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3 days ago

Beautiful trail. Definitely a favorite. We always do the Day loop option which clocks per my watch at 3.8 miles. It is super dog friendly. There are some rocky spots that give the trail so much beauty. Only down fall is during the summer it does trace a popular party cove so you are going to get some noise and nonsense from that. Other then that we love it.

This is my home trail. My dog and me hike it atleast twice a month. It never disappoints us. I recommend it to anyone that wants a good hike but not to tasking. my favorite trip was probably when it was snowing.
There are some stairs that are unevenly spaced and deep. my friend has a bad knee (old sports injury) the stairs were a little difficult for her so you want to plan ahead for them. Super dog friendly with plenty of swimming opportunities for our furry friends.

3 days ago

Great hike, moderate inclines, be sure to bring water! Stopped towards the end on a secluded bench to have a picnic lunch!

Easy but lovely. Great way to spend an hour this morning.

Great trail and overall very satisfying. I visited this area with my wife in September. I had no idea where the cave was located and the previous reviews did not help so..... I will try to help those who go after me.
If you follow the trail, a 1/4 mile BEFORE you reach the split as shown on the AllTrails map you will see a steep gorge/ run off to the left of the trail. This is the access point for the cave. At the bottom of the descent in this run off make a right. You will come to the first opening which is actually the top of the cave or exit. Keep following the trail to the main entrance. It has a large fence with a hole in it. Explore and enjoy!
Hopefully this will help those who need it.

There is so much to see on this trail. It’s a little bit of everything. There’s a few areas with loose rocks so I’d recommend hiking boots just because of that for the ankle support. Give yourself time for the caves and to spend a moment on the bluffs. It is sooo worth it.

enjoyed it tremendously

Half the trail has moderate elevation gain in a beautiful wooded area and the other half is flat and runs along the water. We almost always see deer and a variety of birds on and along the water. The hiking trail is well maintained. The rangers are friendly and helpful.

21 days ago

nice trail

23 days ago

Very nicely marked and kept trail. Nice lake views along the way and some interesting rock formations as well. Some nice elevation changes. Will definitely do this one again. GPS clocked 3.8 miles.

23 days ago

This is a great long trail my dog loves coming here

mountain biking
26 days ago

More technical than most mid TN trails, lots of rocks. Love it though and have been riding this trail for a long time. This is the first local mountain bike trail that I remember.

Again Yekew is incorrect, hikers, runners, and dogs on a leash are allowed. No horses, no motorized vehicles.

Pedestrians have the right-of-way, cyclists do not.

trail running
27 days ago

An enjoyable trail run that turned into a hike. I went after office hours on a weekday and saw appx 6 people on trail.

Very short but really three options for hikes, one that’s rather steep but takes you to a breathtaking overlook of the river gorge and countryside. Great if you have an hour or two, before river activities.

Surprisingly short and steep, with a remarkable view of the Harpeth River. imho it's too easily accessible. Would do it again if in the area.

nice and easy!

I’ve never been disappointed with my time on this trail. It can get busy and parking is difficult @ times. Don’t let it scare you; be patient - it’s worth the wait!

Nice walk in the woods and along the lake shore.

I’ve been coming here since I was a kid 28 years now this is the nicest park there is. Always a ton of wildlife out I’m glad they have the rules they have there it keeps things nice. Parking is difficult if you go on the weekends but besides that no complaints.

This trail has strict rules. No running very little view of the lake the first half. So many people was just very disappointed. The park was nice just limited. Won’t go back

Mountain Biking only.
You will get hurt if you are hiking and running and will be responsible for accident and damages to bikers property.
Nice rock garden!
Helicopter Landing pad for bad accidents.
follow maps on MTB PROJECT

1 month ago

Great hike if living in the Nashville area. I enjoy it because it's easily accessible after a day at the office and can get some good incline along with miles without it being too far outside the city. I recommend bringing hiking poles. There are some steep areas and the poles make it nice. I hiked it during dusk and you see all sorts of wildlife at that time.

1 month ago

It was a nice change of scenery just outside of Nashville. Lots of trail runners. The terrain is fairly rocky with occasional smooth dirt coverage. Fairly maintained trail with good shade. I found this to be a pretty strenuous hike, took 2.5 hours to complete loop taking a water break every couple miles. 6.2 miles total in and out.

on Volunteer Trail

1 month ago

great trail. it has a 4 mile option and a 5 mile option. both are loops you can also combine them for about an 8 mile hike. BEAUTIFUL scenery well marked and good amount of traffic. I drive over an hr to get to this trail and it's worth every min.

1 month ago

Very enjoyable with such varied terrain. Lots of trail traffic but everyone was very nice and enjoying the morning temperatures. Hats off to those running the trail.

Beautiful trail!

Found some very upset buzzards in the cave.

Definitely a cool trail with beautiful scenery. We found 2 caves but one was not very accessible. We couldn’t find them at first but the advice someone else had posted about staying on the river side (to the left) at the split after you have walked along the river for a while. Then start looking on your right for a trail shortly after the split. It leads you into the woods away from the cliff and to the first cave. Totally worth it but we ran out of time and had to stop exploring.

1 month ago

Wonderful. I’ll definitely be back soon.

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