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2 days ago

Just did this trail yesterday. Crampons are a must. Beautiful views made the difficulty of uphill in ice and snow worth it! Tea house is closed and covered up in snow. But we had a snack break of our own on the porch and enjoyed the views! Breathtaking is a literal word I would use in describing this trail.

6 days ago

Nice and easy, nice view of the lake, but there is much nicer around.

It's a great hike! You can easily add highline and plain of the 6 glaciers. But this exact descrption includes all the best in the area (except fairview...take a second day and do it!). We did The little and big beehive, Lake agnes, highline trail and came back via plain of six glaciers. Big day, filled with amazing views

6 days ago

It's a great hike, don't get me wrong. But considering the amazing ones around, I give that only 4 stars. The best is to find a way to add it to something else. We did The little and big beehive, Lake agnes, highline trail and came back via plain of six glaciers. Big day, filled with amazing views

It was a great hike! Adding the extra distance from eiffel lake is absolutely worth it! Nice valley, and it's special to cross to BC. A must do hike in the area. We also added the sentinel pass in the same day - very realistic to do both, and worth it. If I'd do only one, it would be the Wenkchemna Pass. But Sentinel pass plus mount temple would be even nicer.

Don't waste your time, there are much nicer hikes around there. It's a very easy stroll but there just isn't much to see.

Nice and easy to follow, the hike isn't that hard because the trail is in very good condition. If you are into scrambling, I'd suggest you look into the mount temple scramble. But go there prepared... We tried to follow folks that were going up but had no clue of the way, so we had to head back 1/3 of the way. Still gorgeous - we ended up going to eiffel lake and the Wenkchemna Pass following west crossing to BC. Big day but amazing. If you skip Mount Temple, and if doing both is too much, I'd suggest doing only Wenkchemna Pass

Short and easy hike with good views of the lake at the end.

22 days ago

It was not so easy with two kids 4 and 1 years old so it took us linger than usual. Nothing interesting in the way up but trees. However, once you reach the mirror lake, it is so beautiful. Finally, you can see a waterfall coming down from lake Agnes. Then, you know it was worth doing it. You can get a hot drink at the tea house. It is also a busy trail with lots of people

1 month ago

First trail we took on our trip to Banff. What a way to start! So much for easing into things. The reward at the end was more than worth it. Tea was wonderful. The return trip seemed to be more difficult, but was worth every step.

Hiked from Lake Moraine over Sentinel Pass all the way to Lake Louise. Beautiful but long. Saw wolverines and heard glaciers calving. Highly recommended.

Strenuous but worth it, once you get through the switchbacks there’s a nice level plain with stunning views of the 10 peaks

4 months ago

Snow covered trail was fun, unique experience. The trail from Mirror to Lake Angels had about 2.5 ft of fresh powder. We didn’t use snow shoes or trekking poles but they would have been helpful..

Amazing trail and not to difficult even in the snow. Although the tea house was closed the surrounding scenery was great.

5 months ago

stunning views and easy hike!

The views from the top were worth the hike, but be warned that the trail is SLICK. The snow was completely packed down, making it a fairly dangerous hike. Make sure you wear shoes with good traction. The trail itself wasn’t anything to write home about, but it was an easy enough hike without too much elevation gain for a good view.

6 months ago

We did just hiked from Lake Louise up to Lake Agnes and the Teahouse and then back down. There was about 2-4 inches of snow on the ground which made it challenging. Be prepared, and know that the views are definitely worth it. It's an incline essentially all the way to the top.

6 months ago

The trail is a beautiful hike.
The Lake Agnes tea house has been serving since 1905. It is small and gets crowded but be patient and you will get a table. The tea is geat and their mountain bar is a must. Take your time, relax and enjoy the experience. Take the time to walk the trail along the shore and get a view from the other end of the lake

completed this hike on Sunday, October 8. Decided to head to Moraine Lake very early to make sure we got parking so we were at the lake by 6:45 am and the parking lot was already half full. We started our hike right around 8:00 am and were pretty much the only people on the trail, a few coming down from Larch Valley. The hike to Larch Valley I would consider easy, it took us just over an hour to reach. The ascent to Sentinel Pass took a bit longer mainly due to the snow, roughly 1.5 ft in parts. I would recommend crampons and poles for sure for the pass, and for the way down. So many hikers were not prepared for the descent and were slipping and sliding on their way down. Crampons were a life saver. By the time we were descending the trail was SO busy and I would never do this later than an 8:00 am start time. Overall the hike to Sentinel Pass I would rate more as a moderate hike compared to some others I've done but the views are absolutely incredible and I will definitely do this again.

Great hike through the larches in the fall. It was incredibly busy though.

4 stars because the views are great but it is incredibly busy trail.

It's very beautiful trail, I did it on Sep.17, 2017. The 3 km in trail beginning is difficult, then flat, and finally climb a difficult steep big Z uphill to the summit.

Early October - Rent or bring crampons as this trail is busy and the snow higher up gets hard packed and slippery. We saw people struggling along in runners or city boots and had to help a woman who was stuck and couldn’t go up or down. The tea house was very busy and is close to closing for the season. If you had to pick one tea house, I would go for the Plain of Six Glaciers instead - the hike is nicer, the view sweeter, the tea house bigger, the food better, less busy.

6 months ago

While the hike up between Mirror Lake and Lake Agnes was extremely slippery, the views from the tea house are breathtaking and the tea at the top made the chill of the day worth it. It was snowing when we went up but it wasn’t too cold.

6 months ago

Fantastic trail up to the Lake Agnes Teahouse. It's quite steep from the start and mostly in forest but once you get to the top past Mirror Lake the views are spectacular. It was very icy and slippery on the way down so I'd recommend cleats if you are going towards the end of the season.

Be prepared - gaters, crampons are essential. Did this yesterday on a windy, mostly cloudy day with constant light snow. View was partially obscured. Getting up the pass from Larch Valley was fine with crampons as the trail was very visible. However, we saw many ill-prepared hikers sliding and falling in runners - renting crampons will make your hike much more enjoyable. Going down the other side of the pass was very challenging. We saw only 1 couple coming up, so it was not trafficked enough for there to be a visible trail over the snow. We did a lot of guesswork, dodging rocks and ice patches, and ending up scrambling down knee-deep.

Great hike, definitely not considered hard. I would consider this easy/ moderate. It’s laid out beautifully, nothing to intense. Slow and steady climb at first before reaching the valley and then a nice flat walk through with gorgeous views. Then another accent to the top. Trail is smaller and it was very very windy when we did it. The wind did play a big factor while going up. Big gusts made it difficult to ascend at times. We headed out very early with the fact in mind of how busy Moraine lake gets.. we started the hike at 8 am and the parking lot was half full but the trail itself wasn’t too busy - a lot of people were on the big rock at the start watching the sunset. Overall it was a beautiful hike, nice views and didn’t take to long which is always nice too, considering the drive from Calgary is a little longer ! 5.5 km up and took us 1.22 hours to reach the top !!

An early start at Lake Louise gets you an awesome sunrise photo set. The teahouse along Lake Agnes is a great way to recharge. Attack the big beehive first to make the rest of the hike even more enjoyable.

great hike to the tea house with beautiful view of lake Louise

Has all the characteristics of a great hike! Long, has steep sections, amazing views and scenery that make it all worth it. And the tea house is a fantastic bonus!

Seeing the Larch's turning was beautiful, and the view from the pass was very neat. Very crowded though, but definitely still worth it!

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