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my five year old and I did this he loved it

Beautiful hike today. Be prepared for the cold from now until late spring. I could've used another layer of clothes and gloves.

A couple a different trails to choose from, one easy, one not to easy, but doable. This trail is not hard and the view at the top is very nice. Would definitely do it again.

Pretty easy, short hike if you’re only going to the rock itself. It’s a really dusty trail with a lot of horse poop, but I wasn’t surprised since it’s so heavily traveled by horses. When we went, there was actually an event going on at the equestrian center below, so we took our dog over to watch after the hike. The people were very nice and courteous to us.

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Started at 6 am, temperature at trailhead was 24* F and with the windchill was 16* F. There was snow pretty much along the whole trail, in some places ankle deep. Recommend micro spikes and hiking poles. Dress in layers and don't skimp on the boots and gloves. We were lucky enough to be able to follow another group who had stamped out a trail in the snow for us, otherwise we would not be able to see it at all. The winds were strong enough to bury the trail in some places. Beautiful if not a very strenuous hike. Beautiful views early in the morning.

14 days ago

Took a different way this time and went a little further then the pumpkin. I love this hike now. Not too easy but not too difficult.

My husband and I completed this hike on November 21. We really enjoyed this trail! For such a short hike, it offers a lot of variety... pond, wilderness, grassy area, bridges, etc. We also really enjoyed the informational plaques sprinkled throughout the hike... very educational! And we were there during the fall, so we got some nice colors and falling leaves.

There are a couple steep parts so maybe not ideal for strollers or elderly. Other than that, I'd recommend this hike for anyone!

Really cool spot!!! So many trails and so much to see! I highly suggest checking out!!

Theres snow on the top of the trails now!! Definitely recommend bringing trekking poles

For anyone new to this trail you can park at Pikes peak park and walk to the trail. It’s nice a great begging trail for people like me who are working their way back up to hiking.

As with many other reviews, this hike offers AMAZING views and photo ops. Definitely gets crowded because its such a family friendly nature walk. I was very disapointed with the lack of respect I saw for the trails and signs. Although we only saw about 5 people out of the 100s there this morning, it's definitely important to remind one another that rule #1 is respect the trail. People die from not respecting the trail. I saw 2 gentlement ignore "unstable cliffs, please stay back" signs just for a photo op. I also saw a group of about 5 young adults climbing up a rock for a photo op (which everyone was doing) but there was a clear path to climb up and signage to not trespass the way they chose to climb. We told them not to do it but we all need to be respectful so that these trails will last for future generations also.

If possible, find parking near by! Its $25 per car to use their lot!

Had a fantastic hike with beautiful fall colors to add to the experience!! Springtime will be the best time during flower blooming time!! A definite must-see and then top it off with some cider at the trailhead parking lot!!

20 days ago

This was great as there are two ways to go up/down. Cool graffiti to take photos by and a nice breeze at the top (end of November). Be careful as there is a lot of broken glass at the top however. I liked that you can pretty much see the entire trail from the top so you can decide which way to go back for you. Not too busy and not too many dogs and not too many horses. Just enough to say hi to.

22 days ago

I did this hike yesterday, beautiful one. The trail itself is pretty set and clear, easy to maneuver, not a lot of roots or big rocks (great for trail running). The challenging part is that it’s a continuous incline with no breaks, especially in the beginning. Tons of switchbacks. The surprising part is that it’s a well shaded hike, I started at noon and reached the top by 2 with a decent pace. Wind is insane at the top once the trees start dwindling down. Great views.

It has a huge parking lot, plenty of space. I didn’t have trouble at all—but it was a Wednesday, I can’t speak for the weekend.

This can get very crowded. It’s fairly steep and has an incredible view of the ocean. One of the best hikes I’ve ever been on. And then you get to walk the beach and maybe have a swim if you feel like it.

love the views

great anual hike to do in October

Nice easy hike on a quiet Sunday. Great if you like a little bit of history (see the ruins) and small waterfalls.

saw squirrels having sex

Beautiful scenery through out the trail and ending with a beach walk back to the starting spot is a great cool down.

Fairly doable trail. 2.2 mi to the overlook, then downhill all the way back.

Fairly doable trail. 2.2 mi to the overlook, then downhill all the way back.

Fairly doable trail. 2.2 mi to the overlook, then downhill all the way back.

Fairly doable trail. 2.2 mi to the overlook, then downhill all the way back.

1 month ago

Did this hike with some friends and my two dogs. A very challenging hike, pushed my limits. The weather was cold and windy at the summit. I'll do this hike again.

our first time here great location very nice trail some difficulty going up on part of the trail otherwise it was easy take plenty of water we took stuff to snacks on their is also a place that makes some good bbq at the entrance to the park trail.

Very nice on a beautiful day..

Terrific challenge really pushed myself starting at 6:25, made the summit 7:55am
Breathtakingly views!

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