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7 days ago

The first time I did this hike, I was 10 years old and I never forgot it. It remains branded in my head. Now, I’m in my 50’s and its beauty hasn’t changed.

Cold if you're in the mountains shade. There are much better hikes on Tam!

Camped at Box Lake and it was the bomb.

This was the most beautiful hike I’ve been on! The lakes were like turquoise gems against the snow patched craggy mountains. The switchbacks take you up into the John Muir Wilderness where a surge of water runs along your path. You can rest by Lon Chaney’s old cabin and continue on to find more gorgeous lakes as you walk. True story: I inhaled a mountain fly and within a few minutes it came out my nose. I swear...disgusting but true. The nice thing is that you can choose to go out six miles or complete the whole trail and you will feel accomplished either way.

Great hike with great views. Not too many people when I hiked it. Sunset is the best.

2 months ago

Hiked to the first lake in mid-January. We used the trail along the side of the mountain to avoid hiking in snow. There’s some elevation gain on that side. After the initial climb, you’ll be hiking in some snow to the cabin. Some parts the snow was ankle deep as no one had hiked before us. After the cabin is all snow. Lake was frozen over. Beautiful sight to see. Only had two other hikers trailing us. On the way back, a few backpackers were headed up for camping.

Worth the hard climb. Hiked this trail during the summer, bring a lot of water!!!!!!! So beautiful but I was sore for two days

Spent a rest day here. Beautiful area and great fishing.

The steep hike up at the start of Año Nuevo trail was the perfect way to begin 2018! I didn't download the hike and just used the paper copy at the Ranger station. I got off track a bit around the Ben Ries campground, but walking on the road the last bit of the way wasn't bad. Super serene, sweet hike.

So scenic and otherworldly because of fog that rolled in. We saw no one the whole time we were there. Fantastic memory!

I backpacked to Emerald and Sapphire Lakes as a 2 days backpacking trip with my dog near the end of October. It was stunning the entire way from trailhead to the lakes. Fall 2017 in the Trinities was a very vibrant autumn and this trail really showed off the yellows and oranges of the deciduous trees lining the trail. The contrast of dark green evergreens vs yellow maples vs the Stuart Fork creek was beautiful. I camped up at Emerald lake, just barely made it before sunset - I clocked 16 miles on my fitbit. There was only one other tent there. I passed only 2 other couples along the trail and they ended up camping at the meadows. Walking through forests, along a creek, through a random meadow, crossing a few small waterfalls and constant views of the valley's peaks. It was a very secluded hike. The trail is well maintained. The scramble up to Sapphire lake gives a beautiful view of the valley you just climbed up.

3 months ago

I’ve backpacked Thousand island lakes so many times it never gets old. The views and hike in and out are amazing.

The Big Pine Lakes trail is absolutely stunning and beautiful. Nice trails and great fishing. We Stayed in Big Pine at an Airbnb. "Big Pine Cottage Hideaway. The perfect place in Big Pine to access the lakes trails. This place is wonderful you have to see it. And it is dog friendly.

4 months ago

Spectacular views. Perfect winter weather. Awesome group of hikers who were helpful when I exhibited signs of altitude sickness.

4 months ago

Such a wonderful and great hike this time of year. The colors of the trees were amazing and you get lost in nature’s splendor. We didn’t do the whole loop, but went up to the cabin and rested by the well flowing stream. Plan to come back next year and do the whole thing!

4 months ago

This trail offers spectacular views of beauty but be prepared. It’s roughly a three hour intense hike (about 4.5 miles) to the first lake but well worth it. We did it yesterday and couldn’t be happier.

Anyone looking at doing the trail this weekend and have any thoughts about the potential snow rolling in on Saturday/Sunday?

Beautiful lakes

4 months ago

This is one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done. We started at the trailhead off of Glacier Lodge Road and hiked to 3rd lake. There was so much fall foliage to look at and when you get that first glimpse of turquoise water at first lake, you just want to stay there and admire. But don’t! Keep going because it’s beautiful. We did over 13 mikes and the terrain is nice and soft. I had no aches or pains after this hike. Loved it!

Absolutely gorgeous trail. Probably my favorite lake trail in California. Not too hard either.

5 months ago

awesome even for day hiking...much more for overnite camping

One of my favorite easy pleasant hikes in the Sierra Nevada.

From Silver Lake, following the Rush Creek trailhead it looks deceptive on the map. Do not be fooled. This is a relentless climb to the lake. If you are back packing I strongly suggest an early start. If they have closed the south route around Agnew you have hard climbing. I recommend spending the night at the larger of Clark Lake where you can also catch dinner.

There are two brutal switchbacks before Clark. They will help make up your mind whether to push on or camp.

Thousand Island is worth the pain to get there. If you are camping you are limited to the west side. We day holed from Clark so we swam around the islands. Great fun. The downside is that because of the spectacular scenery it is well travelled. You will not be alone.

6 months ago

I've hiked 1,000 miles of the PCT and JMT and I would rate this trail as difficult. There is a closure around Agnew lake because of dam repair so you have to take the north side detour which adds about 4 miles. It's a full day to get to 1,000 island. Enjoy!

Took the family and the dog...beautiful weather and a beautiful hike!

Totally Awesome, I am so out of shap

Awesome trail. Great views. Highly recommended for all skill levels even though there are a few minor climbs. We just went today at almost the end of summer. Go. You won't regret it

trail is closed as of June 30th where it turns into spooky meadow trail. The detour adds about 5 miles

always been my favorite and it was good to hike it after so many years away.

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