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Great trail. Ran this November 10th at sunrise

15 days ago

This was a great hike! We went in late November, so there was ABSOLUTELY no one on the trail. It’s mostly downhill on the way down, so it’s quite the climb coming up, but totally worth it! The beach and the house at the bottom was beautiful and a great place to rest. Highly recommend!

21 days ago

This was my favorite hike of the trip. Not particularly busy (though it was a Monday) and it was so peaceful. It was pretty easy too. The trailhead is in a weird place and there isn't a whole lot of signage, but the trail is really big and easy to follow. My favorite part was the little trails everywhere that shot you out into different parts of the main trail!

22 days ago

Great out and back trail. Parking is in a small lot and also a turnout beside a gate on the main road. Both places join the main trail.
Good quality path all the way down to the sandy beaches. Great for dogs. Stunning views.
Return walk is all uphill but not difficult.

Scenic hike with a small waterfall along the way and some very scenic views of the lake. Beautiful colors on the lake as it gets later in the evening.

The ideal introduction to hiking trails in Tahoe. Spectacular views begin almost immediately. Granite Lake, about half way up, is charmingly picturesque, and there are more stunning views nearing the saddle. You can stop and go back at any point and have a pleasant hike. You can do it in 3 hours but why not take longer and enjoy it.

22 days ago

Make sure you recognize the elevation gain!! It’s almost straight up the whole way! Bring good shoes and lots of water. The view is absolutely worth it and the way back is easy.

23 days ago

* parking locked up for the season when we went.(11_12_18).hard to find parking nearby as there are lots of "no parking" signs posted along roadside.
*lower part of trail was great.
* creek water for the dogs.
* where trail splits off- we initially missed this and hiked a couple miles before realizing we had missed our line.
* backtracked to the split and this portion has been discouraged for hikers by logs, rocks, etc a lot along the way to the lake. Not sure why?
*it was a great hike nevertheless- many beautiful views. The lake was stunning , as always. We were the only people on this trail.
*had a wonderful time, despite the unknown reason for the "upper" trail being discouraged.

23 days ago

Great trail down to the sand beaches with crystal water. Very easy and has a perfect length. Our dog also enjoyed it a lot off leash.

Great hike, lots of elevation gain. It took us and a dog about 3 hours there and back. Be aware that out and back is almost 6 miles to top of the peak. The view was incredible and worth it!

Beautiful and scenic hike

Great for families, just enough of a grade to make it a little bit of a workout, with a great reward at the top.

Nice, slow climb for about an hour. It’s not too challenging, but it makes you breathe hard. Well maintained trail and beautiful views of the lake and South Shore. Mountain bikers flying down the hill are dangerous and a nuisance what with the dogs on the trail. Be prepared to pull your dog off the trail in a heartbeat. It’s not exactly relaxing.

Beautiful views of Lake Tahoe. A nice waterfall with ice on the edges of the stream. Not a lot of wildlife. Annoying mountain bikers for whom you have to step off the trail. It seemed possible to take the Tahoe Rim Trail south to the Gondola and then ride it down, but we didn't attempt it.

Hard at times due to continued climbing up, but it’s worth every step because of the amazing views at the very top.

One of the most beautiful trails in Tahoe area.. Easy with beautiful scenery along the lake— the lighthouse trail side good for short/time constraint hikes

25 days ago

A difficult hike that is worth the steep climb. As other reviews indicate, the trailhead is not marked...there's a small parking area next to the USFS gate. Follow the water tank access road to begin the hike and follow the trail up. Wear high ankle boots as the climb can be loose at times. You will come to a large meadow/ridge line that will take you toward the peak. Look for a cairn to lead you to the final ascent to Rifle. Spectacular views of Tahoe from the top

This hike is amazing! Highly recommend! Dog friendly. Lake along the way for pups to swim and cool off.

27 days ago

My cousin and I went on this trail a couple of months back. We drove our car maybe a mile when we realized that there was no trailhead(Only reason for not giving it 5 stars. Need more markers). The climb was steep so I'd definitely rate it hard but the views were beautiful. It took us about 4.5 hours to complete the hike stops and all.

I think we might have done a different trail when we got to the trailhead lol. We followed the trail that leads east. Nonetheless, it was BEAUTIFUL and there was no one else there on a Tuesday at about noon! Perfect hike weather for us in November.

Beautiful hike and views. Did an amazing sunrise hike and the whole way up to the peak we got beautiful views of the sun coming over the mountains with the lake in front. Little steep at times but definitely a consistent incline. Top has a well worth it view.

1 month ago

waterfall was gorgeous, hike was up and down so the elevation change was relatively manageable. Not too much traffic or wildlife but theres a decent amount of parking.

Relatively easy hike for a group of four. None of us were in the best shape of our lives but the stop at Picnic Rock was well worth the journey.

1 month ago

Beautiful views! Bit of an incline at the beginning, but the trail levels out. My feet were feeling the hike at the end. The waterfall was lovely.

A very tough climb up to the top but well worth it. Bring a lunch or some snacks and hang out on the peak with the nice view!

1 month ago

Great hike. Great training location... short and steep. Incredible views as well.

1 month ago

Love the history of the mansion. Be sure to read the info plates. Amazing views.

Like previously stated the end was anticlimactic. It ends at a fork in the road. However, there was nice views.

1 month ago

Great views; easy hike

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