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Great mountain climb, although rocky and steep the views and vistas are well worth the hike upwards. Nice 360 degree view in the tower looking outwards.

21 hours ago

One of my favorite local hikes/snowshoe. A best bang for the buck! I think I have done this mountain about 50 times since 2005. Can't ever hike\snowshoe to it enough. It has the most awesome views of Blue Mountain and BM Lake. Besides that, the hike\snowshoe is not demanding at all and the Talon caves just before the summit are a BONUS!

Hiked to this summit in the spring as part of the Adirondack Fire Tower challenge. This particular hike is a challenging one as Fire Tower hikes go. The last mile is very demanding and depending on the time of year can be a scramble of sorts. The only downside to this hike is that the tower has all kinds of communications equipment on it and new roads and building supporting them. The views of Blue Mountain though....are undeniably breathtaking!!!! While I was in the tower, a helicopter flew up to the summit and dropped a man off to work on the communications equipment. It really shook the tower while I was in it!

We did this hike as part of the Adirondack Fire Tower Challenge. As Fire Tower hikes go, this one is a nice one. It is well maintained (Both Trail and Tower) and it has 180 degree views. If you haven't spent much time in the area, I suggest you take the time to visit the VIC and if you paddle, Rich Lake!

2 days ago

Enjoyed a beautiful sunset on top of Coney a few days ago. We ran up and down the mountain, very gradual inclines until the last hundred feet where it gets slightly steeper. Great for kids.

Hiked the trail a few days ago with two family members, great trail but my only qualms would be with the other hikers.

There was some litter on the trail and kids not being supervised by their parents. One was running down the trail, cut through our group and tripped and fell hard down a 3 foot dirt embankment. Another caught up to us and turned to leave the trail!! We told him to stay on the trail and he listened.

Note to anyone thinking of doing this hike:please follow the basic rules of hiking:

What you carry in you carry it out. Don’t litter!!

Minors should be supervised at ALL TIMES.

Never, EVER leave the marked trail.

Step aside for the people descending.

Also if you hike a mountain with a fire tower realize that when you get to the top there could be people waiting to climb the tower. They are finite space so wait and ask the other people I the summit if they’re waiting. Don’t overcrowd the tower/stairway/landing!!

Blue Mountain has a commanding view of the surrounding territory, but only if you climb the fire tower. There is a view of Blue Mountain Lake just short of the summit, but 360-degree panoramas are available only from the top. The ascent is fairly steep and quite rocky, following a drainage channel with two ephemeral stream crossings, which were dry for our hike. In the second mile, you gain over 1000 vertical feet. There is minimal exposure and the trail is under canopy until you reach the summit block. Get there early if you want a parking spot; this is a very popular summer hike. Took us 2.5 hours, but we stopped for about 15 minutes on the way up for morale reasons. The descent is very quick; poles and hiking boots are recommended.

As others have stated, an incredible 360 degree view from the fire tower, with no scrambling! FYI signs posted today 7/13 at the trailhead stated the trail will be closed 7/16-7/20/18 for trail maintenance. If you're looking for another hike in the area with a great views (no fire tower) I highly recommend Moxham Mountain.

Did this and the others from the Tupper Lake Triad all in one day! Such a fun challenge.

My wife and I are doing the fire tower challenge, and found this one to be harder than Pok O Moonshine, which was rated harder by one of the guidebooks. It’s a solid moderate hike with nearly 1,600 feet of elevation gain in 2 miles, and is very rocky. If you are not an experienced hiker, I would not recommend this one when the terrain is wet. The views were amazing from the top.

Parking was not the easiest to find. You have to go through what looks like a private conference center. Once you park you walk through a dirt road to the trailhead. The hike was great and took about 1.5 hours. I brought my year old lab mix who is very fit and he had a blast! It was moderately challenging because of the steepness in a few areas. Dogs that are too young or old may have difficulty with this hike. My dog had to make some 2-3ft jumps up different rocks to continue the trail. Be careful to follow the trail markers to the summit. During one point we veered off and began walking toward the lake instead of crossing a small stream to continue upwards. The view at the top is AMAZING but it’s a small area so their isn’t much room if there are too many people. That would be my only complaint. Overall it was a great hike and I would definitely do it again.

9 days ago

Great hike. It is short but the whole trip to the vista is uphill so a good workout for us middle aged folks. The view is absolutely spectacular.

11 days ago

it was a cloudy, with light rainy day but the hike was short and easy. this was the start of the triad for me.

did this trail as part of the tupper lake triad. it was cloudy with light rain, still a very pleasant trail.

11 days ago

not much to add from other reviews. i did go on a cloudy, light rainy day and still had a great time. bring your camera.

This was a fantastic, short hike with extraordinary views from the fire tower. Bang for your buck, it might be the best views for such a short hike. The trick is to get there early, because by 10:30 AM the trail is very busy. We arrived at 8 AM and there were only two people on the mountain ahead of us. There were absolutely no bugs on the way up. I would easily recommend this for beginners and families with young children. It was one of the sturdiest fire towers I’ve yet to see.

Kids love the ‘caves’ and the view. Nice loop trail down the back side for a different return route.

on Coney Mountain

15 days ago

The best of the Tupper Triad! Even though it lacks Mount Arab's fire tower, it has views in all directions for miles! Rivers and lakes in distance, along with countless mountains. The summit is also large, so if it's a crowded day there should be plenty of room to take in the views. The trail itself is in great shape and is basically a more gradual version of Mount Arab. DO THIS!

15 days ago

Very nice hike. Really awesome that the first bit is paved for wheelchair access. However, a decent portion of the paved path has become eroded/bumpy and I would imagine having difficulty actually using it with a wheelchair. Hiking it is no issue whatsoever, and the rest of the trail is in great shape and is well-maintained and marked. Of the three Tupper Triad hikes, it's just not quite as exciting as the other two in my opinion. Even so, still well worth the hike with beautiful views at the top.

on Mount Arab Trail

15 days ago

Exceptionally well-maintained and marked trail. If you are in decent shape this will not seem particularly steep at all. The fire tower is in very good shape and offers the best views on this mountains. However, if you are not up to climbing the tower for whatever reason, there are two very good lookouts with benches and big rocks with which to view the mountains, lakes, and rivers in the distance. Great hike!

View is great

16 days ago

Great hike. Well marked except read the brochure during the hike if you want to know about the different plants/flowers. Starts off vertical and continues that way for most of the trail. Second fire tower of the day (first one was Cathedral Rock)

17 days ago

Great hike, not at all difficult. Did it 6/30/18 with my wife, 7 and 10 year old with no issues at all. Trail is pretty wide, no bouldering at all and the incline really was mild with plenty of more level segments to get a rest if you need it. Really interesting "octopus tree" with roots growing over a boulder early in the hike. Then towards the summit there is an old damaged horse barn which made for some cool pictures. The fire tower is open and well worth the view. If you bring a map you can locate the various lakes and other notable peaks. That was an activity the kids loved! We were up and down in about 3 hours and the bugs weren't too terrible. We started out early so there were only 3 people on the summit and that let us spend as much time in the tower as we wanted. On the way back down, around 10:30 am, the trail was starting to get much busier.

on Peaked Mountain Trail

19 days ago

Everything you could want in a hike! Long enough to give yourself a real workout with a good deal of challenging climbing. Breathtaking scenery and variation in environment.

13th lake is such a scenic sight for the first 0.9 miles or so. Then a peaceful stream with a few small waterfalls borders your hike right after this. Then it's a pleasant walk in the woods, along with a few marshes. Your penultimate destination is the Peaked Mountain Pond, which is so serene and clear. Perfect to catch a catnap or lunch. The hike to Peaked Mountain from the pond will likely take you roughly 30-45 minutes, depending on your fitness and pace. We took our time and it took us 40 minutes from the pond.

The summit is a gem. 180 degree views, with multiple viewing points. The pond that you came from is below you, along with a small glimpse of 13th lake, Gore Mountain, and other peaks in the distance.

The hike is around 7-7.5 miles rather than 6.2. Also, while it would more appropriately be labeled as moderate in my opinion, still a great and very accessible hike if you are in at least decent shape and have hiked in the Adirondacks before. Our party had a total hiking time of 5 hours, with 1 hour for lunch and pictures.

I often judge hikes based on whether I'd ever consider a re-hike. Blue mountain wouldn't be a re-hike. Glad I did it once but, you have to think about almost every foot step - boulders and potentially slippery rocks make the hike a bit of an ordeal.

Yes, there is a great view from the tower. Yes, it's a moderate hike in terms of elevation change bottom to top and any day out in the woods is a plus - but no, it wasn't a favorite hike. See for yourself.

20 days ago

A good workout to finish the triad. Volunteer was very informative. Fire tower views amazing. Glad I went early as it’s a popular spot.

Challenging hike but well worth it!

I hiked this trail yesterday (after hiking Bald Mountain). Definitely a tough trek up but absolutely worth the views!

Excellent for the family with some incline. Views from top and fire tower were amazing. Volunteer and dogs at the top we’re an added bonus!

Fun little hike with a great view for a short distance

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