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2 days ago

Wonderful hike. A little tough up the scree path to the Pass, but not too bad and the views at Sentinel Pass are worth it. One of my favorite hikes.

Fairly challenging hike...there was about 4 inches of snow on the ground which made the trek even more difficult. View from the top is stunning.

5 days ago

Good, but too full

Pretty walk through the woods. A tough scramble at the end to get close to the lake. The lake itself was nothing special. Especially after just seeing Moraine Lake!

6 days ago

This trail is well-trafficked and it’s clear why. The views at the top of the pass are absolutely spectacular! Be prepared for changing weather conditions on the way up, as it was sunny when we started, started snowing lightly midway up, and was snowing a bit harder up at the pass. Because of the heavy foot traffic, the trail is easy to follow. The elevation increases quickly at the start and at the end on the switchbacks up to the pass, but the middle of the trail is easy to manage. Overall, incredibly beautiful and well worth the effort!

The most beautiful hike of my life from start to finish. Started by doing the short flat lakeside trail around the lake, then up and up all the man switchbacks. It’s a challenging hike for the grade, and takes about an hour to an hour and a half if you’re young and in shape, but well worth your efforts. The view at the top is a perfect scene with the Ten Mountains peaks being a feast for the eyes! I recommend a later hike as the trail clears out and when you get to the bottom the light causes a great reflection of the surrounding mountains on the lake.

when I arrived the tea house I realized there was no view from this level.
Most of the ascent to the tea house was in the woods and there was a little view all the way.
The only view is from the little beehive that was 1km ascend.

This hike is really crowded but the views are great and the tea house is lovely. You can help out the tea house by bringing down trash bags to help them out.

Hiked to Larch Valley. The view of Ten Peaks is well worth the effort. You won't get much solitude because of heavy trail use. Definitely a challenging trail because of the steep grade.

Very nice hike, you have a great view on Lake Louise and pass Mirror Lake before arriving at Lake Agnes.

10 days ago

Very nice but steep hike up to a fantastic view. Much less crowded than the shore of Lake Louise.

The first hour is tough, up switchbacks. Once you top out most of the trail going West is very flat. A few small lakes along this trail (Eiffel lake) are great places to rest and take in the majesty of this . Special experience. Only need to roam 2-4 klicks. With Eiffel Peak as your backdrop. Now turn back
Wonderful day . There are grizzly warnings in area as they live here, but they are not back for winter just yet. The mobs and noise keep them away.

its a. busy hike ..it is a little smoky still but nice ..p.s if u want to take an alternative route down thats quieter take the horse trail down..its muddy but super quiet ....

Hiked to Larch Valley. Definitely one of the best views of Ten Peaks - worth the steep climb, assuming it's a clear day!

11 days ago

What a beautiful view at the top! I wouldn’t rate this trail as moderate...it was pretty easy ! We went around 9 AM and there was a lot of people down by the lake and on the way to the Lake Agnes’ Tea House. The trails to Little Beehive and Big Beehive were less traficked and it was perfect ! Have a nice hike!

Best hike in Banff hands down - must do on a clear day. Try and go early, the trail is empty and Lake Moraine is best in the morning. Seeing all 10 peaks from Larch Valley is unforgettable.

14 days ago

The Tea House was crowded, but still charming and a welcome stop before circling Lake Agnes to the Big Beehive trail, which I would highly recommend doing on a clear day. The view from the top was amazing!

Excellent trail - we started around 9 and it took us just over two hours to ascend to the top. There was snow coverage and quite a bit of ice. It is very windy at the top of the pass so make sure you wear a good jacket! The descent was a little tougher than the ascent because we didn't bring poles with us. We had good hiking boots, but next time we'd definitely go back with poles for a quicker descent.

Amazing! We started at Lake Moraine and hiked up to the switchbacks at the pass. The meadow at the top was gorgeous. We couldn’t make it up the switchbacks because it was too icy and we had no gear (you’d need poles at least), but it was still an awesome hike.

Made it to the meadow and started up the switchbacks but wasn’t prepared enough for the slippery snow/ice to make it very far. Definitely was still worth going that far for the scenery though.

Beautiful and very easy trail, 2 hours and 30 minutes total trail.

Beautiful hike and view of the glacier!

Awesome hike if you’re looking for something super scenic but are not the best hiker out there.

If you continue 20 meters after the end of the trail the views are very beautiful (you will see a advertising saying that is dangerous but is not) the trail "Fairview lookout" is pretty normal.

19 days ago

loved the larch meadows in fall.

We did this hike this morning, and not a lot of smoke at all. Great view from the top. Relatively steep at the beginning and very end, but otherwise, it’s not too difficult. Started the hike at 6:50AM, and got down at 10:40AM hiking at a moderate pace, and 20 minutes at the top. It was chilly, so I’d recommend bringing a warm coat and a hat!

If you are an experienced hker, this is a moderate trail. The tiring part is the first switchback to the valley due to the elevation gain. The switchback trail to the pass is wide enough and not terribly steep. The pass is definitely worth the views. We started just before 9am and there were a few people on the trail. It was much more crowded on the way back. It took us a little over 4.5 hours to complete the hike.

21 days ago

We went hiking this trail for the first time this summer. Most of the trail is in the tree area except a couple sections that have great views of the valley and lake louis. The tea house was too crowded. They were not allowing any food from outside to be consumed in the tea house and their menu was very limited to cheese sandwich and soup! To our surprise, after coming out of the tea house, we noticed that they are taking water by a kettle out of the Agnes lake, in front of the tea house for all cooking and coffee or tea!! Dogs were playing in the water, at the same spot! When I asked them, they confirmed that there is no filtration and they only boil the water. Considering that in elevation, water boils way lower than 100 C, the cleanliness of water is questionable! I wonder if Alberta Health is aware of this practice!
In general, its a nice trail to be tried once. Not much scenery, though.

super uphill all the way up to the summit

Beautiful hike and very easy

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