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One of the most beautiful hikes I have been on. It gets challenging at times but it is well worth it.

We hiked this trail on Saturday 11/10 and tracked about 12.3 miles RT. The trail is well marked relatively busy. For me, the altitude and gradient were very doable, but I got pretty tired at about 10 miles. The other hikers were very friendly and were willing to step aside on narrow parts of the trail. The view was a little smoky due to wildfires but the visibility was still decent. The weather is perfect this time of year!! Cool in the morning and at the top, so bring a light jacket. We got a late start at about 9am and had to walk about 8 minutes from our car to the trailhead. It took us 4 hours to summit and a little under 3 to get down. Overall tiring and fun hike! (And of course, stopped at the Buckhorn for nachos and beer on the way back ;-) )

Hiked this on Sunday 11/11/18. It was beautiful and not as hard as I expected. What made this beautiful hike difficult was the freezing cold winds.

6 days ago

I don't recommend any body using alltrail map to explore this trail. Is Not safe is not accurate and you can get seriously hurt..


Phenomenal hike. Great views and very fresh air. Loved it.

off road driving
13 days ago

This is an awesome hike that I have done and loved so much. However today it is closed due to a fire!!!

I very much enjoyed this hike. The large rock formations are an amazing contrast to the clear blue sky. The first part of the trail, and the ending part (the same section of trail), is deeply rutted by the trail bike riders making the hiking much more difficult, however, we did not come across a single rider. When you reach the Horse Flats campground, I suggest taking the Mt. Hillyer Trail to the left as you will do the more difficult part of the loop first. You will also see the big rock formations sooner. The return portion of the loop is paved road.

Great trail. Just keep an eye and an ear out for the bikers.

Moderate hike with rewarding 360 views. Very cool caves to take a nap and or meditate. Read signs when parking, the locals will guide you via signs. I will be back, no dogs allowed is the only bummer but understood.

20 days ago

Very good and very challenging hike. Some steep cliffs with long drops; watch where you step! The ascent wasn’t too tough but the descent down the winter creek trail was brutal; bring poles if you have them. Was bothered by bugs at times but not overwhelming. Would hike again!

One of my favorite So-Cal hikes. I extended the trip into a 3-day. Camped at Saxton on day 1, summited around noon on day 2 and then continued east around the backside of the mountain down to Dry Lake, then back up to Dollar Lake Camp for night 2, exited back down Momyer day 3. I went in the middle of the week at the end of September and only saw a few people the whole 3 days. Very remote and secluded feeling, especially the backside of the mountain. You will need a Wilderness Permit for this one. Plenty of places to find water along the trail. Highly recommend.

trail running
22 days ago

Only ran this once, several years ago during the government shutdown. It was eerie quiet with the campground not in use, and there were deer poking around. A steady up and a steady down, good for training for longer trail races.

Great regular MTB workout if you’re a local. Suggest you take fence line at the top instead of Bommer for some more fun!

Very accessible, but not overwhelmingly great. Didn't feel like I was very removed from LA. Residential area and decent amount of people for a Tuesday afternoon.

Great two day with a overnight at dry lake. Plan on fetching water from the spring.

I have done this trail in the spring, summer and just this past weekend. The summer was miserable ... some long periods of no shade. Really enjoyed making this hike an overnight this past weekend, sleeping at the peak. There is not a lot of people on this trail (a couple now and then; only more crowded toward the top). You are climbing up the back side of the mountain. There are plenty of places to resupply your water (est 4, 6, 8 mile marks). There is a HUGE temperature change from the start to the peak (especially if you camp).

We clocked in at 5.5 miles. We did it as a sunset hike. We started at 4:20 I think I would have started it at 3:30 so we get the sunset coming back down! You must park on the street there is no parking lot. To get to the top just cross the bridge and stay to the left this app have the correct downloaded road. Dogs are allowed on leash! It does get steep on some parts. There are three benches you pass on the way up. when you pass the Henninger Flats sign there are benches to the left. There is also a geological marker to the left of the sign of your staring at it. Bring a head lamp if your hiking it in the dark! Over all it’s a beautiful sunset hike!

Superb peak views.

Excellent hike! Started before the sun came up, easy to find the path. Parking was no problem at 6am on a Sunday but definitely was packed by the time I finished around 12pm. The hike was a good workout, the last 1.5 miles was a butt kicker! Great views of Baldy, which was snow covered! Cold at the top but tolerable. I think this is a moderate hike, I wouldn’t list it as “strenuous”, like Baldy!

Did it twice already awesome, challenging, beautiful and relaxing. Did it at night and day too. Please pick up your trash. Don't cut the switchbacks. Thanks #HikerEvolution #HikeRevolution # HikerEVOLution

Tough but Awesome Hike. My First Peak. Going for 6 pack of peaks Challenge. On to Mt San Antonio!!!

Difficult but rewarding.

beautiful hike with many beautiful views.
when you get to eagle Rock , you can climb up and relax up in the rock and take the fire road back
night hiking this trail is well worth it.
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Awesome 15 miles hike!!!

15 miles! Great hike

Beautiful hike with an amazing view at the end completely worth it the whole way

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