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Nice views ! Great place to bring your dog

Beautiful views and very peaceful!

I can't tell how much I like this hike. haha. We started around 2:30p. Parked in the first lot outside the gates, just in case we didn't make it back by sunset (they lock the gate at sunset). Did this counter clockwise. It's like you're somewhere else for the first portion. Lots of shade, large rocks, and a stream. Very nice and cool - Up through about the 2mi mark from the gate. Once you get to the top, there is a cool tree laying on it's side and a view. We thought this was the very top. But, we were fooled we walked about 5 mins past it and there was an even bigger tree with an even better view.

My husband and I completed this hike on March 15 while we were in CA for my cousin's wedding.

The first half of this trail is mostly shaded, with more sun exposure as we climbed higher. It was pretty chilly and a bit breezy even. Moderately steep almost the entire way. Good views of the rear mountains and of the SGV.

Life's a Beach!

Easy and enjoyable hike. Perfect getaway from the city life even if it's for an hour or so.

Trails closed because of weather, check trailalerts.rpvca.gov for updates

Trail was closed today due to maintenance/weather

12 days ago

My friends and I got there around 10 AM today and there were very few people on the trail. We took the trail from the parking lot on the left side of the entrance, behind the rock where there are a few picnic tables. Spotted the cave way off in the distance. Surprisingly it was not difficult nor did it take a long time to get to it. The photos from the cave came out amazing. Next time we will try to reach it a shorter way, from the metal gate on the right side of the access drive, just before you get to the big parking lot. Find the creek bed and head left. You'll see the cave on the right eventually. Total loop to cave and back around 4.11 miles.

I have found that Forrestal Dr is closed off a lot, if it is you can park along the roadside outside the gate and walk up the road approximately 1/3 mile. You will come to 2 trail heads, you can take either one.

Great views with some shade and water features.

There is a small dirt lot by the trail head and a small dirt area across the street that people were using. I didn't have trouble finding a spot at 7:30 on a Saturday morning. My app clocked it at abut 4.4 miles and it should take about 2 1/2 hours total to complete if you are just walking like we did. Most of the walk there is uphill, but it isn't too bad and of course the walk back is downhill and easy. You take the same way back as you do there. When you get to the top there is a round cement area to sit on with the word potato spelled incorrectly (unless you are Dan Quayle). There are great panoramic views. During parts of the hike you can hear the running water from below.

This place is great for family hikes, easy and fun for kids...one big main trail and small fun rigid trails cut through it.

19 days ago

This path has amazing views, great for taking pictures of the city day or night.
It isn't very long and it's not a very difficult trail but it does have some steep hill parts that add to the challenge.

Super easy trail that's great for kids. It's pretty and has benches everywhere so you can rest and take in the view of the water.

- Solid workout
- Close to city
- Expensive views of mountains and city

- Crowded
- Fire road (not as interesting as single-track trail)

I really enjoyed this hike. I haven’t been hiking much so it was challenging, I almost turned around a couple of times but kept pushing through.

Great trail! If you want a nice up hill workout, make sure you start the trail from the front to get that big hill, otherwise the back way is a great workout as well, but without he big hill upward hike. Either way, great trail! You can also turn around in the middle, by the stream part, and go back and that offers more distance and intensity.

20 days ago

Nice 2.1. Great views. Paths are wide.

Fun area with lots of trails and beautiful views. I recommend it and will return.

Very nice hike!

Just a note, there is NO running allowed on these trails and it is strictly enforced. (Trust me I've got myself in trouble:)

I went for my first time today. Very beautiful, helped me relax mentally and also a good little physical trail. Definitely coming back!

Tough trail! Great workout. Uphill till you get to top. Beautiful views.

Perfect trail for the little ones. We live this place!

I’d consider this more of a moderate trail about 5 miles total, but then again I’m pretty active. This is a great trail for mountain biking as well and is a gradual climb. As you get to the top, there are quite a few dead trees which make for great photo ops. Didn’t see much from a tar pit geothermal perspective, though. Great for dogs too, though sometimes the path gets pretty narrow. You can’t get lost. It’s an easy loop!

1 month ago

pretty view

trail running
1 month ago

Love this local challenging trail.

1 month ago

Super Duper easy but the hike at Sunset is amazingly gorgeous!!!!

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