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Very fun trail, it's up hill but you get great exercise and very nice views.

Views are great! It's best to head out before 6:30am to avoid the crowds.

3 days ago


Nice trail with wonderful views of LA. Too crowded, though. Get there early to find good parking.

God forbid there happens to be a single drop of rain. They close the trail?!?! Seriously?

A great winter hike, especially if there are clouds. We hiked this left to right, but I would reverse that next time. The downhill of going makes you loseseveral hundred feet you just earned, and the last 3rd of the hike is very steep downhill.

So, at the split, turn right and do the hard up first and you’ll have a nice, long, leisurely down hill for most of the loop back.

Beautiful views! Easy trail, fairly decent incline.

Pretty trail. I’ve only done the start but plan to dig in further.

It's a pleasant little walk, if you don't mind a lot of people. There are some challenging trails leading down the cliff from the bluffs, but since the ground was wet from recent rains, and since I had my 5 month old puppy, I did not consider doing them. One guy told me the surfers wear soccer cleats when it's slippery to go down the steep hills. Nice ocean views, particularly of the start of the Shipwreck Trail.

7 days ago

Easy hike as long as you take the stairs down (as we did) and complete the loop from there, clockwise. Very cool to see the old ruins!

Creds: AllTrails Pro for accurate GPS real time location and mileage. 7.3 mi. 1,260’ El Gain. Went clockwise for both loops. First loop trail closed half way through, had to back track / go around (reason why mileage more then 5.7 planned).

Aside from closed section, rest of trails in great condition.

3 stars for terrible parking. Park only has slots for about 10 cars. Street parking ‘permit only’. Easy to miss. So I pay $1,000 dollars in city taxes a year to live here and people who live right next to park managed to get rid of public parking on this wide street I helped pay for. Wow. Amazing to me people buy a house next to park entrance and get upset when people park there?!?!

Beautiful hike with gorgeous views of Pacific Ocean, Catalina Island, and lots of whales.

I did this hike before the fires and really loved it

Beautiful.. now one of my favorite hikes! Great variety of views and inclines. Love the stream passing through and the views at the top right before you head down to the falls. We started early to avoid crowds and boy it was worth it, we had the falls to ourselves for a good 20-25 min!Took about 2.5 round trip. Highly recommend this hike!

The most being sunsets!

Good trail. Too much traffic for me.

11 days ago

We did the hike going clockwise, so the trip up was nice and steady while the trip down was treacherous, but engaging and worth the awesome views.

Whichever way you go, just heed the warning that it's not for the faint of heart. Trekking poles recommended if you go the way we did, and prepare to go at a crawl for the final mile or so down.

上山走了一个半小时,下山1个小时,总长6.1miles, 很累也很爽

One of my favorite trails in LA. Has a mix of everything green canopy with shade in areas, stream crossing, some include to pretty views with more a more arid climate and then ends at a small waterfall.

This hike was pretty neat. I was able to see some awesome breed of dogs.... it’s funny because we came on this hike by mistake trying to see the caves on the Bronson hike (something like that).

I recommend WORKOUT gear. I saw a lot of people that might have missed that memo and ended up sliding and falling. Be sure to have a shoe that has a grip to it! Take water...don’t make the mistake I made. There is horse poop everywhere (lol) soooo look where you are going.

Great little places to take photos. But this trail is connected to many other trails that will take you to the Hollywood sign.

Oh! PARKING! Keep DRIVING ALL THE WAY UP. There is parking all the way at the beginning of the trails so do not stop at the first gate!

Enjoy folks!

This may be my favorite hike in LA. Has a bit of everything. Good incline/decline, waterfall, river trail, canyon, cliffside, rock-hopping, history etc. The dog loved it and it was super quiet with some amazing views of Downtown to the Valley.

Really easy to find the trails, just keep left for the most part and there are clear signs/markers guiding you accordingly. When you get around to the top you have some options to get down and you can see how it links up to some other trails as well.

13 days ago

Small little hike with beautiful ocean views. Happy we could bring our dog on the trail, but unfortunately couldn’t take him on the beach.

I was worried this was just another paved fire road with a view but when you go thru the fence and down the cement stairs you’re into another world. Great glute workout on the way back up too. Make sure you take a left thru the opening in the fence!

fun trail to hike solo or with the dog(s). Couple of things to note- not much shade and can be pretty rocky. Be sure to bring plenty of water and if an older dog consider their paws/joints. overall a lovely hike with great ocean views

14 days ago

Excellent Hike. Difficult. Great views the whole way. Good parking.

14 days ago

Loved this trail. Nice walk by the lake with my girl and a nice workout once you reach the hill trail.

I brought my dog here and he got a tick. the trail was steep for about 1.5 long miles.

This was a great hike! We actually started at the wrong spot we think, but ended up making it to the peak of Mount Thom! It was steep and slippery, but a great workout. While we were at the peak we walked over to the giant concrete structure and sat on top of it looking at the ocean views and city. We were almost to captivated to notice a mountain Iion climbing up to the trail that we had just been on, about 50 feet away! We got our stuff together and got out of there pretty quickly! Went down a back way because we wanted to walk with a girl who was alone on the trail just to make sure we all made it down okay. All in all great experience, just be prepared, and aware.

The trail is very peaceful besides the fact that it is haunted. Suitable for trail running if you're training for uphill portions. I had to mostlt power hike.

it was fun!!

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