.

great walk for all ages. 2yr old to 73yrold! too cold to swim at this time of year. beautiful scenery.

10 days ago

Can connectup with many trails. Gorgeous Genoa views.

Beautiful easy ride.

Nice walk around the lake. Then go get breakfast in south lake.

Fun short walk around the like....perfect for mountain biking

trail running
23 days ago

I love running by the river. Sealed path is nice to get in a rhythm and enjoy.
I ran it as a there and back (about 14-15 miles). WARNING if you do and start in squaw the last two miles will be up hill. I didn't realize until it was too late

26 days ago

3 kids did the climb at the end (ages 7,6 and 3) Incredible view!!

29 days ago

Beautiful!!!! Will do this again and spend a 1/2 day there!!!!!

1 month ago

amazing view from the top of Cave Rock!!! trail is easy except for climbing the rock at the end of the trail, but the view is well worth the climb!

This trail was definitely not easy, not the hardest one but I definitely had to stop to take a break. The lakes are beautiful and totally worth it!

mountain biking
1 month ago

We had a great time on this bike ride. My 2.5 year old son, my husband, and myself (7 months pregnant) did about 1.5 miles of it before we turned around due to rain. We weren’t sure how to find it though and where to park. We asked a local and they just built a new bridge from the transit center parking to the trail. So park at the transit center and you’re set!

I came across this trail/path on google maps.I decided to check it out on foot. I walked from the Harrah's Hotel to the first beach which was Neveda Beach. It's a very beautiful area to be in. I didn't see much wildlife, but only a few chipmunks. Getting to the beach area walking took a good over a little 1 hour walk to/from hotel. Later on I walked to the parking lot from Kahle Dr and ran from that point all the way to highway 50. You can go past the Nevada Beach and cross the street. Then eventually the trail path ends at highway 50. Round trip is 4 miles. So 2 miles there and 2 miles back. It was hot as it was still the summer time. The first 2 miles was in the sun and middle getting to turn back was all in the shade. If you want to beat the heat, go walking/running mid morning or early morning. This path was also great because there were no crazy motor scooters on path. No cars really around you in the area. There were people on bikes,but I just stayed to the far side to let anyone pass.The bikers go slow when passing. The path is 100% paved and clear path. No tree stumps popping up on trail so you don't fall as some trails can be uneven. I highly recommend using this path either for walking, running or biking. Yes it's super dog friendly. I saw people walking their dogs off leash and on leash as well.

Great trail leads right to the lake!!!

Stars go mostly to the lake that is kind of a secret gem. Very few people, very calm and pretty views. The trail is so easy. I’d recommend to run it and then enjoy the lake (in summer)

1 month ago

Very easy and also very short. Good for a quick change in scenery if you head north or south on the east side of Lake Tahoe and want to make a quick stop.

1 month ago

Short, easy hike with beautiful views at the end!

El Dorado county needs to start connecting the trails (either dg it or pave it ) and have it go continuously past Camino on into El Dorado National Forest, I love biking it, it's a good trail

Easy trail for kids, you will want to swim and can. I have tried to come before and found the small day use lot full before, can't believe I got parking today. mid week, before 10am. got back to car at 12 and lot was full, and cars turning around. that being said, you can park along the road and rather than walk to the day use lot to start the trail, you will see trails leading into the lake from the road. hike is breath taking. lake is gorgeous.

Great trail, easy and able to navigate. Will do it again!

1 month ago


1 month ago

Easy stroke to the best kept secret in Tahoe!!

Beautiful walk in nature for those who are not able to do a hard hike.

Nice leisurely trail. Easy for kids alike.

A really great easy trail that ends right at the Nevada Beach Campgrounds, which is one of my favorite spots in the universe. The trail leads you through meadowland and then curls back into some Sugar Pine. Pretty well traversed but you never really feel crowded. Chipmunks galore!

Bring your swimsuit as you're going to want to lay down a blanket and swim a bit. Honestly one of the best beaches on the planet. The water is amazing and the people are even better. I paired this excursion with a nice Pino Grigio.

A nice, easy trail for all ages. We like to stroll this trail all year round with the kids.

Trail as marked on the gps just sort of stops. In reality there is much more walking that one could do. The trail is easy and easy to follow so good for kids. There are many points along this trail where you can stop and swim or wade into the shallow water of the lake. We explored the abandoned cabin at the end of the trail. I would be very cautious of anyone entering that structure. It looks like someone may be squatting in the garage.

Great trail for all; enjoyed picnic lunch by the lake

Easy trail that goes along the shore

If you are looking for easy with nice scenery it's perfect.

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