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Actually icy spots on the trail today. Time to start getting the winter gear in the pack. Very enjoyable hike. Some steeps but not too long. Great views from the tower. The communication towers nearby detract from the natural beauty although it is nice to have a signal.

10/13/18 Trail was covered in the changing leafs but pretty easy to follow. The top of the tower was so beautiful. Saw a rainbow on the top! Must go for sure!

9 days ago

This was the 1st Fire Tower of the Fire Tower Challenge for my boy and I. He had just turned 5 when we did it, and he had no trouble.

Fairly short and has a fantastic view. I think i was lucky that this was the first mountain that we did, because he loved it, and it made him want to come back for more.


This was the 4th fire tower challenge for my 5 year old an I (brought the wife along on this one).

Day was wet, so that along with the leafs covered rocks and ankle breaker roots made for slow going. Took us 2h up and 1.5h down.

There is one section near the top where you enter an evergreen grove that is covered with hanging moss. The day we did it the mountain top was fogged in. When we entered this section my boy stopped us and said "it looks like we are on another planet". He was right.

The fire tower is super tall, unfortunately for us, we did it on peak color change, but had no view.

We will probably do this one again on our way to completing the fire tower challenge, just so we get to see the view.

11 days ago

Great hike. I couldn't see much of anything on the top of Peaked Mountain yesterday, but I didn't mind... the Brook trail (filled with marshes and lush beauty) made my day : ) It was a nice change of pace to hike a trail not entirely made up of rocks too... some of them got slippery approaching the summit though, so next time I'll pick a day when it's not raining to see the view : )

13 days ago

Took this hike today. Though we knew it was a cloudy day and no views from the top, nevertheless a wonderful hike and experience at the top of mountain. Bit of a climb uphill but coming down took us half the time. Recommended!

13 days ago

Short, easy hike to a fire tower. Goes uphill the entire way but it's not that far anyway so shouldn't be too much trouble for most people/animals (no scrambling).

We went on a Saturday around dusk hoping to catch the sunset, and expected it to be very crowded since it's only a short distance from Tupper Lake. Instead we had the place completely to ourselves, and got a stunning view of the sunset from the tower. I don't know if we just got lucky or if earlier rain had scared people off, but it was lovely. At the summit you won't get much of a view if you're not in the fire tower; there's one other small opening with a view close by, but otherwise the summit is surrounded by trees. So if it's super crowded in the parking lot, it might be rough going at the summit.

There was a cabin at the top that was locked, I don't know if that is open to public during the day.

Overall good effort-to-view hike assuming you're close by and it's not crowded.

14 days ago

The view was beautiful!

A little overgrown, but very passable. Nice views at the top...fall color change underway. The change from deciduous to conifer on the way up is so sudden it's amazing.

22 days ago

One of my favorite hikes ever. View at the top is so beautiful, trail is very nice the whole way up, not a very difficult hike but you really get up there feeling the Adirondack vibes.

Not too bad of a hike and didn't take too long. We wanted to do the loop trail on the way down but didn't see markers and ended up in some cool rock caves. Next time we will start the loop from the beginning. Amazing views from the top

Beautiful view from the top...I want to go again later this fall to see some color

I loved this trail! It was tougher than I thought after reading its only 2 miles...ha ha. But the view was more than worth it! Amazing sunset from above!!!

It was incredible!!!

1 month ago

Really great view, and a pretty quick hike! Only took us about two hours. If you’re looking for an easier climb, follow the red trail markers when you hit the bridge! They take you towards the “loop trail”. Excited to climb this one again.

on Goodnow Mountain Trail

1 month ago

Lovely hike; very diverse forest; trail conditions on 9/13/18 were wet but completely manageable. A fair amount of overgrowth over the trail in some spots but still passable. A little jungle-like! As far as difficulty, I’d rate it as moderate for the average hiker; easy for die-hards; and moderate to difficult for newbies because of roots and rocks and foot placement. There are a number of boardwalks on the trail which lends a friendlier, easier feel to the hike, and offers a nice reprieve from tricky foot work just when you need it, it seems! This is an interpretive trail but I failed to notice many of the markers. There is a surprising descent-then-ascent near the summit prior to reaching the tower. The tower itself is smaller than others I’ve climbed and incredibly sturdy and safe to climb. The cab is very small. I’d say three adults would be crowded! But as I had the cab and summit to myself, it was perfect. A 360 degree view of the ADKs. Incredible and absolutely one of the best I’ve seen so far.

I was visited by a pine marten in the little patch of conifers at the base! He climbed the trunk and stared right at me for about fifteen seconds. I have NEVER seen one in person and to see one this close (maybe 12 feet away), is somewhat of a wildlife marvel, I believe!

Family friendly for sure. Large parking lot. Enjoy!

1 month ago

Very nice bang for the buck with awesome views from the top of Blue Mountain Lake and way beyond looking South, East and West.

1 month ago

Nice view, trail up the mountain is a bit eroded

1 month ago

Very gradual until the top with lots of spots for the dog (or humans) to swim on a hot day. Great views! Somewhat crowded by the thirteenth lake area. Our dog hikes often, and I know some said their dogs couldn’t make it all the way. Our Aussie/husky 50 lb medium dog had no issues on this one, but smaller or less agile dogs may have a tougher time.

Hiked this in early may. There was still snow, but it was warm (70s by afternoon). There had been a rainstorm the night before, causing the rocky ascent to be pure ice after the first mile. It was amazing at the top, though.

1 month ago

We hiked goodnow on September 9,2018. Temperatures were in the low to mid 50s ideal for a hike.
Our lab, Stella hiked this with us.
The trail itself was about as good as any we have hiked in the Adirondacks. Conditions were dry and the trail was in excellent condition. There was a number of boardwalks over ravines and probable wet spots. And there was a number of stone and wooden steps cut into the trail, along with wooden traps to slow and divert rain runoff.
No views to speak of until you reach the summit. And at the peak, the view is limited. But once you climb the Sixty foot fire tower the view is awesome!!!
Kind of a scary ascent, narrow stairs and only some chicken wire to keep u safe. But oh so worth the climb.
This is a great hike, not too strenuous, yet a pleasure to walk to it’s conclusion.
And lots of hardwood trees, in the fall this must be stunning!

Great view and fun hike. My family took the loop trail up. It is a little longer, but also a lot less steep from what I heard. When we arrived at the top we ran into a lot of other hikers who were complaining about the hike up. The loop is a nice gradual easy walk with a few streams and a view of a small pond. My dog and kids (6 & 8 years old) had no problem and enjoyed the hike. Near the top there is a short break off the trail that leads to a small cave which is fun to check out especially if you have kids with you. We meant to go down on the other trail, but made a wrong turn and ended up back on the loop, so I can’t comment on the steepness or the conditions other than what I heard from other hikers.

Completed with the husband and both dogs today.

Completed with the husband and both dogs today.

Gorgeous trail. I am in good shape and I definitely broke a sweat moving at a good pace. The grade is 44% sometimes. So, although it may seem short, it is not a quick hike to knock out with the family. If it is wet, you're going to need proper hiking shoes. All said and done, that view is incredible!

Coney was the 3rd and final hike for my wife and I to finish the Tupper Lake Triad! Coney was the best out of the three! The hike up was tough yet nice and easy at times! The final push up the rock faced summit was great! We are newer to hiking (late 20s) so we were pretty beat doing this, made it to the summit in 24 minutes and 30 down but stopped to take some pictures! The view was amazing! 360 all around!

Goodman was the 2nd hike for the Tupper Lake Triad on 9/2 first was Mt. Arab. The asphalt path was a nice start before it got to the normal ADK trail. It took us 37 minutes to the summit and 34 back down. The view was nice and could see coney mountain straight ahead!

It was a great challenge! Fun to climb. The views weren’t there for us due to overcast and clouds.( 9/2 )All together It was still a tough hike up for my wife and I. We made it to the summit in 27 minutes and down in 28. We are in our late 20s and newer to hiking!

Beautiful trail, nice and easy and dog friendly until the top. We got pretty close to the top and had to turn around due to our dogs sliding on the rocks and unable to climb the roots of trees. We boosted our dogs a few times to get closer but didn't feel comfortable or safe enough bringing them further. Loved the view of the lake, pond and stream on the way up.

I admit that I'm not in my greatest physical shape. I underestimated how challenging this trail really is and I was humbled. I had brand new Lowa hiking boots and I'm glad I brought them. We had PERFECT weather. I do not believe this is "moderate" in scale. It leans more to the "difficult" scale. I live in California and hike the Sierras often. This hike was gorgeous once at the top. We saw 360°, it was windy, much cooler and the fire tower is the prize.

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