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great place to hike

Best workout!!

2 days ago


Thanks to whom ever did that!

For a more detailed review, see my review 29 days ago.
This is the third time I have been up this trail in 29 days and it is worth the strenuous (last part of the trail) hike.

On one of my hikes to Black Mountain, I used my Asolo boots to see how they would work on this trail and the stiffness began to give me friction issues so I had to slow down. While I had planned enough time for the hike, the friction issues took my hike into the night.

I had always taken a head lamp with me along with the 10 essentials (maps, compass [even though I use GPS], sun protection, extra food and water, protective clothing, matches, fire starting materials, a knife and first aid kit). I often questioned the need for some of the ten but that day my dedication to the ten paid off, for real.

Not only did I need my head lamp, it got cold and windy so I used my rain jacket as a wind breaker (rain is not always an issue in the dessert but the rain layer is intended to serve multiple uses).

I was never afraid during this unexpected night hike, but I began to get disorientated and thought I might need to stop and camp; I had an emergency bivy for extra warmth if I needed it.

I began to wonder why it was so hard to see the trail (it was only after doing some post hike research I found out that warm light would have been better for my situation for better color contrast. Part of this trail gets faint and hard to see at points; the cool white light washes out the faint contrast between the trail and surrounding gravel. From my research, the only warm light head lamp I found was from Zebra light).

I soon heard some voices ahead but I was still a good distance from the trailhead and was wondering what that was all about… soon, I saw lights bobbing up a head: must have been 5 or 6. When then lights got closer, I saw that the lights were on trail runners… trail running at night. About three groups of them passed me; all in all there must have been 15 of them. Cool!

After they left me, I was still having some difficulty orienting myself. Suddenly, it was like someone turned on a night light: moonrise; and it was a full moon! I turned down my headlamp and, once my eyes adjusted, I could better see the trail.

Morel of the story: always carry the ten basics.

Great hike! Did the whole loop, 3 good size hot spring pools.

11 days ago

Fun trail. The hot springs are a really cool feature. I hiked this in October and the weather was perfect. I also hiked out to the overview.

great hike and awesome hot springs!

This hike was fantastic! It’s my favorite hike I’ve ever done, actually. Make sure you bring a lot of water (1 gallon per person). It has a nice parking area and you begin the hike under an overpass. We took the south route down and the same route back as we struggled to find the other portion of the loop (and the map at the parking lot is confusing as it’s upside down), but the south route was great. This meant we went through the hot springs twice, which was fun. Hot water, stunning scenery and incredible slot canyons. Bring extra shoes and be prepared to get wet up to your knees. We made the whole loop in about 3 hours, and we were moving pretty fast. Absolutely worth it. Can’t wait to do this again.

loved the view

Trail starts a little bland, but turns into a steep decline and slot canyon, and quickly into three retained hot spring pools. The first is very hot, the second is comfortably hot, and the last (before the ladder) is nice. After the ladder is a short stint to the river with campable beach spots. Great hike!

24 days ago

We began at sunrise and gosh was this a beautiful hike! Totally worth the work for the view at the end! This is a very secluded hike, this was my second time and I did not see a single other person. The class 3 rock scrambling sounded and looked intimidating from afar but as soon as we got up close to it it was a piece of cake! I wouldn’t recommend to take young kids, elders, or dogs up it though. When you’re finished, turn right on kingmans wash road and take a dip in the lake before heading home!

We definitely were not in shape for this one. But we took our time and made it to the top and back out. We they say steep and gravely, they mean it. It is all desert, so not a lot to look at. But I highly recommend hiking it if you get a chance.

trail running
24 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike! The trail is a little tough to follow at the start, but then once you’re headed up it’s very easy to follow. Great view from the top of vegas and the lake (and if you look hard you can even see Hoover Dam! Only wish it was a loop instead of an out and back.

Did the whole hike in my record 2 hours and 14 minutes.Not a hard hike but if your out of shape you will have trouble.I'm not in a way a fit person,but I've done tons of hikes to able to pull something like this off.

Worth the trek, bring more water than you think you need. Also bring either a change of shoes or water shoes, it makes a difference on your poor feet! One of the coolest hikes I’ve done in the Las Vegas area and I’ve lived here for 18 years now. A somewhat hidden gem! I can’t wait to go back & pitch a tent by the river / hot springs!

I made a quick decision while in Las Vegas to hike this trail. I read over the description but not that carefully. Its steep and difficult. I made it to the second saddle and decided to turn back because I didn't plan on two more hours. The trail is a road believe it or not. (I would not want to be driving any vehicle on that road). I'll be back in March to hike the whole thing. The views are incredible and as hard as it is, its exhilarating to hike a steep trail. Even making it to the second saddle is worth it if you don't want to hike the whole thing. The gravel is loose and its almost harder going down. Be careful. Like any hike start early.

1 month ago

Trail BLM404 (Black Mountain) is an easy hike most of the way until the last ½ mile when you might have to engage in some scrambling (class 2). Because of the distance and last segment of the hike, it is considered strenuous by most accounts; it kicked my butt pretty good

You access the trail via the Shadow Canyon Trailhead and follow a paved portion of the Anthem East Trail. There is a reservoir and you want to keep right of it (SE). You know you are on the right track if you pass by a small brick structure with a trail sign on it: find BLM404: this is the trail to Black Mountain. Follow along the top of the spillway till you see a sign that reads “Black Mountain Trail”. The trail itself is well marked from there and soon follows a ridgeline to the top.

Warm weather hiking is difficult due to the lack of shade so bring plenty of water (3 liters when hot, 2-1 liters when cool). While the landscape is stark in the beginning, there are breathtaking views of the valleys below as you hike along a ridge line with some switch backs.

As you get to higher elevations, there are small windswept Joshua Trees and about three types of Barrel Cactus. As you approach 1/3 of a mile from the peak, there are nice clusters of Teddy Bear Cholla… but be careful: these cacti are painful to brush by and often have little clusters that have fallen off the mother plant scattered about.

You will know when you are getting close to the peak as the trail gets steeper and more rugged with loose rocks and a steeper assent. You might want to have your hands free to steady yourself at that point. I was so focused on the trail; I was stunned by the abrupt appearance of a nicely made 9 foot diameter rock wall build around the benchmark medallion when I reached the peak. The wall had an opening, was about 3 feet high and gave great protection against any wind.

I found three benchmark medallions from the US Coast & Geodetic Survey at the peak.

The view was amazing from the top and totally worth the hike!

1 month ago

A little tough, but definitely worth it. Make sure you follow the right trail from the start as me and my friend got off track at the beginning. When you get to the mountain and start climbing up, go right, not left. You can go left but its much more difficult and there's less of a trail. Don't forget to sign the little notebook once you get to the top!

Nice trail for moderately and well fit hikers. Some of the markings are hard to follow in lower sections but once on trail it’s easy to follow. Nice views of LV and the lake.

Sunday 10/7/18 1 PM - Nice views, a decent workout and a bit technical due to loose rocks. A major drawback for me was the amount of air traffic. Noisy helicopters and airplanes were in abundance. Multiple routes for the first leg of this trail. I recommend the ridge route.

Only difficult during the first third in my opinion as a 65 year old man. The best views in the entire state in my opinion. Better than Tahoe and Wheeler Peak though some of my friends differ about Tahoe!

Very good

Beautiful hike just start early it gets hot. Make sure to take lots of water and sunscreen. The top is the hard part other then that it’s mostly switch backs which aren’t too bad.

Beautiful view well worth the hike, not for beginners.

on Eldorado Jeep Trail

2 months ago

trail was ok, little disappointing that it didn't lead all the way down to the water. Simple, decent short ride

Challenging trail close to Henderson and very easy to follow to the top. Apple Watch clocked me around 1 hour 30 minutes each way, 17,000+ steps total, 174 flights climbed total and from shadow canyon parking lot 3.6 miles each way. Therefore 7.2 miles round trip. Plan for 3 to 4 hours to complete this one.

This trail is awesome! I love working my way up during sunset so you can see it set way out in the west, and watch as all the lights of Vegas turn on. It’s a good idea to bring a headlamp if you’re doing this. One thing is that without fail I will tumble on the way down at some point. The gravel is pretty loose and it’s hard to anticipate which rocks will roll down the steep face with you on top of them. 5 stars, always recommended.

I've done this trail a few times and taken new people to it and they all love it, for the work out and especially the amazing views on both side at the peak

Hike is harder than you would expect. Go up there for sunset and then sit and watch the city light up. Beautiful night views.

Seriously, Your poor dog. I've heard of everything now.. wow!

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