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Very crowded. Good mountain views and nice lake.

View was way better than Big Beehive. Well worth the extra 45 minute scramble to the top.

one of the best trails ever hiked in my 68 years of life!

3 months ago

Completed the scramble to the summit at the end of September. We were very lucky that not many were attempting the summit at this time of the year, as this scramble can get very busy. There are rock hazards so after the pass, a helmet is needed, especially when busy. While we did not use them, would recommend bringing crampons (or atleast spikes/cleats) as well as an ice axe as the final approach to the summit can have snow and ice all year round. While you need to have good fitness to reach the summit in a reasonable time, never anything more than easy and some moderate scrambling at the crux.

Great place, but crowded

4 months ago

I have to go back to this one as it kicked my ass so hard. But even though I didn't reach the summit, easily some of the most breath taking views.


This was my absolute favorite hike ever. Honestly I struggle to find the words for how breathtaking the summit truly is.

Get to the parking lot early. I’m talking before 6 AM because it fills up extremely fast. The trailhead had quite a few people on it first thing in the morning but was thinned out by the time I reached The Valley of 10 Peaks. I passed quite a few people on my way to the summit. Many parties turned around after the initial pass for whatever reasons.

This summit is no joke. In the middle of August there was serious snow and ice for most of my ascent. Totally worth every breath.

5 months ago

hard hard hard ... had snow and ice ... but awesome!!

beautiful all the way to the top! will do it again

One word, spectacular!!!

Great to take someone who aren't entirely sure of their fitness, with a good mix of steeper ascensions with a short flater spots so we can keep going for longer periods.

Trail is easy to follow once on it, just rear other reviews and you will be fine. Not a challenging hike very minimal scrambling needed, if you are scared of heights it's not for you. Amazing views at the top of both lakes it is definitely worth the hike. We did it up and back in under 1.5hrs from big bee hive.

5 months ago

Gorgeous trail. I could hike this trail all the time and not get tired of it. It was a bit icy and snowy when we did it (late Sept) but still fine with good hiking boots. We were going to go beyond the lake to Cirque Peak but the weather shifted when we got to the lake and started to snow so we headed back down. Still entirely worthwhile to just go to the lake. Beautiful scenery the whole way. Normally I prefer loop trails but this was so pretty I don't mind the out and back route. Easy amount of effort for the views on this trail. It's a new favourite.

The trail from the Big Beehive up to the Devil's Thumb is unmarked and somewhat hard to find when there's snow on the ground, but it is so worth it! The views from the top are uncomparable to any other place in the world that I know of, and are undoubtedly amongst the best I've seen in my entire life!
Do not miss out on this heavenly place!

5 months ago

Lots and lots and lots of people.

5 months ago

One of the most beautiful hikes on the Ice-fields parkway. Easy hike to Helen Lake then a moderate hike to the above ridge. Incredible views. We went a step further today and did Cirque Peak, in 2 feet of snow. What an I incredible experience. Harder yes, but definitely worth it.

Short and steady climb. Paved path.
Great view of the lake once you’re at the top.

Amazing views but DO NOT follow what all trails has posted. It's impossible to get up from there.

simply beautiful. Canoed too.

6 months ago

Beautiful day, top of cirque the Hoary Marmot was chirping us non stop! Next time up the Dolomite ridge.

Awesome view at the top! Went on a long weekend so there were a lot of people going up to Lake Agnes but after that, it thinned out.

Really great trail all the way to the top. Amazing 360 views from the peak - definitely one of the best I've experienced! Plus you can stop off at the tea house half way for a break

Very nice trail with some quite steep climbs.

This is a must do! It's really easy but the views are some of the best and most famous around. Chipmunks live amongst the rocks and are it scared of humans.

Spectacular hike! Views are amazing! Would recommend looking at the recorded tracks as the path they suggest is very confusing, and as we saw could lead to a very dangerous scramble to the summit. The route that should be taken is to follow the switchbacks up to the saddleback of big beehive. Once you get here turn right instead of left and go over the tree trunk "blocking" the path. You will then go around the back. Enjoy!

Excellent climb with amazing views. Great trail all the way up.

6 months ago

Definitely the most difficult hike I've ever done, but well worth it! Near the top it gets pretty tiring, especially for someone like me who was at sea level a few days before my hike. I would highly recommend walking sticks, as the hike back down is pretty difficult without them (I learned the hard way). Don't miss this hike if you're in Banff! Also, one thing to note: the description for this trail says that it is dog friendly, which is true up until you get to sentinel pass. After that, there's no way you're getting a dog up the mountain. There isn't a we'll defined trail and you have to do a bit of rock climbing at certain points.

There is a trail that leaves from the parking lot, near outdoor restrooms that walks up to the view. Climbing the large mound of rocks isn't necessary so don't make the same mistake I did! This view is spectacular and should not be missed.

6 months ago

Great day! We took the backside down through Goat Pass and into the back of Lake Agnes on the way back. To do that, continue over the summit and along the ridge to the saddle, then it's a bunch of scree on the way down. The trail goes away, so you have to pick your path, but it's pretty obvious which way to go. A bit of a pain, but the views on this side are definitely worthwhile. Watch out for wildlife in the bushes.

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