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The trail was awesome but a little crowded. Lots of dogs too but all were behaved. Water is flowing nicely after all the rain we just had. You will need to park in the upper parking lot and hike down. The trails are maintained well and was very nice. I’ll go back again soon.

We have always loved this hike. Great from kids and pets

1 day ago

A great hike, with hard terrain and amazing views of LA at the top. Gets crowded on weekends, but there’s always street parking on Sunset. A local staple.

1 day ago

Heavy traffic! Long hike down hill. Nice view , lots of water in the creek. You need hiking stick especially crossing the creek back and forth..

Nice hike to start the day. Gets crowded around 8a on weekends. Go earlier if you want more alone time. I’d recommend this hike and will definitely do it again soon.

I love this trail. always enjoy doing it solo.

Love this hike!! Beautiful views of the mountains & lots of shade on the lower canyons. If u go in the fall the colors are amazing ❤️

no shade
over grown
4 days ago

Amazing views all the way up. Incline all the way up too, but nice and steady. Challenging enough but not too bad to go back down. Highly recommend, but heed others, a hot day would be tough.

Does anyone know if this and/or the Grotto trail are back open? I'd love to check at the Grotto after all the recent rain fall!

Sandstone peak is all time for short hikes with an awesome view. Especially when it’s clear. Always pretty quiet during the weekdays also. Hiked this the day before the Woolsey fire came through.. Saw the Oaks fire start while sitting at Tri Peaks Point.

What a great hike. It starts low and slow but builds to loads of inclines and switch backs. It’s say it’s moderate to difficult in places as the paths are narrow and even steep in some hairy spots. Beautiful views. We will be back.

9 days ago

LOST kid's retainer. If seen/found, please post to let us know here. Otherwise, it was a great hike - beautiful views in all directions, especially of los angeles and ocean. Some puddles but nothing you can't easily step over/around.

on Temescal Canyon Trail

11 days ago

Nice local hike in LA with good views.

Beautiful.. now one of my favorite hikes! Great variety of views and inclines. Love the stream passing through and the views at the top right before you head down to the falls. We started early to avoid crowds and boy it was worth it, we had the falls to ourselves for a good 20-25 min!Took about 2.5 round trip. Highly recommend this hike!

very nice views but would also rate as a little more difficult than moderate depending on the side that you start the trail. For me, the left side had a very steep incline that went up to a little more than 2000 ft elevation in the first mile or so of the trail. definitely don't go when it's muddy like I did

One of my favorite trails in LA. Has a mix of everything green canopy with shade in areas, stream crossing, some include to pretty views with more a more arid climate and then ends at a small waterfall.

Love this hike!, but it wasn't until I was leaving that I was able to find the actual trail I was supposed to be on when going to the waterfall & punchbowl. Trail starts easy enough, then you get to a point, and this is Important!, where the trail seems to split, KEEP LEFT and look for a large boulder with colorful markings. You'll see a bunch of downed trees, go over them there isn't many and you'll see the trail continues. I posted pics of what you need to be looking for. Going this way does stray away from the creek, you can still hear the creek though, but so much faster. I got there originally trying to follow colored markings and rocky hiking through the riverbed, it took forever. Had it not been for finding the correct trail I probably wouldn't have come back. That being said, scenery is great, lots of areas that I imagine during the Summer months would be fun to hang out along the Santa Paula creek. Next will be another split where the trail looks it follows along the creek or you head up along the mountain side. Either is correct, more of a personal choice, I went up, great views looking down over the valley and you do reach 2 camps before the waterfall/ punchbowl, from this trail you see the waterfall from the camp nearest the edge. I can't speak for the creek route, but hear its better to do this route when its hot. I will also add that there are 2 times on the mountain route that are a bit cumbersome. A steep, rocky gully and exiting the trail right onto the creek, it's steep & narrow too. Once there, lots of exploring and water to play in!

Amazing hike but the beginning uphill part is a lot longer than everyone below states. The whole out portion is majority uphill. Incredible views at the end made it worth it. It also averages at about 6 miles from the starting point this sets you at just FYI. We took a couple side routes to look out points that contributed to that

I have hit this trail over 10 times and every time have made it to the bowls, even the hidden ones way up top in the back of the main ones. The arrows are very difficult to try and follow but become helpful if you are lost. All I can say is that if you follow the stream and keep an eye out for those helpful arrows, you'll have a blast! It eventually ends up at a split and you just want to make sure you stay to the right side once you get to that point, if you don't see the bowls after about 2 hours, double check with people you see or check a map!

19 days ago

Came here on Dec 30th around 11:30am and it was easy to find parking on the residential area. Maybe it was because of the holidays that parking was easy to find. The trail was easy to find. It was a clear paved path the entire way up and down. You start off with a slight incline and keep working your way up. The incline is nothing too crazy anyone can do it, just keep at your steady pace and breathe. The trail will continue to incline and about .5 miles in flattens out. The view at the top is beautiful and coming back down you get the entire city and ocean view. Definitely would come back again!

The trail is closed :(. Due to fire damage!

Great accessible hikes with many options

20 days ago

Awesome first hike for a newbie looking for a challenge

Easy access. Great quick walk with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and LA.

Love that hike. Just did it with my 3 and my 4 year old. Took us three hours. Very diverse hike with beautiful scenery.

I came on dec 19, 2018, it was a Wednesday so not many people were around. Parking was relatively easy but I can imagine it hard during weekends (the starting point is in a fancy residential
area on a uphill road, and you can only park alone the street in certain area.)

The first 1/4 of the rout could be a little bit intense for people who haven’t worked out much, because it started uphill right away and could be steep sometimes. Fortunately, the trail was wide and no steps or obstacles, and there were a few stopping points for photos and resting.

After has its quite easy, and you would ready the midpoint (the tip). It had a great view of LA and oceans, and two benches!! (I thought that was rare.)

This is a fantastic choice because one can see mountains, skylines, and ocean all at once. Also there’s a diversity of Californian native plants and various birds chirping and hopping around. Highly recommended!

Such a beautiful adventure Nice beautiful very friendly environment

Follow the arrows, they said.
This works until the last 1/3 when it gets almost comical. Hard to find the arrows if you stay low/creekside. When the trail splits, I recommend you take the high road. All the climbing over and around rocks probably added an hour to the hike.
Feels like you’re a million miles away from town, so worth the long afternoon!

Nice and easy with some really good views. Parking is kinda limited, so thankfully it wasn't too crowded on this Thursday morning in December. Trail was easy enough to follow. Lots of unleashed dogs. It's fun to think about what this place looked like in its heyday (https://www.kcet.org/shows/departures/peering-into-the-chasm-vanished-canyon-resorts-of-la)

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