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Great day hike and close to home.

Great day for a hike:) Mount Major did not disappoint!

Went for an easy hike with my dog. He loved it. The water was high because of all the rain so we couldn’t make it past a certain part of the trail where the river had come up. Beautiful and easy though.

Hiked the boulder loop and brook trail today. It was beautiful and the foot traffic was very light. weekdays seem to be an ideal time to hike Mt Major. The summit was freezing and windy, but the fall colors were still beautiful.

Super nice hike. Well marked trails. Most people are really dog friendly.

One of the best hikes in the Lake area. It is definitely more on the easy side, but it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding lakes with minimal effort.

Took the Andrew Brook trail, was DOPE!

It was a bit muddy, so make sure to have waterproof boots.

Big bang for the buck. 360° views from bald summit!!

Took the yellow trail up which was awesome for the dog lots of flowing water and big rocks to make it easy to climb up. After reaching the summit looped back down on blue, which was shorter but much steeper with a lot of smooth rock. To say the least it was not as enjoyable back down but the way up was great

Did this hike with my dog yesterday and really enjoyed it. I went up Wapack and down Marion Davis after reading some other recommendations. It was warm and sunny but conditions were really wet and muddy from prior rains, so coming down Wapack seemed like it would've been especially tough. A few sections of it were essentially a running stream, and it's got some very steep places, especially at the bottom. Both trails are rocky, but Marion Davis was a little more gradual and forgiving for the descent. Agree with others that getting to the top and finding myself in a parking lot with giant cell towers was a little jarring (that's where I dock one star), but walking down a bit to where the raptor watch was happening provided a great view and let me forget about the cars! I preferred Wapack for the giant pines and outlooks along the way -- Marion Davis doesn't provide any views.

Beautiful views for minimal effort. Don't expect any challenge unless you are a very new hiker, the trail should be rated as easy. Gorgeous though!

I did the north side trail Columbus Day.
It was misting and very wet and slippery and the valley was totally fogged in.
It was a bit challenging due to it.
I do this as a mom/son birthday hike every year so the weather doesn’t deter us.
This year my grandson joined us.

Nice hike! Took about 2 hours to walk both ways. Scenic view and a decent beginner trail.

Nice little hike. We had some young kids attempting a decent hike for the first time and they all did really well. The trails were wet, but we didn't really have any problems going up or down. We went up Wapack and down Davis.

Hiked this trail as part of 52 with a View list and hoping to get some great foliage views. The weather had other plans for us that day.
The trail was wet, but was not extremely slippery. I cannot wait to get back and hike this in the winter.
We planned on doing the Cardigan Loop, but on the way down Clark we turned too early at the Fire Hut instead of going in the other directions. Still a good hike though.

I was honestly not as impressed with this hike as I thought I would be. We took the blue trail up, which was slightly steep but was also pretty slick on the rock parts. We went down the yellow trail which was either all mud or flowing water. Towards the end of the hike there were crowds of people starting up the trail. The view at the top was awesome and worth it since the hike was decently short and easy but not as difficult as I expected

Very good trail for hiker enthusiasts. Semi difficulties at some rocky spots. The view on the top is amazing. Will do again

What a amazing little hike! Took us less than a hour to get to the top for some very rewarding views! Wasn't challenging at all. A few steep spots with flat rocks that were wet from the recent rain but just careful maneuvering on the way down. A very enjoyable experience overall. Lots of foliage and the well maintained trails that were also very scenic.

Really pretty hike, great views. Any age can climb. Takes about 1.5-3 hours.

Great views from the top and a few spots on the way. We went up the blue trail and came back the yellow. Very crowded in the lot but not terrible on the trail. Assent was rockier and more difficult than I anticipated but loved it and totally worth it.

Ahhh what an amazing view at the top! This hike is a must! We went up the blue trail which was pretty rocky but made it interesting and on the way down we went with the yellow trail which was way more relaxed, not rocky at all, it follows a pretty stream down (definitely easier in your knees)! The loop took us 3 hrs with some time at the top. I wouldn’t recommend hiking this with a baby on your back unless you did strictly the yellow trail... after hiking all season with my child I was glad I didn’t have her for this one. Overall very nice hike... fall time is busy but we went early enough where we didn’t really get stuck in any crowds... however when we got back to the parking lot it was full along with each side of the road with cars for about a mile - it was crazy!

Pretty hike with a nice view from the fire tower. Detour to Roaring Falls is well marked, plus a fun scramble on some impressive rock formations. The detour to the pond is worth it as well.

Great ups and downs. Had my dog on leash. Trails were a bit muddy some wet spots. Nobody fell. Made out for a good backpacking trip.

Was an overall good trail. Parts got kind of wet where there wasn’t a clear way to get across other than to take your shoes off or try to balance on the few rocks above the water.

Great hike up on the blue trail. Beautiful views of the lake from summit. Yellow trail down was more gentle on the knees. What a day spent with ling-time friends

Beautiful views

Stunning view

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