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8 hours ago

A great hike, with hard terrain and amazing views of LA at the top. Gets crowded on weekends, but there’s always street parking on Sunset. A local staple.

14 hours ago

Bridge is washed out and creek was high from the recent rain. We couldn’t make it to the MASH site and I didn’t see anyone attempt to wade. Pretty nice hike otherwise.

Nice hike to start the day. Gets crowded around 8a on weekends. Go earlier if you want more alone time. I’d recommend this hike and will definitely do it again soon.

washed out
1 day ago

Trail is fantastic. Phone died halfway through so it didn't record the whole thing, but no way possible to do this hike in under 10 miles. Took us about 16 miles today total including an extra mile - mile and a half with the road being closed due to the government shutdown as well.

Great easy trail

bridge out
1 day ago

The bridge east of Cage Creek Trail Jct. broke down due to the recent rain. The trail is currently not passable beyond that point, since the creek cannot be crossed.

Missing hiker in this area, 19yo African American male, please keep an eye out for any out of place clothing etc.

Also, parts of trail are collapsed after the rain.

Love this hike!! Beautiful & challenging

Good workout & nice view but super crowded! Not great... lots of horse poop on the trail. So, again Not great!

This was a stunning trail. It can get cold quickly if a cloud comes over so bring layers! The app got me up and down perfectly (using the pro version) and I was glad I had it as the trail was very hard to follow at times as there are so many interlocking trails up there.

Does anyone know if this and/or the Grotto trail are back open? I'd love to check at the Grotto after all the recent rain fall!

love this hike

I guess it was alright? wouldn't mind going again.

Sunday hike Jan13: Due to above ankle snow, We had to park out on Angeles crest Hwy and walk a mile into the campsite, then a bit more to get to the actual trail. The road was “closed for the season” but we went in to see if we could hike it anyway and we did! The snow definitely made it a workout. Going in was mostly downhill or flatlined, so keep in mind that it’ll be inclined coming out, be very careful some areas may be slippery. We only got to where a creek was (a beautiful little ending point ), we didn’t make it all the way to the waterfall as it was starting to get cloudy, foggy and dark where we were. We did see a few other people on the trail later in the day who were coming from the connecting trails.. Overall the whole hike was beautiful, snow everywhere, it was either up to your ankles deep or less in some areas. There was still running water in the creek, the path gets narrow in some areas so be careful with that too. I highly recommend this trail. Simply breathtaking with all the snow right now ⛄️

Sandstone peak is all time for short hikes with an awesome view. Especially when it’s clear. Always pretty quiet during the weekdays also. Hiked this the day before the Woolsey fire came through.. Saw the Oaks fire start while sitting at Tri Peaks Point.

7 days ago

LOST kid's retainer. If seen/found, please post to let us know here. Otherwise, it was a great hike - beautiful views in all directions, especially of los angeles and ocean. Some puddles but nothing you can't easily step over/around.

The trail was almost entirely snow covered but mostly packed down and easy to follow until close to the very top, when the footprints diverged and several paths led straight up to the ridge. Traversing the steep and snowy ridge from there up to the summit was a little sketchy—I probably should have had an ice axe but made do without one. Microspikes and trekking poles were enough. Managed to find a tiny dry spot under a tree on the other side of the summit to set up my tent with a beautiful view of Baldy. Cold and windy, but very beautiful!

mostly snow covered trail as of 1/11...with snow in forecast. great hike, had a blast as this was my first hike in snow of this much

on Temescal Canyon Trail

9 days ago

Nice local hike in LA with good views.

Always a good workout. This particular section of Boney Mtn was never officially closed... it is not maintained by the State or Federal agencies. The summit has serious burns on the Chamberlain side. Likewise, Sandstone was badly burned. Conejo Peak is also open.

A nice medium level hike with a great reward at the end in the large rock formations you can climb on. Amazing view of Topanga canyon and the ocean

Rough climb at the beginning leads to a beautiful view from the rock at the peak.

Great hike mostly incline either entrance. A lot of erosion coming down the fern trail.

I did this hike before the fires and really loved it

This is a nice hike but there sure was a lot of people hiking that day!!

Relaxing stroll with some nice views

Great views! It's also worth branching off to summit Mt. Lowe at the top.


This may be my favorite hike in LA. Has a bit of everything. Good incline/decline, waterfall, river trail, canyon, cliffside, rock-hopping, history etc. The dog loved it and it was super quiet with some amazing views of Downtown to the Valley.

Really easy to find the trails, just keep left for the most part and there are clear signs/markers guiding you accordingly. When you get around to the top you have some options to get down and you can see how it links up to some other trails as well.

It’s called Windy Gap for a reason! Super windy and chilly at the top, but such a nice view at the top. The trail head starts inside Crystal Lake Campground and you need a parking pass. We hiked to the top of windy gap then to Little Jimmy Campground for lunch, it was wonderful.

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