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Short, but very pretty view!

Easy walk and pretty view.

SUCH a pretty terrain. I’d never take a small child to this one because of all of the bluffs but I’d definitely go back

17 days ago

I lost the trail about a mile from the campsite. What little trail there was had been covered by leaves and no markers in sight. I wound up turning back and doing the rest of the day loop to make up the distance. I am assuming that part of the trail does not get a lot of traffic .

excellent trails

my go to trail.... just enough elevation and terrain features to be sufficiently difficult, the lake view is wonderful, and there are multiple options for offshoot trails. however, the absolute best feature is the wildlife. I have hiked this trail maybe 60-70 times, and not one time was I disappointed by the wildlife... abundant deer and squirrels to keep you entertained!!!

25 days ago

Any trail with this many lake views will be a favorite trail to me. I completed the Day Loop which is supposed to be 4 miles. My fitness tracker said it was 3.6 miles but that I had climbed the equivalent of 30 flights of stairs once I finished. The elevation changes are so gradual for the most part that it seems very easy. The wooded areas have several interestingly twisted and tall trees as well as beautiful rock formations. The lakeside portions rise slowly until you are rather high up on the bluffs over looking the lake and the surrounding areas for what seems like forever. It is easy to forget you aren't alone here as there were a few encounters with other hikers talk-shouting their way along the trail, oblivious to the others nearby. As my partner said, they would be the first to be taken out in a horror movie. Otherwise, I can see myself coming back here again and again.

Beautiful lake view, had different trails from easy to difficult. There was more people than I would have liked but I see why, great little hike.

1 month ago

We do this with day packs as training for long hiking trips. Not necessarily a pretty hike - just keep on slogging!

It's in my way to or from home. it's easy enough to stop by for some relaxation after a bad day. The Day Loop is my favorite. My goal is to backpack and stay over for an extended weekend. I was there earlier this week, lots of fungi also bullfrogs in "the pond". I have quirky ankles and find I can do this trail easily. Enough people around to feel safe, not so many people to feel crowded. Lots of places to swim as well.

Driving up to this trail, I must say, I was a bit worried. Some of the roadsigns on the way out are graffitied with the word "SKIN" over it and/or shot through with bullet holes, and the dogs from the canoe place chased my car a good way before I got to the gravel road. By the time I reached the trailhead, I felt so isolated that I was sure no one had been out here in forever and it was going to be Vesta Glade all over again. Forthunately, all my fears were relieved by this wonderful trail. The first half mile of the trail is over mostly loose rocks, so hikiing shoes or boots are highly recommended. This trail may also be the best marked that I have ever been on with bright blue blazes to follow frequently. There had been rain recently, so parts of the trail were like a shallow, trickling stream, and there are two points that will require you to cross over the stream. The bluffs and their views of the Duck River are simply awesome to behold. Another reviewer mentioned there was a fence on the cave entrance, but this was not present on the day I visited. Be careful as you descend into the cave as the entrance is steep, and I slipped on the mud going in, busting my wrist up a little in the process. My courage was rewarded with great cave views as well as the overlook at the end, about 30 feet above the river banks. I can't wait to visit again and bring friends.

From the Harris Street Bridge parking area, I hiked the trails leading from the trailhead to the historic water tunnel with great views of the river on the right and huge rocky bluffs on the left, and followed it back to a junction for the main path to ascend the steep staircase to the overlook. The views from the bluff make this trail one of the most scenic trails near Nashville. This was a moderate hike for a beginner like me with the steep climbs totaling about 1.8 miles and took me roughly an hour to complete.

Great trail..can be busy on the weekend. I like that you can cross over into 2 other greenways and end up at the Dam 14 miles away if you are up to it. This trail is scenic, well paved, several bridges and overall a nice ride.

trail running
1 month ago

A good, moderately challenging trail. The last 2 miles or so before you reach the campground do need some maintenance as some of the markers are tough to see, obscured by several fallen trees.
But, I will avoid this trail on warm, sunny days. The party boats in one of the coves were blaring country songs so loud I lost my concentration several times. :(
At the first split, I took the right side (the forest side) of the day loop, then ran to the camp ground, and on the way back when I connected to the day loop again, took the lake side of the loop to get back to the parking lot.
My Nike app marked that as 13.2 miles.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail. Definitely a favorite. We always do the Day loop option which clocks per my watch at 3.8 miles. It is super dog friendly. There are some rocky spots that give the trail so much beauty. Only down fall is during the summer it does trace a popular party cove so you are going to get some noise and nonsense from that. Other then that we love it.

This is my home trail. My dog and me hike it atleast twice a month. It never disappoints us. I recommend it to anyone that wants a good hike but not to tasking. my favorite trip was probably when it was snowing.
There are some stairs that are unevenly spaced and deep. my friend has a bad knee (old sports injury) the stairs were a little difficult for her so you want to plan ahead for them. Super dog friendly with plenty of swimming opportunities for our furry friends.

2 months ago

Great hike, moderate inclines, be sure to bring water! Stopped towards the end on a secluded bench to have a picnic lunch!

Easy but lovely. Great way to spend an hour this morning.

Great trail and overall very satisfying. I visited this area with my wife in September. I had no idea where the cave was located and the previous reviews did not help so..... I will try to help those who go after me.
If you follow the trail, a 1/4 mile BEFORE you reach the split as shown on the AllTrails map you will see a steep gorge/ run off to the left of the trail. This is the access point for the cave. At the bottom of the descent in this run off make a right. You will come to the first opening which is actually the top of the cave or exit. Keep following the trail to the main entrance. It has a large fence with a hole in it. Explore and enjoy!
Hopefully this will help those who need it.

enjoyed it tremendously

Half the trail has moderate elevation gain in a beautiful wooded area and the other half is flat and runs along the water. We almost always see deer and a variety of birds on and along the water. The hiking trail is well maintained. The rangers are friendly and helpful.

2 months ago

nice trail

2 months ago

Very nicely marked and kept trail. Nice lake views along the way and some interesting rock formations as well. Some nice elevation changes. Will definitely do this one again. GPS clocked 3.8 miles.

2 months ago

This is a great long trail my dog loves coming here

mountain biking
2 months ago

More technical than most mid TN trails, lots of rocks. Love it though and have been riding this trail for a long time. This is the first local mountain bike trail that I remember.

Again Yekew is incorrect, hikers, runners, and dogs on a leash are allowed. No horses, no motorized vehicles.

Pedestrians have the right-of-way, cyclists do not.

trail running
2 months ago

An enjoyable trail run that turned into a hike. I went after office hours on a weekday and saw appx 6 people on trail.

Very short but really three options for hikes, one that’s rather steep but takes you to a breathtaking overlook of the river gorge and countryside. Great if you have an hour or two, before river activities.

Surprisingly short and steep, with a remarkable view of the Harpeth River. imho it's too easily accessible. Would do it again if in the area.

nice and easy!

I’ve never been disappointed with my time on this trail. It can get busy and parking is difficult @ times. Don’t let it scare you; be patient - it’s worth the wait!

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